Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Marcus Guns n Ammo

Time for another Sci-Fi building or two. A bit more low tech sci-fi this time. These are more likely to be found out in the rural parts or frontier worlds...which means I can use them for Post Apoc too. 

First up - Marcus Guns n Ammo.Inspired by Marcus Kincaid, the Guns and Ammo trader in the Borderlands computer games....

The building started life as a polystyrene packing piece for a clock radio. I made up the sign and the logos are corporate logos from the Borderlands game I downloaded. The "Tinker Co" one was scratch made using the fonts in the Comic Life software. 

The door is plastic card (recycled Itunes voucher), matchsticks, and cerial packet card. The panel is a modified toy radio from a toy set. I was trying an experiment with the windows. I am thinking of doing all my sci-fi buildings like this. What's the general opinion of them? 

Side view - there was a great injection recess in the wall so I added a bottle cap for that air vent look. The wanted posters are from Borderlands and the Nuka Cola I found in Dentatus' Stalker Oblivion ruleset. There is also a Hobgoblin Ale poster too. 

 The rear. 
 Other side. The Air vent was built from scraps in my bits box. 

Top view. One thing I like about this bit of packing is it gives a great platform on the roof for shooting bad guys.

The flooring is granny grating. There is a drinking straw pipe going to that bottle cap AC unit/vent. The hatch is made from cereal packet card, a match stick and a Q-tip/Cottonbud stem. The whole cost me a £1.50 in glue, paints and printer ink. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Hellooooo out there

Welcome to my new Blog - which will be mainly Wargames, Models and Miniature related. But you may also find some of my other interests cropping up too from time to time. Most of my stuff is Post Apocalyptic based but recently I have started Space, Sci-Fi and VSF building, collecting and gaming too.

Some of you will know me as the Warlord of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum or from my other two (older) Wargames and Model Making webpages - Mattblackgods world and Stalker Apocalypse .