Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #5:- My Philosophy

This weeks Sprue Cutters No5 is to talk about our philosophy when it comes to model making. 

So what is my model making philosophy? I have read about the other Sprue Cutters philosophies here: 

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I can see the passion in accurate historical model making. The research and attention to detail. I have to admit that I went through a period of being like that myself when I made historical dioramas & kits. 

However I have always considered this my hobby and didn't care too much when people has things like the wrong markings on a vehicle or uniform. This is there hobby too and they do what makes them happy. I do get a bit irked at obvious things like modern uniforms or kit turning up in a WW2 setting. I have even got wound up at hollywood for the wrong vehicles or vehicle chassis in some WW2 movies. But Historical is Historical it has factual details. However if its a Historical fantasy then I wouldn't care. 

These days my philosophy is one of anything goes. I mainly make Science Fiction/Fantasy models these days any I tend to make or do what makes me happy. Creativity is the key and historical just doesn't allow my imagination to run riot.  

I have been making models for a long time and I am still learning. My skills are still developing. I do not consider myself to be above the advice of others and I am always open to constructive criticism. 

The other thing I tend to do is encourage others in their model making. Even if its just a kind word. If I can give advice or constructive criticism I will, assuming they want it. Just because some one has made a model that isn't very good by my standards, its theirs and their effort. We were all like that during our first steps into model making or miniature painting. Being negative wont help any one. Nor is it my place to judge what they make or how they make it. With time their skills will improve. Like many hobbies it needs new blood to help keep it alive. More people building models, collecting miniatures and tabletop gaming the better for all. This has been one of the main philosophies behind the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum of which I am the owner/head moderator. 

So to sum up my philosophies are: 

  1. Anything goes. Creativity and imagination are the key. 
  2. Its everyone’s unique hobby and they do it for pleasure. Its not my place to detract from that. 
  3. Always be open to advice and criticism from others. 
  4. To encourage and help others in the hobby with a kind word, advice and constructive criticism. 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Pictises - Post Apoc Tribals.

This little gang has been expanded since they where first showcased in my old webpage. So I thought it was a time for a little update. 

This little gang was inspired by the excellent Grenadier/EM4 Tribal sculpts and Terry Pratchett's Nac Mac Feegles. 

The Pictsies Clan are a gang of fierce warlike Tribals from the Northern forests and mountains of the Brittannia Wastes of Mattblackgod's world. They have distinctive red/orange hair and their bodies are covered in blue war paint and tattoos.

The Pictsies have a odd mutation (or perhaps Evolution to survive the Wasteland conditions?). They are stronger and tougher than normal humans. Pictsie Warriors are fearless too. This is probably due to the fact that they believe that they are already dead and this is some for of Valhalla filled with Fighting and Drinking. Ballistic weapons are used for the fun of the noise they make but in general the Pictises love close combat where they excel. 

The Clan often raid trade convoys between the settlements of the South and are a constant pain to the new settlement of Nu Caledonia. The Pictsies also dislike the Mutants that seem hell bent on conquering the Brittannia Wastelands. The Clans often attack foraging Mutant Warbands for sport. 

L-R - A converted Historical Briton (Combat Zone Ganger arms), a Plastic fantasy barbarian, A converted Grenadier/EM4 Bodyguard(Kilt, Sporran and hair added), Grenadier/EM4 Tribal. 

L-R Converted Grenadier/EM4 Tribal (Skull pole removed and shotgun sawn off), Grenadier EM4/Tribal, GW Necromundia Ratskin, Void Junker Beserker. 

L-R Grenadier/EM4 Tribal, Grenadier/EM4 Converted Biker Chick (Kilt & Sporran added), Grenadier/EM4 Tribal, Void Junker Beserker, GW 40K IG figure. 

The Picties believe in equality and their women will fight alongside the men often more fiercely. Only the clan Queen/Matriarch (Sheela Na Gig) does not enter combat. 

Figure is a Grenadier/EM4 Tribal. 

The hills of Pictsie land are also home to a fierce mutant known locally as "Haggis". These critters will eat anything and will attack anything foolish enough to stray close to them. The Pictsies have been know through some strange art to herd the Haggis towards enemy positions. 

Sadly I cannot remember where I got these minis or who makes them. 

The Pictises are one of my favourites of my collection. As you can see my painting of tartan has improved as time has gone by. I probably will add more figures to this gang in future. Maybe some Celtos figures or Warlord Celt conversions. 

Eating Out in Utopia City starts here....

Every big city needs places to eat out. This model was going to be a diner but for some reason I was inspired by my favourite restaurant in Liverpool (which looks a lot nicer by the way!). 

So for the denizens of my fictional city, the best Chinese food! Only the best for them. 

Again the model is made from 5mm Laminated Cork Floor Tile. I had a problem with the build as the wall by the door fractured. A emergency repair was made and its virtually invisible. The sign above the door is Chinese Characters for Mei Mei. I would have tried hand painting it but I am not to confident of doing a good job. The signage is also done on a printer. My Comic Life 2 program has proven useful for this. 

You cant escape the Graffiti in Utopia City. Again some more Twitter handles. However some Father Ted and Firefly references have crept in. The tiger picture is actually a rub on tattoo transfer. There is even a fly poster from a friend who makes terrain. 

Around the back more graffiti. The Scorpion is a temporary tattoo transfer. Again the Chinese sign is printed (it says No Parking in case you are wondering). The grill is a resin piece by Zinge Industries. I highly recommend Zinge for resin bits. Quick delivery too. 

Yet more graffiti. More temporary tattoos and Twitter/Firefly references. There is also some Kevin & Perry and Metallica references. 

The roof is simply corrugated cardboard on a balsa wood frame which acts as a support and frame to fit into the building. The roof lifts off for inside play. The Air-vents are push pins for notice boards and the smoke stack is a pen top. The roof looks a bit graffiti stark...I think the yobs of Utopia City will be climbing up there soon. 

Who knows one day I might be inspired to fully detail the interior.  

Apartments for rent at Paradise Towers!

New to Utopia City? Why not rent a luxury apartment in Paradise Towers? Less than one murder per apartment guaranteed with the added bonus of less than one burglary per week (no pets or mutants allowed). People are dying to live in such sought after accommodation! 

This is a new apartment building I have been working on for Utopia City/Urban board. 

The building is made from 5mm thick Laminated Cork Floor tiles. Now while a lot of people love them as a material I am not fussed. I found it a paint to cut through. One thing I did learn was to cut through from the laminated side as it produces cleaner cuts. 

The edging bricks are made from self adhesive OO/HO paving slabs. They don't stick that well and many have been held in place with a spot of suer glue. 

The side. 

The rear. The damn door keeps falling off. I left it that way as it adds a certain urban look to the building. 

Some extra graffiti on the other side. My wife inspired some of this (she is a big Everton supporter). 

The roof. The graffiti took me a while. It took me as nearly as long as the build! There is a favourite song lyric in there and a couple of twitter handles of friends on twitter (I have overused my friends handles from the Post Apoc Wargames forum. So I felt a bit of variety was needed). 

More Twitter handles and a odd one or two I have made up. The aircon vent thing is the cap off a Liquorice Sherbet Dib Dab tube. 

More Twitter handles. The pictures brings up strange yellow marks which cannot be seen on the model normally. I may need to touch up some of the paint. 

I did not take pictures but the roof lifts off and each floor as a little balcony so figures can be placed at windows. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

New Vault Dweller enters the Wastes

Another Vault opens and throws a scout out into the Wastes on some desperate quest. He is kitted in Combat Armour. 

The figure is a metal GW 40K Space Marine Scout. This figure was painted as part of the Big MeK's blog Speed painting contest.  From primed the figure had to be painted and based in 2 hours. I chose the figure as in my usual organised way I had not intended to have a go at the competition and the SM was the only primed figure I had knocking about. 

 I was surpirsed that it only took me just over an hour. Of course I forgot to base it. So I did that in the remaining time. Still scraped in, in under 2 hours. 

Sadly my Vault Dweller didn't make it in the competition ratings but I only entered as a bit of fun and to see if I could paint a figure in such a short space of time. There was some pretty amazing work entered and I am envious of some of skill some painters have. 

I have some more SM Scouts in the minis pile. I am guessing some extra Vault Dwellers will be arriving soon. Look out Wastelands....

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #4: My FML Moment

The theme of this weeks Sprue Cutter Union blog posts is My FML Moment....

Or what is the worst and most painful parts of the hobby for me....

See what the other Sprue Cutter Blogists have to say about their worst hobby moments....

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I am surprised that non of the Spure Cutter Union mentioned me as the worst hobby thing that has happened to them!! ;-) 

I have seen all the pain listed on other Sprue Cutter Union blogs...the losing parts to the Carpet Monster, glue fingerprints, handling a paint job that is still wet, snapping a part as you remove it from the sprue, bits breaking off a model and so on....

This hobby gives me so much joy & pleasure I cant really find anything  that gives me a cause to complain.  I have learnt that anything can be made better with time and skill. Adapt, Overcome! Mutate and Survive! I am a great one for modifying things so when it goes wrong I make do. My wife doesn't let me work on the car for this should see my motorbikes....

I guess my main problems are Kits that do not fit together, although making post apocalyptic & Sci Fi models has its advantages here. If thing go too wrong the bits box awaits to pull the from the brink or to retire it for a future build.

Then there is the curse of the cat hair. No matter what I do I always end up with a cat hair stuck someplace. I love my furry devils but they do make this hobby difficult especially when they take an interest and decide to "help". lol 

I suppose my biggest problems are space to store my models and time. Work is always getting in the way of hobby time. lol. I shouldn't moan too much as it funds my hobby....maybe I should do a Lotto Winning dance this weekend?? 

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