Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Jaguars.

The Jaguars are another new gang to the region. They where drinking and raising mayhem in Boxfort's bars. Bossman rounded them up and had a "word" with their leader. Bossman realized that the gang was a biker gang before the end. They would be more mechanically savvy than the average survivor. 

Bossman pointed them to an old car factory on the opposite side of the city ruins. There is also the remains of an airport. The Jaguars would be paid to take up residence there. Boxfort would pay them for metal, parts and vehicles that the gang would produce. 

There is only one problem. The area is infested with ferals. The Bikers had been wandering for years and jumped at the chance to finally have a home and possibly a place to build machines. If successful Boxfort would get much needed parts and materials. Bossman also plans to the gang to protect Scouseland's southern edge, although both groups don't realize this yet. 

Crossing the city ruins is dangerous so the Boxfort ferry will carry the Jaguars up river to there new home. 

The figs are Kallistra, EM4 and Copplestone. 

The Scabs

The Scabs are a Scavenger band from out beyond the eastern edge of the ruins of Manchester. They decided to run their hard earned loot to Boxfort which would set them up for the long dark winter. However it wouldnt be easy. The ruins of Manchester are run by gangs who constantly war with each other and the wastes between the two cities are  filled with wild animals. The roads through the Liverpool ruins are plagued by Ferals. 

After avoiding trouble on the trip the Scabs ran into trouble only a couple of miles from Boxfort when the Psych Ward loonies who tried to rob them (see the recent Batrep). However the Psych Ward learned the very hard lesson of not running screaming towards men armed with shotguns, which proves that the Psych Ward mob may actually be the original inmates of the Asylum. 

The Scabs traded and moved a few miles inland. They moved into a part ruined factory about four miles from Boxfort. 

The Scabs are dug from my Post Apoc scavengers collection. The figs are L to R - Kallistra, EM4, Hetzerdog (OOP), EM4, Hetzerdog (OOP), EM4, EM4, Copplestone & Hetzerdog (OOP). 

Boxfort Specials & Meks

Here are the latest two gangs for Boxfort. 

A quick catch up. Boxfort is a Enclave in my Modern Post Apoc setting (After The End) based in the ruins of Liverpool of what was the UK. 

First up:The Specials. 

The Specials are Bossman's version of a Special Forces unit. Before the end they where all members of various Elite military units. They get sent to remove those who get in the Boxfort's way or in the Bossman's vision of rebuilding the world. 

The Specials are Empress SAS and a couple of converted Empress Downed Pilots. 

The Boxfort Meks. 

The Meks are the guys who keep Boxfort running. They see to the Enclave's mechanical, electrical and engineering needs. Like all Boxfort gangs the Meks also step up for defense of the Enclave. 

The figs L to R - EM4 (converted Biker), Copplestone, Copplestone, Hetzerdog (OOP), Hetzerdog (OOP) and EM4. 

The Meks where dug out of the figure collection. 

The Rusties.

The Rusties have a new member....

This figure is a Empress UK Downed pilot. I added the hair and beard from putty to give that Post Apoc look. 

Here is the rest of the Rusties gang. Figs L to R - EM4, Empress, EM4, EM4, Foundry. 

I had to do a little collection raiding to make this gang up. There  will be more figures to add in the future. 

They are happy watching the river mouth for Boxfort and get paid handsomely. Canned goods, automatic weapons and ammo are the new currencies in this terrible new world.  

The Raised Shack finished.

I have finally finished my entry into the Building Up competition which is being run by a member of the Chicago Skirmish Wargamers over on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum

The deadline is the end of November. I didn't think I would finish it in time as real life has thrown a few spanners in the works which has taken priority. 

Any way on with the pictures of the finished competition entry. 

A recent addition is the ladder. I realized that the folks living here would need a way to get into the shack. This was made from a couple of lollipop sticks with matchsticks and scraps from the bits box.

You cannot see it because of the idiot standing in front of the sign but the resident has named their humble abode "The Luv Shak". 

The residents don't like mutants either. 

The roof is removable but I haven't gone for a fully detailed interior. It takes quite a bit of time and that has been a bit limited. 

The roof is scraps of corrugated card. A bit of a Cola sign has been cobbled into the roof structure. I painted it to look worn and corroded. It was only later when I looked at it I realized it says "Cok". It kind of fits with the Luv Shak motif I suppose. 

And there is it is. This project has been fun and allowed me to try a few new ideas and techniques. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Update on the Raised Shack terrain

Just a quick update on the raised shack.

The roof has been knocked together and I am about to undercoat it, when the weather holds.Pictures to follow.

I have slapped the paint on but there is a few minor details that need seeing to. I may add graffiti too.

After painting the model I noticed that there was a couple of things missing. First what every house needs...a  smoke stack. A paper lolly pop stick was bent to 90 degrees. A drinking straw was added to one end along with a few details. My scalpel was brutally stabbed into the wall to make a hole for the stack.
Another thing I noticed is there is no way for the guys into home sweet home. So I have knocked together a ladder. It needs some detail and attaching. 

Keep watching folks! 

New Additions to the Liverpool Wastelands.

I have finally managed to get some hobby stuff done. These guys are the Empress Modern British Downed Air Crew figures. They fitted the bill as they are wearing the latest kit and there is a SA80 in there, much needed for a modern British Post Apoc setting such as my own After the End setting. I added hoods and hair to make them look more like PA survivors. 

First up is a member of the feared Boxfort Specials. Rumor has it that some of these guys were members of various special forces units before the end. Today the carry out dangerous and often secret missions for Boxfort's Bossman. 

This is my first attempts at the modern UK camouflage pattern. Comments and Criticism greatly appreciated. 

Long hair was added from greenstuff putty. 

Next up another character from the Scouseland Enclave. 

A putty hood was added to this figure to keep in with the Stalkers from Scouseland. 

I have another set of these figures which have had similar conversions which will be gracing my table soon. In addition is a Empress SAS set which have a mix of military and civilian clothes which would make a great Post Apoc Security team.