Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rusty Robots.

Look out come the Rusty Robots.

No. Not a heavy metal band but some post apocalyptic robots from Ramshackle Game's recent Kickstarter.  

I plan to use the robots as wasteland dangers lurking in the ruins waiting for someone to trip their proximity fields upon which they power up and unleash mayhem. Other possibilities include use as objectives or as scrap metal body guards/henchmen of wasteland merchants or some sinister character. 

The robots come in multiple resin pieces which allows you to construct them in whatever combination your crazed imagination can come up with. 

The robots come with various heads which can allow you to mix them up like I have. Ramshackle will supply one type of head if you fancy something to unify your robot army of evil. 

The resin pieces had little flash to clean up. A quick wash of the parts and it was onto assembly. Superglue does the trick. The robots where undercoated in black and painted silver. Then the top color was added to give the bots a worn look. Rust was added in places by using brown or orange paint. Then it was a couple of black and brown washes to tie the figures together. All that left was the details. 

My favorite robot is the Dog-Bot

Another use for my Robots is to use them as a Warband. What does every Warband need? A leader. As if by fate a friend passed me the primed figure below a couple of weeks before the Robots landed (Cheers Tinker, I owe you yet another beer!). 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all Sergeant Hammerstein of the ABC Warriors!! 

The figure (I think) is a Mongoose 2000AD Hammerstein. I have been a fan of the comic strip since I was knee high so I am pretty stoked to have this figure in my collection. 

I did have to add a base made from an old gift card trimmed to size. Clean kitty litter was added as ballast. Hopefully ol' Hammerstein will be more stable when he sees action on the games table. 

The Rusty Robots Warband. 

Maybe I should add some 2000AD Renegade Robots to this clanking mob?? 

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Warboys Vehicles

So after seeing Mad Max Fury Road I had to build and update a few vehicles for the Warboys to rampage across the Wastelands. 

First up....

This started life as a cheap pound store car. The blower engine was found in a hotwheels car - which tend to be redicously large. Its cheaper to do this than buying a resin engine. 

The pound store car was stripped down and I wanted to add BIG wheels to the rear which I got from a Tonka Monster Truck car. A new base was made from balsa wood. It is easy to shape to the body. This allowed me to lower the front wheels to stop the car's front end from scraping along the ground. 

The car bonnet had a hole cut to take the engine. The front wheels where found in the bits box. They are Ramshackle Nuclear Renaissance bits.  Bits of amour and braces where added from cereal packet cardboard. It needed a cupola. This was a M16 plastic backnut. A flame thrower was scratch built from bits of plastic tubing and junk from the bits box. The exhausts are also plastic tubing. They had to be extreme too. 

I added some repair patches from green stuff putty. A bits box delve provided some bits to decorate it. One thing missing was the explosive lances the Warboys use. I scratch built them from bits of plastic tubing. A card circle makes up the detonation cap. These are not fixed so they can be removed for storage. 

I tried to keep the paint work similar to the Warboys Interceptor from Fury Road. 


I have had a mad puppets resin Orc buggy laying about for ages. Time  to get it painted. 

 This is pretty much how it was supplied. The kit has lots of odds and ends to post apoc it up. I added tubes to take the explosive lances and added a fuel hose in putty. 

The weapons on this are spring loaded bolt launchers. They are ideal for damaging tyres and people alike. The downside is that they are slow to reload and are short ranged. 

Dicey Car. 

Many years ago I stumbled upon some 1:50 scale hotwheels cars. I converted this car. It was fitted with massive autocannons. They are not what I envisioned for post apoc. The autocannons are far too powerful. Digging about in the bits box I found some 40K Ork Rockets. So it was time to rearm. 

The rockets are black powder powered with an explosive fit and there is only two. Once they are gone they are gone. The rockets are unpredictable and highly inaccurate. There is a good  chance that they will miss. 

Thats all for now....thanks for looking.  

Warboys!! Warboys!! WARBOYS!!!

Roaming the wastelands looking for slaves, loot and vehicles come  the Warboys! The Warboys are the army of a local Warlord. 

The Warboys warband. The figures are mainly old OOP GW Gorkamorka Diggas. They fit right in don't they? 

The Warboys. In this lot there are a few duplicates. I have added some scarves and goggles. One guy at the back has had his hand replaced with a Mantic Orx hand. The weapon has a brutal post apocalyptic look to it. The mob are equipped with shotguns or large caliber black powder revolvers. 

 A couple of Warboys gang leaders slightly better armed than the rest of the mob. The idea is to split the mob into two gangs when needed. 

Warboy Shaman preaching the Warlord's litany of the promise of Valhalla and rebirth shiny and chrome. 

Warboy Mob leader. This guy has a long range black powder musket. 

Nux - the Warboys hero. This guy wears the clothes of a fierce road warrior he took down. He is armed with a pump action shotgun and big knife. The keen eyed among you will notice that this isn't a GW Gorkamorka figure. It is a GW Necromunda Delaque.