Saturday, 11 April 2015

15mm Hammers Slammers Infantry

My Wild Galaxy setting is a mix of what I like. So far it is a heady mix of ideas and inspiration from lots of sources. Recently I have discovered the Hammers Slammers Novels by David Drake (not to mention the miniatures and games). The idea of Mercenary Companies working for who ever appeals to me as much as a galaxy filled with many nations does. It makes sense for us gamers to have a few armies of Mercs rather than the thousands of forces needed for a human (and Alien) filled galaxy. 

I have always like the Slammers Blower Tanks and Combat Cars. Which is why I am working on some. They will be in my Wild Galaxy setting doing what they do in the David Drake setting. Fighting on a contract.  Rather than work in my usual way, reinvent the force and use different colors I have decided to stick with the Hammers force colors. 

The Slammers are not all tanks. They have infantry too. 

This force has been assembled for the Gruntz Rules with 6 man squads rather than the Slammer's 4 man Squads. 

Platoon Commander


First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Fourth Squad

The Slammers are GZG figures. Next up for this force - Blower tanks, combat cars and jeeps. 

Planet Wolfden - Skrappers reinforcements.

After my recent Gruntz game I dug  through some piles of figures donated to me and discovered more of the Post Apoc Warriors. All they needed was a dry brush, some detail and a wash. As I was working on these figures I grabbed the rest of the force and rejigged it to make a Gruntz force. 

The whole Skappers army (to date).

The Skrappers live in the hulk of a derelict starship on Planet Wolfden. 

The Boss - denoted by pink hair and stripes on his shoulder pads. 

The Enforcers - the Boss' henchmen. The Enforcers have black stripes on their armor. Squad leader has additional yellow stripes. The boss and henchmen live in the Starship's command center, galley and crew quarters. 

The Red Mob live in the Engineering areas of the derelict starship. Due to the dark labyrinths of the engineering decks the Red Mob are great at close combat and ambushes. Their armor is marked with red stripes and they have a red patch on their arms. As with other gangs yellow stripes pick out the gangleader. They take their name and colors from the Engineering Decks which are coded Red. 

The Blue Mob live in the Cargo Hold areas of the derelict starship. Due to the open spaces of the holds the Blue Mob are better with ranged weapons. Their armor is marked with blue stripes and they have a blue patch on their arms. As with other Skrapper gangs yellow stripes pick out the leader. They take their name and colors from the Cargo Decks/Holds which are coded Blue.

Whilst the gangs are part of the same gang there is often friction between them and full on warfare often erupts on the derelict.  

The Skrappers can also be used for 15mm Post Apoc if I ever get to play it. They will also be handy for 15mm gangs of Fletcher's Cove. 

15mm Critters

I have planned for a while to start a 15mm beasty list of the critters found in my Wild Galaxy setting inspired by the lists of critters in my old 40K Rogue Trader rule book. 

First up.... The Furbear. 

The Furbear was first discovered in the forests of Mc Nulty III. It is a large six legged bear which appears docile, a bit goofy looking and somewhat cuddly. Many of these bears where soon traded across Human Space bringing in much needed revenue to the world. 

The Furbear has a long lifespan and after many years problems began. The beasts are only docile in their prepubescent stage. Once reaching adulthood the Furbears became aggressive usually attacking their owners/keepers. 

There was culls on many worlds but many Furbears have escaped into the wilds and are a danger to remote colonies on many worlds. 

The Furbear is a Furback from Laserburn line. 

New 15mm additions.

A few new bits and bobs have been added to the 15mm terrain and vehicle collection. 

The colonist crawler. 

Many colonies utilize small all terrain vehicles for transporting personnel and equipment. They are often small cramped vehicles. Size is important for transport in a drop ship or shuttle. 

The crawler started life as a micro machines hummer toy. I added some wheels from a cheap hotwheels style buggy. 

Cargo Pods.

Every colony base needs regular supply. A variety of cargo stores are employed from wooded crates to reinforced thermo plastics like the ones below. 

The pods are made by Brigade Games and will serve as objectives. I have tried to paint them in various ways. Blue for general cargo, White for medical supplies and Green for ammo. I like painting these and I may have to get some more in the future. 

Colony Small Hab Building. 

This building started life as a coffee jar lid. Some resin doors, windows and vents from Antenociti's workshop where added. Textured paint was applied. Some graffiti was then added. 

Gangs of Greasy Poon - Parp & Company.

Welcome back to my blog. I have to apologise as I have been neglecting these pages as real life has been getting in the way.   As usual it has been a roller coaster. Hobby time has also been limited but I have managed to grab a little time here and there. So now it's time for a catch up. Expect a bit of a blog post bombardment over the next day or so. 

First up...let us return to the township of Greasy Poon on the cursed world known as Mattblackgod's world.....

Introducing Parp. 

Parp is a odd character who prefers to live beyond the safety of Greasy Poon's barricades. He lives in a valley not far away and lives on a strict vegetarian diet of food he mostly grows himself. Parp got his name from the unpleasant bodily emissions he tends to emit. This usually leads to everyone standing upwind of him. Parp is last to be picked for stealthy missions as they last thing anyone needs   is a loud trumpet noise as they sneak around a rad ghoul infested metro station. 

Parp has his uses to the folks of Greasy Poon. He is a good medic and can even fix machines. Another reason he is popular is he brews excellent fungus beer. Parp also makes a wicked rad chilli beer. However folks around Greasy Poon know to avoid his Rad Chilli Sauce as it has been known to melt metal and from time to time explode. 

Parp is a Larken Figure from Ramshackle Games' Nuclear Renaissance line. 

Introducing Chow Mien and Kung Po. 

Chow Mein (on the left) came to Greasy Poon from a vault. He claims he has seen much of the wastelands although many suspect that he tells tall stories for a drink. 

Kung Po wanders around unarmed which may lead the fool hardy into thinking that he is a easy target. What they don't know is Kung Po is a unarmed combat expert. He is a walking lethal weapon. Kung Po often mediates and chants mantras which to many sounds like the mumblings of a very angry man. Although the other denizens of Greasy Poon are not sure they do suspect that "kick him in the head" is not a ancient sacred mantra. 

Chow Mein and Kung Po are Matt Hazard and Rage figures from Ramshackle Games' Nuclear Renaissance line.