Monday, 29 May 2017

15mm vehicles and buildings.

Welcome back to my blog.

I have some 15mm post apocalyptic or frontier world goodness for you and some 28mm plans.

First up a lightly armoured escort vehicle leads a transport across the wasteland.

The escort vehicle is from Critical Mass Games and was a delight to paint. The Ural 4320 truck is a kit by Zvezda. Very nice kit and I suspect I may be purchasing more.

Next up there is a building for the Drop City setting I am working on but it would fit many Sci Fi settings nicely. It will be either a block house near the scrap/container wall or maybe in the Shanties.

This building is by White Dragon Miniatures. It is quite detailed and was fun to paint. This would look good on any table.

I have White Dragon's shanty buildings and walls. I look forward to cracking on with them.

Right now I am working on some 28mm Rogue Trader Era Orks for my 28mm  Post Apocalyptic setting. I am planning on moving all the 28mm factions into the ruins of the planet's capitol city. This idea came from Metro 2033 and the Gangs of Nu Ork rules. It would allow all my factions to be within fighting distance. The size of a mega city would allow them all to be distant enough not to be tripping over each other. There is something to attract all factions on the world....the Tomb of the Mattblackgod.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

Friday, 19 May 2017

15mm post apocalyptic Ghouls.

To the south of Drop City there is a ruined city. The ruins are largely left alone by the Scavengers of the Shanties. There is a good reason why. The ruins are haunted by ghouls.

These ghouls are from Magester Militum. They run two different lines. One is a bit lankier and taller than the other. The legs on the thinner figures can be delicate. I managed to break one off its legs. I will save that for another model.

The ghouls where once human. These filthy creatures dressed in dirty stinking rags resemble something undead from the old horror movies that are sometimes shown in the Shanties bars.

Something in the old ruins turns people into rabid feral creatures. The ghouls remember how to use basic weapons but their low intellignece and short memory means they are easily distracted or fooled. When riled the ghouls show no fear and will not stop until they are dead.

These sad creatures eat what they find in the ruins and are cannibalistic. If there is no one to eat they will often turn on each other for food.

Loud noises often attracts them. Well armed parties often find themselves out numbered and running low on ammunition as hordes of the creatures stagger out of the ruins and rush forward screaming.  Thankfully bullets kill them easily.

Drop City's Doc thinks that the ghouls are created by a mutated or weakened rage virus. Maybe time or some sort of contaminating has changed it so the infected are no longer consumed with rage. The victim's attention span, intellect and memory are effected. They can no longer communicate vocally and are limited to grunting and growling. In a perfect world the Doc would pity them but for Drop City's safety and survival he orders them shot on sight.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wasteland Wondering - hobby update.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I am sorry at the intervals I am putting up blog posts of late. Life has been busy but it hasn't stopped the ideas.

During the last few weeks I have has vehicle troubles with things failing on car and losing a side panel off my bike. I may have to go car hunting soon. For the bike I made a new side panel from the lid of a plastic storage box. It needs another coat or two of matt black.

There was a couple of bank holidays here. Normally I use the extra time to get some hobby time in. This year I spent the time digging out of the ivy and mint from the garden. Two weekends of fighting vines & roots and I am ready to remodel the garden. Mint and ivy seem to be very resilient plants. They would be hardy post apocalyptic survivors. The world may be in ruins but at least it will smell of mint!

We have just returned from a great week long holiday in Spain. Of course planning and preparation for a holiday eats free time. The holiday was just the ticket for us to recharge.

Out in the Spanish tourist tat shops I discovered a couple of cars for my 20mm Blood and Fire setting. They are a little bigger than the usual matchbox/hotwheels scale. I plan on stripping them for parts.

This got my brain ticking over for making some more gangs for my 20mm Blood and Fire setting. There are a few ideas for colour schemes and gang stypes.  When I get a minute I will have to record my ideas before it all pops out of my head. I guess the wastelands around Wellsprings will become more dangerous soon.

Hobby wise I have nearly finished a mob of Magester Militum 15mm ghouls for the wastelands and a White Dragon Hab block one building. The ghouls need basing. The building needs some washes and detailing. I hope to get a couple of blog posts up as soon as they get done.

Some readers have asked for a map of my 15mm Post apocalyptic setting. I have been working on it and it is still WIP.

Anyone who is familiar with me will know I am a huge fan of Metro2033 novel and game. This along with the Stalker computer games lead to the construction of my tunnel systems.

Take a look here

I have been playing the Metro2033 wars game on my tablet rekindling my interest in my tunnel warfare. Interesting strategy game and a must for Metro fans. In my 28mm world many factions are strewn across the continents and won't be able to get into contact. As I am moving to 15mm for post apoc I am thinking of plonking my 28mm factions underground.

Mattblackgod's world has a ruined capitol sat in a heavily contaminated wasteland known as a Hellzone. Matt Black city was a megacity small to Utopia city (think 2000AD's Megacity One). There was a massive underground metro system which I plan to move into my 28mm factions into. As the Megacity was three times the size of Moscow there is a lot of tunnels for them to live in.

In the pipeline is a metro map, I want to do it digitally so I can add stations and what not. Stations often change hands or get left empty so it will be handy for tracking what is going on. It will have a matt black twist. I hope to make more tunnel sections and rooms.

Just like in Metro2033 there will be some limited action surface action with stalker/salvage squads going up. There may be faction battles up there too.

Thanks for looking. Take care out there.