Friday, 20 June 2014

15mm Terrain.

I have been knocking up lots of 15mm terrain. Its surprisingly quick to knock up. Now grab a grew and get comfortable as this is going to be a long post. 

The DCS Corporation cares about you needs as a colonist. We supply your every need. 

Need Power??  Then you need the Power Core. A Plasma generator that the links remotely to a power node via satellite removing the need for power lines and other what not. One feature of the Power Core is that a humble plasma rifle or cannon can charge it up or help activate it. It can be a last laugh when some raiders arrive only to  find they haven't knocked out your defenses but charged them up! 

The Power Core is inspired by the Power Cores in the Unreal Tournament 2004 computer game team games. It is built from a selection of bottle tops, pill bottles, sweet boxes and assorted junk from the bits box. It has changed a little from the WIP pics. I had several comments that it looked like a marital aid for perverts from several people (including my wife). So I added a top cap. Then the cat knocked it over breaking the central column. A bit of pinning and glue. Then when I was about to under coat it I dropped it breaking the plastic golf ball off. That's when I reworked the power core (after much swearing and screaming). I like it better like this. 

Got a Power Core? Then you will need a DCS Power Node. Each Power Core can power up to thirty Power Nodes that can be up to 35 miles away. Ideal for those outlaying farms and research stations. Like the Power Core the Power Node can be recharged using a plasma weapon which allows it to operate as a stand alone power source for limited periods of time when the Power Core is offline. 
The Power Core is built from a bead, an old cassette player roller (remember those?) and a Mantic base. Easy and quick. 

Every colony needs water and many colonies are dry arid worlds. DCS provides your water supply needs with the Moisture Grabber. This works filtering water vapor from the atmosphere and distilling it. 
This was made from some electrical terminal covers, a pen top and a couple of rawl plugs. 

Liquid Storage. 

Made from electrical covers (behind the barrels). The Barrels are from a toy set and where far too large for 28mm scale. Some odds & ends from the bits box adorn. 

Every outpost needs some sort of communications...

A simple one. Made from a bottle top, pen top and a senor dish from a toy van. 

Storage Barrels
Made from old dust caps. 

Storage piles/objectives
Made from odds & ends found in the bottom of my bits box. 

Are you still with me? Still awake? Want more? Oh yes there is more. I have saved the best for last (I think). 

I had a pile of bits left over from other projects so I decided to make a building typical of a Frontier World. 

Out of all the bits the windows took the longest to make. As there is several companies that now provide windows for 15mm Sci Fi I will be going that route. I plan an entire table of these buildings. Each will be a little different to the next. I hope to build a urban (dump) nest like the one found in the town of Haven in the Borderlands Computer game. 

That's all for now folks - thanks for looking!! 

15mm New Vehicles

I have been busy knocking up some vehicles for my 15mm forces of Planet Wolfden. 

Definitve Colony Systems presents the Camel. The Camel is a All Wheel Drive transporter that is a must for the resupply of your colonial settlement on some far flung world on the edge of Human Inhabited Space. 

This is a repainted Matchbox Truck. It is supposed to be some sort of Dinosaur Transporter. A quick paint job and it makes a great supply vehicle.

Vehicles play a big part in patrolling the bad lands and  Outback regions of Wolfden. The 24th Browncoats like tracked or wheeled vehicles. The Scout is a open top light vehicle which probably started life as some sort of colonist transporter. The Browncoats have added extra armor and a twin machine gun. This vehicle can carry up to ten including the crew. 

The Scout also carries a 60mm missile launcher for extra punch. The open top of the truck allows me to add figures to it as needed, although the gap is very tight and it takes a wiggle to get the figure in or out. The Scout is a Matchbox Safari Truck and comes with all the groovy equipment as standard. 

I have many many more vehicles to chop for the table top. More to come...

Souljackers Crew - New Members

Welcome back to my humble blog. I have a busy weekend ahead so I am trying to get ahead on the blog updates. 

Once again my mate Jay has been at it again, generating characters for the Souljacker's crew. I suspect that Jay has got addicted to the fun of creating wacky characters. Who hasnt been there? 

On to the two new (and final) additions to the Souljackers Crew using Jay's own words..... For me it one of the fun aspects of the hobby.

Dave Souljacker: 

Dave in the old world before the apocalypse was a fine actor. He was a stunt double for the T1000 also had a small role in short circuit as the kettle oh and don't for get he also starred in Inspector Morse as the lamp stand . However in the new world he will take any job and kill any thing with his neon scythe. Dave is a brutal killer but most of all he just wants to be an actor he is part of a 6 man crew called the Souljackers    

Kev Souljacker:

Kev had it all before it went tits up staring along side Roland rat portraying a gerbil even though he is a rat. He had his own sewer but now he strides across the waste lands looking for truth, justice and the ratty way. Kev is a master with the meat cleaver and will f**k you up. He has a green tuft of hair from all the toxic sewer waste. Kev also has a taste for toxic nappies but that's the rat in him I suppose. Kev is the last member of the Souljackers.... for now ???

The Whole Souljackers Crew

Coming to a Wasteland near you!!!

They are quite a motley looking crew. But then that is one of the joys of post apocalyptic gaming...anything goes. No rule books with lists dictating what you can or cant have in your force. 

Once again I have to thank Jay for painting & donating these figures to my collection. He has made a lovely job of the bases too. I think I will be pinching this idea. Cheers Jay, I owe you a few pints and a greasy kebab! Or should I say Rat on a Stick! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

More 15mm terrain bits.

Just a few more terrain bits for my 15mm bits.

First up a Landing Pad....

Built from Hexagon Platformer sets. I had to add a couple of strips to the ramp to stop the figures from sliding down. 

Next up... a Hab building. 

Another Hab building. This one is built from bulkheads found on the many Star ship wrecks scattered across Wolfden. Solar panels looted from ships provide power. 

Its another Hexagon Platformer build. Isn't it funny? I haven't touched them for years and now I cant get enough of the sets. I have them and I am determined to use them up. 

The other side. 

More 15mm stuff next week. More terrain and vehicles.

Thanks for looking! 

Cyberdan Corporation

My Wild Galaxy setting has many corporations operating in Human Occupied Space (less than a quarter of the Galaxy). Some are omnipresent across Human Space being found almost everywhere while others are limited to a Space Nation or a single system. As Wolfden is a trade hub many Corporations find it opportune to operate a depot on the world which the Government takes advantage of with Corporation Taxes. 

Introducing the Cyberdan Corporation.

Cyberdan is found across many worlds and is famous for producing Robot, Robotic, Cyberkenetic and Android systems. Whilst the Corporation likes to use fully automated systems where possible it still needs some human interaction. Those canny corporate Executives have found a way to save money by using Combat Engineers to provide a mix of tech support and security across its bases.  

Cyberdan operates a Depot out in the Wolfden outback. 

Cyberdan Combat Engineers. They often have fire support from grav sled mounted Autoguns (another Cyberdan item). 

The Combat Engineers are Black Hat PLA (Sci Fi Chinese) figures. 

Cyberdan employs lots of Robots too....

The Corporation makes many combat robots as well as utility bots. Cyberdan loves its Security bots to be of the intimidating large and Stompy variety. Robot are plastic EM4 robots. 

The whole Cyberdan Crew.

Cyberdan has recently equired about buying large areas of the Wolfden Outback and have been looking at the planets building regulations. This has the Wolfden government worried. What is the Cyberdan planning? 

Cyberdan is inspired by the Hyperon corporation from the Borderlands 2 game. 

Rogues Transport - 15mm truck.

The Rouges gang run all manner of contraband to and from the Wolfden Badlands and the Space Port. 4x4 trucks are normally used. 

These trucks are armored from scrap metal and bits found on the old Pirate wrecks found across the planet. 

The truck is a stripped hotwheels car with Armour made from plastic card and rhinestones. It was gutted and a open back added for storing loot. The Wheel & window Armour is putty. The cupola is a M6 washer and the gun is a pistol from a EM4 Combat Zone plastic ganger. The blanket rolls on the sides are white metal items from the Scene Miniatures. 

The truck needs a cupola gunner. I think a order to Ion Age may be in order soon...

Wolfden Security Forces

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. Last weekend was my Wife's birthday so I was spoiling her. I am back now. I am still on my 15mm buzz. 

Planet Wolfden uses a colonial militia style force to enforce the planet's Law & Order called the Wolfden Security Forces (WSF). To the denizens of Wolfden they are know as the "Enforcers". They are a volunteer force recruited from the populace and are equipped in a pretty basic fashion. 

They are armed with pistols, shotguns and good old lever action carbine rifles (supplied by Wolfden's very own Arms Company:- Stevo's). The WSF police Wolfden city & the Space Port. They also mount patrols into the Outback regions. WSF Enforcers rarely enter the Badlands as they often find themselves outgunned by the bandits who live there. 

 The figures are GZG Colonial Security & Police. 

For patrol work the WSF are equipped with old Grav Cars. These are armored and armed with weapons which gives the WSF more bite. 
The Grav car is armed with a LMG and a roof mounted autocannon. This car started life as a cheap Chinese knockoff  Hotweels buggy. I pinched the wheels for another model (one of the good things is that these cars are screwed together). I made the (primitive) Grav units from the handles of cheap razor blades. 

The Armour is plastic card recycled from old gift cards.The heavier Armour are small rhinestones. The bumpers are from plastic tube. Auto mesh makes up the grills. The guns are 1/35 SMG & Bren Gun. 

This was a fun little build that I learnt a lot from. The base is a bit of a pain. I drilled the hole too large so I am using bluetak as a filler. 

The WSF will be a growing force as I want to add extra squads and vehicles in future.