Sunday, 24 November 2013

Yet more Trash builds...

These are likely to be my final builds for 2013. Our house goes into Xmas overdrive when December hits. So no hobby stuff will happen until early 2014. Still it gives me time to mull over new ideas. Don't worry I will dig out some older works and post them up during the silly season for your enjoyment.

Anyway on with the fun. First up as 15mm Sci-Fi Gun tower.

This started out as a couple of Kinder Egg pods. I believe that these are not available in the USA so for our American cousins I will explain. The Kinder Egg is a chocolate egg for kids. Inside there is a plastic pod which contains a small toy. These are sometimes handy for bits (I recently found some cars suitable for 15mm in them).
Originally I was playing around with them looking to make a Star Ship for my Wild Galaxy setting. It kind of looks like a dalek.

I made a stack of them by snapping the plastic hinge on the pods to split them. It was then glued to a bottle cap. The sensors are stick on jewels. The gun is a heavy weapon from a combat zone ganger heavy weapons arm. The weapon was moulded in with putty. There was a access hatch made from putty at the rear. The signs are labels from Zoids & cheap toy kit cars.

Of course this model can also be used with 28mm as a automated weapons post.

A couple of Vault Dwellers set up the weapons turret to keep the Raiders at bay.

The next item was made as a what is it??

It could be a Radar/Sensor, a Communications tower, a power node, a power field generator, a PSI field generator or a brain scorcher/doomsday device!

This started life as a small dessert carton with a toy golf ball on top. The rivets are simple punched card. The cables and access panel are made from putty.

I did originally make this to top one of my other trash builds....

There you go...the building is now the objective. Hopefully at some point there will be a turret made for this building that I can swap when needed.

A finally....what is any wasteland without some old billboards?

This sign was started looooongggg ago. It sat there unloved until today. Its quite simple to make and there will be more. The back is a old plastic gift card. The posts are old plastic lollipop sticks and the base was a scrap of foamboard/foamcore. See never throw anything out. The sign was from the Borderlands game I found on the internet. The tricky bit was printing it so it fits the plastic gift card. Quick, simple and easy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Wasteland Wondering 3

Again I am looking at the new Wastelands idea I have for the new year. The challenge for the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum is a little low on ideas. Still I hope for a late surge in interest. There has been plenty of good ideas for areas around the wastelands.

So where do I plan to drop these new Wastelands for Mattblackgod's world? I am thinking of here...

A bit of a closer  look...

For the civilised town seeking to colonise and dominate the wastelands I was going to use some 40K Imperial Guard figures I have in my collection. However I do have a box of WW2 British by Warlord. I may use them as they will have more of the feel I want. The iconic pie-dish helmet will be replaced and some other bits added to them to give them the mix n match feel that a post apocalyptic army would have. I imagine this faction to have limited industrial capabilities similar to early WW2.Vehicles and tanks would be salvaged from the old world.  
I see them in 6 man squads with the CO with a home made SMG (Sten), 4 men armed with bolt action rifles and fire support trooper armed with a Assault Rifle or LMG. There may be some other squads such as Assault and fire support. 


Sprue Cutters #18 - Inspiration

Welcome once again to my blog. This weeks Sprue Cutters Union question is:
"- Where does the inspiration for your next build come from? - 
How do you decide what hits your work surface next? This doesn't need much more explanation than that. Just let us know your decision process in choosing your next project." 
Once upon a time I used to work pretty much randomly with both figures and models. This would be inspired by the figures/models themselves or what had inspired me that week. It could be movies, novels, chatting with friends or where my mind had rambled that week. Some times it is just a random pile of junk that should go to the rubbish bin and I get hit with inspiration. Put that there, glue this here...and suddenly there is a new project that seems to be taking a life of its own.
Things still work that from time to time. But these days I have plans of what I want to work on. You see I have several themes and settings. A wargames table needs a lot of terrain and a army or faction a lots of figures. So the only way to stay on track is to make some plans. The next figures and models are chosen from that plan. Of course that doesn't stop me doing the odd figure or model for fun when the impulse takes me.
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wasteland Wondering 2

With all manner of things going on in real life I am not getting creative as much as I would like. That doesn't stop me planning or thinking up some new ideas (well for me anyway).  We are also approaching the silly season and here all hobby work stops. While I hate stopping it is good as it leaves me with a real desire to get back into things come the new year. Of course the break over Xmas is a great time to catch up on writing up ideas and backgrounds. I hope I can also grab some time for a few games over the holiday season. 

I am currently looking ahead to 2014's projects and ideas. What would I like to do if time presents itself?  Of course these things may change depending on what inspires me or what Post Apocalyptic Santa brings me. 

Figure by a Rustbucket.

1. The New Wastelands

There is a current ideas challenge for the new wastelands on Mattblackgod's world over at the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum. The ideas that come up will be used in my 2014 Post Apoc builds. There has been a few very good suggestions for places around the new wastes. Hopefully I will get some terrain made up to suit. I also plan on figures for the war band based on my friends over there. This ideas thing isn't over yet. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to add them to the comments at the bottom of the pages. Anyone who contributes will get to see mini versions of them on the table. 

2. Utopia City. 

I am currently working on a sci fi/near future urban table. Ever since I first played Combat Zone I wanted a decent urban setup. I need more buildings and other bits & bobs, so more will follow. I am a little concerned that some of the stuff I have made may be a little too clean. So some dirty and rubbish may be added to the boards to get things looking right. 

3. Wild Galaxy

Recently I have been reading a number of Sci Fi Space Opera novels. They have inspired me and fired up my imagination. I plan to expand my setting and fluff. Work on this has been going on for some weeks now mainly on a trickle flow. It will be a little more of a Galactic Dark Age. There is a plan to create a campaign system for the setting with a Firefly/Serenity style ships crew trying to find work out in the Galaxy.  I aim to remove any current references from scorches of inspiration such as Browncoats & Blue Sun. This is just in case I ever decide to go commercial with this. 

There will be GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) to trade with or avoid (more like avoid as they don't like the humans who created them). The idea is to base them on current (commonly available) figures in my collection so others out there do not need to invest in new figures. 

I am unsure what rules to use for the actual games. Possibly my old 40K Rouge Trader as they cover everything I need, although I may use a different turn system. Other possible rulesets include Necromundia and NYK3000. 

4. Star Ships

Scratch built star ships of the Tengun Empire.

For Wild Galaxy I plan some fleets of 1:3000 scale star ships. These will be a mix of plastics, metal models and scratch builds. I plan currently to use Full Thrust rules for this. 

5. Juggers

One of my favourite Post Apoc movies is Salute of the Jugger. I fancy making a couple of Jugger Teams. These will be conversions of figures in the unpainted stock pile. I may need a dog skull and stones pile too. 

6. Jetbikes

A jetbike converted from a GW 40K Space Marine Scout Bike

I have  bit of a thing for model motorbikes and jet bikes. I hope to scratch build some Jet/hover bikes and maybe run a couple of Jetbike racing games. 

7. Frozen Wastes/Ice World


This is a project I have had on the back burner for a while doing a little bit here and there. I have a few suitable figures and some terrain. However I need a game mat/board and more terrain. The problem is that Ice world terrain takes a bit more work to look good especially if you are going for the long freeze look I want. You need at least two coats of snow scatter. Icicles are a pain to make. This time of year it is possible to pick up some decorations and craft bits that can be easily cannibalised. Best wait for the sales for that. If cash allows I may get some Scavenge Skirmish Survive Figures from Miniature Mojo.

8. Orks/Trogs

I have a small horde of additions to my Horde of Orks/Trogs. If I ever get around to painting them then the war band will grow quite a bit. I would like a new tribe & mobs to be found amounts that lot. Some suitable vehicles may have to be found too. 


Its a fact that I do not get enough games in. I suspect that this is what may cause some of my recent creative flunks. Whats the point of all these cool toys if you don't use them? 

So thats the plans looking ahead for 2014, so far. It will be interesting to see how they change by new year or by this time next year. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union 17: Go Big or Go Home

The theme for Sprue Cutters #17 is Go Big or Go Home! Would I if I had the time go Super Detailed or take on a Large Project? This week I hope not to delete the post accidently like I did a couple of weeks back. Doh!
As some one who makes models for Wargaming I could say that every new project to me is technically a Large Project. Where as a modeller may build a massive diorama, a  Wargames Modeller will be building  to fill a table. Many of these will be several small vignettes made with common elements and styles so a gaming table hangs together. These can be vehicles, wrecks, buildings, statues, small details or walls. In fact just about anything  that can be found in the real world. Of course some objectives for the gamer's forces to fight over are needed too. The other issue is that these collections will never be finished. You will find yourself adding more and more models to the collection for various reasons....or just for the hell of it.
For me part of the hobby is to make it visually appealing. It has to look good and as realistic as possible, which given that I love to build Sci-Fi stuff is another challenge! The models must also have detail able to survive the rigours of Wargaming. Unlike display models they cannot be fragile. They will be knocked, mauled and dropped. Some may even get attacked by giant Mutant Cats...
I have made a few large projects over the last few years. When I make them I like to have enough time to get the majority of the work out of the way or I will lose interest. Other projects and ideas creep in or real life raises its ugly head.

There was my Mars terrain for Victorian Sci Fi/Steampunk games.

Then there was the tunnel system inspired by the tunnel networks in the Stalker and Metro2033 computer games. These feature a modular approach to enable a maximum of variations for gaming. The tunnels can be used for access tunnels, secret labs and bunkers. The big issue with the tunnels is that they are addictive to build. I could happily build more and more rooms for this set.

Another big build was my Post Apocalyptic Fortress which is designed to cross a four foot table.
Of course this hasn't really answered the question. You see there are BIG projects to be seen out in the Wargames world. These are normally built by clubs and Wargames companies for displays & demo games at Wargames shows. I would love to build one of these. If I had time to focus on the project in hand.

A multi levelled Post Apocalyptic table with openings into the sewer or underground systems would be a good start. A Frozen world. A version of a Hadley's Hope colony from the Aliens Movie or a table of the interior of a spaceship are also projects I would  love  to make. In fact I could ramble on for days (and days) of the different models I would love to build. I guess that I am a model making addict.


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Sunday, 10 November 2013


It is time to remember those who fought for the freedoms we often take for granted. To remember those who protect us. Those who take up arms so we do not have to. Never forget their sacrifices. Wear your poppy with pride.

It is also a time to remember those who came back wounded both mentally and physically. Remember the loved ones of those who fell. The widows and orphans.

Never forget.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Your (Post Apocalyptic) Warlord NEEDS YOU!!!

Your Warlord NEEDS YOU!!!
Posted Image

One of the many advantages of creating an entire imaginary world is that there is a lot of space to fill. If you look at the map of Mattblackgod's world there is a lot of empty space. So to fill up some space I thought a new Post Apocalyptic project is in order. A Post Apoc setting based on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum!

Over the years I have made some great friends over there and the forum has developed a life of its own with its own legends and stories. Its been a great laugh and extremely inspiring. In an attempt to give something back and get some interaction going I am giving the good folks over there a chance to make their mark on Mattblackgod's world which can be found in this here thread.

The plan is this....

There is a Warlord in a wasteland which will be modelled on the forum. I have no name for Warlord Dan's (some say he is a direct descendant of the Matt Black God!) AKA Mad Dan Terror of the Wastes, AKA the great Greebo's town or the wasteland they inhabit.

The characters of his mighty army of raiders will be based upon forum folks using minis from my collection or new ones. This will be of course a bit tongue in cheek fun. The local area will have features named after forum legends (some of the forum characters who made a big impact on the forum who have left the hobby or are no longer of this world. Or many of the daft crazy topics that crop up on that forum).

There will be another town over 200 miles to the south of this blessed place in the Wastes. It was made up from the descendants of a fallout style vault, military bunker and some local survivors. I do not have a name yet for this town. They will have a series of stations that serve as outposts.

One day the Warlord hears rumours of this place of politicians, bankers and accountants. He launches a war to deal with the blight of civilisation that caused Mattblackgod's world to be destroyed.

So I have challenged my Wastelanders to come up with:

A name for the Warlord's Settlement/Fortress
A name for the Wastelands they inhabit
A name for the civilisation that the Wastelanders will invade.
Names of local places in the wastes inspired by forum legends such as Ross, Dawgie, The Outhouse, Rat on a Stick, The cult of the purple helmet and Ol Gregg.

We will put the names to the vote or the moderators will decide. This is purely for fun but I will add the winners as characters in the Warlord's Warband. On 1sr Dec we will decide/vote on the best names.

This is only the beginning. Who wants a mini them in the Warlord's mighty army? All you need to do is to give a outline of your character. Are they a warrior? What weapons do they favour? Any other colour would be good too (this will be open for a while).

So if this sounds fun to you, wander across the Wastelands to the
Post Apoc Wargames Forum, say Hi in the Bar and join the Warlord's army in the Wastelands. Go on give Post Apoc wargaming a wont get addicted. Honest! ;-)