Saturday, 27 August 2016

New Additions to the Wastelands.

I got a bunch of other minis in a box of Orks sent by my mate Xander. They are well painted and seeing as naff all else is going on thanks to the destructo kittens I thought I would post them up. This lot will be found wandering around mattblackgod's world.

These guys will probably see action as a Merc unit (the Z-team?). They have a couple of plasma weapons which are a rarity in the Wastelands. They may have found a lost SOS Bunker. 

A couple of Wastelanders. The guy on the left would fit in with the Warriors Gang. How ever I may use them to start a Across the Dead Earth gang. Or maybe low level muscle for the Mercs in the pic above. 

A raider chick. 

I have a few cultists and this guy would fit in what ever loony thing is being preached in the wastes today. 

Thanks for looking. 

Invader Remnants.

Back in the days before the end war raged across Mattblackgod's world. Armies invaded other states. Then it got out of hand and terrible biological weapons where rolled out. The fleet that arrived to peace keep and evacuate the civilians decided that these pantheons could not leave the world. They posed a threat to the fleet and other worlds. A massive orbital nuclear bombardment finished the job of killing the world.

The Invading forces where trapped in a destroyed world with little chance of returning to a home which probably didn't exist any more. Supplies were running low. The locals treated them with hatred and the Invaders retreated to a remote location. They maintained their culture and language. Many decades the Remnants descendants still hide their identity. Every now and then they raid for supplies spreading the fear of the legends of the old time Invaders. 

These figures were painted by Xander Warren. I am unsure of who makes them. They arrived with the big box of Orks. He used these guys as Vietcong in Vietnam war games. I have had a hankering of making a Remnants force for some time and these fit the bill nicely. I may have to rebase them. Cheers Xander. 

Thanks for looking. 

Trogz- The WARRGGHHH arrives.

Welcome back to my blog. Posts have been a bit scattered of late. Part of this is due to the kittens I have running rampage throughout the house.

I have very slowly been working on bits for my Trog Gangs. Here is a Trog Big Mek and Big Warlord. These are WIP. 

The Big Mek is a standard 40K Kit and is slowly moving forward. The Big Warlord needs some greenstuff. I would like to add a larger cranium and some scars. This guy will be mutated. His large cranium is a mutation from visiting the ruins of Matt Black Ruins. It also makes him a little smarter than the rest of the Trogs. 

I decided I needed some bits  for vehicle building. So I visited the Fox Box  webpage. I got these lovely bits for my vehicle building. 
The castings are clean and there are no bubbles. They will not only be useful for my Trogs/Orks but would be useful for Post Apoc vehicles.  I will be ordering from Fox Box again. 

Discussing my Trog plans with my friend Xander, he told me he had a present for me. A few days later a large box arrived. In it a large horde for these guys....

There is enough there for a couple of mobs at least. I am thinking of one mob of Snakebites. 

There was all these bitz too. This should keep my Trog projects going for a long while. Thank you Xander....Mrs Mattblackgod isn't too happy with the extra little men. Hide! Hide I tell you! 

Thank you for looking. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Vault 22 - New campaign Idea

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Lately I have been playing a lot of Fallout Vault on my tablet. The game has had a update which allows Vault Dwellers to go on missions and explore the world beyond the vault. 

This is nothing new in the Fallout series. It got me thinking though. Mattblackgod's world has civilian Vaults similar to Vaultech's in Fallout. One of the great things about the Fallout Vaults is that Vaultech carried out all manner of strange social experiments on some of the vaults which can lead to a certain amount of wackiness and strangeness out in the Wastelands. An idea I am keen to follow.  

I am thinking of using it as a focus of an extended campaign as the Vault Dwellers explore and try to build a better future for themselves. 

The Vault in question is Vault 22. It has not heard anything in the 100 years from the outside. It does get the occasional scrambled transmission but nothing definite can be gleaned from it. The current Overseer has decided to find out what lies outside. Is there anyone out there or is there nothing? 

Vault 22 is getting crowded and some supplies are running low. So the following team has been assembled to explore the wastes. 

Figures L-R GW Necromunda Van Saar, GW 40K SM Scout, Void Junker

Figures L-R East Riding, Heroclix (repainted), Heroclix (converted and repainted). 

These miniatures have been taken from my collection as no painting is getting done at present. Expect some NY3K stats and further notes on each of the team in the near future.  

Thanks for looking. 

Wasteland Legends - The Wanderer

Welcome back to my blog. 

Today I am introducing a new feature: Wasteland Legends. I will be highlighting various figures in my collection which would be regarded as legends. They will have a short bit of history and a Character Spec for NY3K (or my house rules).

Today it is the Wanderer. The Wanderer roams the wastelands. He trades items he has salvaged and stories at settlements he encounters. From time to time the Wanderer arrives at towns and helps with whatever they need. There are many stories of him arriving at the nick of time to save some lost or dying Wastelander. 

The Wanderer
Equipment: Bolt Action Rifle, Combat Attachment, Knife
Skills: Amazing

The Wanderer is a Scav figure by Project Zeke. 

That is all for now. I hope to add more legends as time goes on. At least I keep this blog going whilst my kittens get larger and start to realise the whole world isn't for them to play with. 

Thanks for looking.