Sunday, 28 February 2016

Blood & Fire - Civilisation Police Force.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Civilisation has a police force to maintain law and order across the state. The cruisers roam the roads and are fitted with machine guns. 

The machine guns are trimmed down 1/35 MP44 assault rifles. 

Just in case some cross country pursuit is needed or some extra muscle is needed for a shootout the Police have a Hummer.

I better press on with the figures soon. But there are so many cars to build. ha ha. 

Thank you for looking. 

Dark Future - The Renegades.

Hello and welcome back. 

A few weeks ago I gave you the Dark Future Interceptors. Now I give you the Dark Future Renegades. 

The Renegade is built from black market parts stolen from Motortown in Civilization and scavenged parts in sheds and caves across Civilization. They are confiscated by the Police when they are found. Despite this many Civilization gangs use them and they can be found out in the Wastelands. 

This is a typical example of the sort of renegade to be found out in the wastes. 

This car came from ebay and was badly battered. I added the mesh and girders to the frame as it was snapped. The paint has been touched up and weathered. 

This Renegade is an typical Civilization gang example. The car came from my original Dark Future set. This is largely how I had customized it back in the day. 

The only change I have made is to remove the laser turret and place the autocannon on the roof. 

This renegade came from ebay and is a very good example.

This Renegade is in use as a escort with Stalkers from Civilization. The machine gun is made from a 1/35 thompson with the stock and grip removed. 

These two renegades are in the service of the Warlord Blackskull. The car closest came from ebay. The other is from my original Dark Future set. 

The plates and armour are from 1/76 model tanks. 

Thanks for looking. 

Blood & Fire - Warlands Vehicles.

Welcome back to my blog. These posts are like buses. You hang around for ages and several come along at once! 

One of the things I have been working on are the resin vehicles from the Warlands set and the Maxwell car. 

First up the buggies....

I chose the black livery for one (not that you can tell under the dirt and weathering). which will fit Warlord Blackskull's horde. The other is a rustbucket which can be happy attached to any force I feel like. 

Buggies race across the wastelands of the paint table! 

The buggies are a pleasure to paint and well detailed. 

A size comparison of a Warlands buggy with a Dark Future Renegade. 

Another vehicle in the Warlands boxed set is the Truck. 

The truck is well detailed and fun to paint. Again I have chosen the black paint scheme of Warlord Blackskull. 

The truck will be used as a cargo hauler/objective. In the Mad Max computer game there are similar looking Scrap Hauling trucks. I am thinking of making a few cargo bases for the truck. Scrap, fuel barrels, water barrels and general supplies are a few ideas I am playing with. 

Another set from the Warlands range is the Maxwell car and Stranger figure (the bases on the figures still need finishing). 

Although I am not going to arm too many cars in Blood & Fire I decided a road warrior car may be packing some heat, in this case a Spud Cannon (autocannon). 

I quite like the Warlands stuff and I foresee myself buying some more vehicles in the future. 

Thanks for looking. 

Road Warrior Car Feb Update

Hello and welcome back. 

As you may recall from the last post, over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum the Warlord's 2016 challenge is to build a post apoc vehicle. Take a look and join in! Look here.

For the Challenge I am working on making a Road Warrior Car for my Blood and Fire setting. 

Since the last report work has been slow but I am glad to say it is starting to get there. 
The wheel arches are done and need a little sanding. The spoiler is made from card and green stuff. It still needs a little filling. 

The front spoiler has been added to. It was constructed in thick card and green stuff holds it in place. The detail was made in thinner card and glued over the face. 

The not Max figure is The Stranger from Warlands. 

The tanks and blower are items from Warlands. The resin stowage and jerry cans are made by Fields Of Glory and are intended for 1:72 WW2 Allied vehicles. 

The exhausts are made from 1mm brass wire bent to fit. 

The car needs a little more filling and sanding before I paint it. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Wasteman rules

Welcome back to my blog. 

I spotted that the Wasteman rules have been released by Thunderchild. I had to get them. 

The rules look like they will be good fun. Lots of sci fi silliness that reminds me of Fallout played with the wackiness turned on. It looks ideal for my games. It needs vehicle rules and possibly some campaign rules.

I have been drawing up specs for these gangs (syndicates). One drawn from the Bandits and one from the Law bringers.  Sometime soon I hope to get the Warboys to have a tussle with Chip's Crew from Greasy Poon. 

Thanks for looking, take care out there.