Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Hobby Update.

Hello and Welcome back to my blog.

Firstly let me wish you a Happy New Year. A bit late I know, but late than never in my book. Life has been busy but I have managed to get some hobby in.

The Ten figure is now at Hysterical games who will be doing the casting for me. They have come highly recommended by my sculptor (Darklight Minatures) and Curtis from Ramshackle games. The communications with them has been good. I eagerly await to see the figures.

I have made a start on the Nu Necromunda figures. Both gangs are assembled. They are nice looking figures. The figures are multipart but not really multi pose. Yes you can swap weapons arms and head but a fair amount of surgery and green stuff will be needed to change poses. My main bugbear is the two part heads the figures have. The parts are fiddley to remove off the sprue resulting in losing them. After 10 minutes of searching it turns up. Assemble the head, drop a bit and repeat. Why they need two part heads is beyond me and seems to be extra complexity for complexities sake. It is the same with some torsos which have the bottom of a leg you have to attach. Come on GW, these are games figures not display models. I have built display models with less complexity.

In addition I got these two from TT Combat. Both figures are real and are a bit more old Necromunda in scale but should work for both versions. I will probably use them as juves in Nu Necromunda. The xxx figure's weapon arm snapped so I had to do a little converting from the Necromunda Esher sprues.

I felt I needed a dedicated backdrop for taking pictures of figures. I have been using walls from my terrain collection. So a rading mission into the bits boxes followed. I decided on a scrap wall. It needs more adding to it to break it up.

Over the weekend we popped down to the Penkridge wargames bring and buy sale. I didnt really want anything but my main mission was to meet up with some old friends. The sale looked pretty busy and there was a good turn out of people both selling and buying. I didnt buy any goodies mainly because I have piles of stuff to assault in 28mm, 20mm and 15mm scales. Adding to it will only make those piles higher to climb over. Still it was good to catch up with my friends.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.