Sunday, 30 March 2014

Utopia Magistrates Support Tank

Life in Utopia City can be tough. Some times even the toughest need a helping hand. That is when the Mags roll out the support tank. 

Armed with 6 heavy machine guns, 4 plasma cannons and a heavy battle laser this tank turn the tables on the biggest uprising. Even the thick walls of the blocks cannot provide protection from the battle laser. The grav drives makes the tank handy for excursions beyond the city walls. Some times a Wasteland Mutant Horde needs a good kicking to keep them in order.

This is a snap together Star Wars Droid model kit I got from Home & Bargain for the princely sum of £6. It didn't even need painting. I may at a future date remove the markings and add some Utopia City markings. I must mooch back to the store at some point and pick up another. 

Finally a thank you to The Mighty Flip who tipped me off about these kits sitting on the shelves! 

Dungers & Mutant Plants

Curtis from Ramshackle was kind enough to send me some spare bits as he shut his workshop down for a move. In among the pile of goodies where some Dungers and mutant plants. 

I love the Nuclear Renaissance Dungers. The are very characterful and I have quite a collection of these beasties.  

I had two of the same figure so I had to add some horns from the bits box. 

I love the armored pack Dunger. 

A better look at this angry Critter's grid. 

Curtis also sent me a couple of mutant plants. As I have a alien/mutant jungle in my terrain collection these nasty little plants will add nicely. 

There is more goodies in the Ramshackle Plie, which will get posted up here when I get to them! Thank you Curtis for  your kind donations to my miniatures collection. 

Wild Galaxy - Not Red Dwarf Crew & Pirate

Growing up I was (and still am) a huge Red Dwarf fan. Some years ago I made a not Not Red Dwarf Crew for my Wastelands. With me looking into my Wild Galaxy setting in more depth I plan a few ship's crews. Naturally my Not Red Dwarf figures would be ideal for my sci fi setting. 

Those who follow my (demented) work may remember these guys....
Krissy, Rimmer and Lister. One day I may get around to adding dreadlocks made from putty for Lister. One day...

I eventually got a Kryten miniature...

This was a clix robot. It had a scary head so I swapped it with a old plastic Void Viridian head. It was shaved to add angles and remove hair detail.The screen that Kryten has built into his chest was made from a disc of putty. I pushed a bead into it to give the raised look in the center. A quick splash of paint and we have our Bog Bot! 

The whole crew so far. I need to find a suitable figure for Cat now. 

Wild Galaxy needs some bad guys too. Pirates are always a good addition. 

This guy is a old GW 40K Rogue Trader Pirate. He was sitting there unloved. To be honest I was tempted to paint him in Vault Dweller colors. 

Dreadball - Utopia City Bluenoses

Although Dreadball is played across the Galaxy, the game continues on Mattblackgod's world. Dreadball is only played on the world's only surviving metropolis - Utopia City. Teams from across the wastelands make the dangerous trek to the Mega City to play in the leagues. 

The Utopia City Bluenoses come from the Everton Block in Sector 1878. 

Again these where fun to paint up. I look forward to getting a game or three in soon. Of course a game report or three will be posted on this blog. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Trouble in Utopia City

Darkness falls upon Utopia City. Some where in the darkness manhole covers grind open. From the dark depths of the undercity a army of Mutants raid looking for citizens for dinner. Surveillance picks them moving through the streets. Quickly the Justice Dept dispatches the Magistrates and Enforcers to deal with the threat to the city's citizens. 

This was a quick on the spare of the moment game. As such I had no real time to draw up stat sheets for the forces in this game. There is only one rule set to accommodate this...Skank. 

Rules: Skank

Figure Ratings: 
Chief Mag: Hero
Mags: Elite
Enforcer Leader: Elite
Enforcers: Human
Citizens: Human
Mutants: Rabble
Big Mutie: Monster with Three Wounds & Attacks

The Mags & Enforcers deploy. 

The Mutants arrive out of  the darkness looking for citizens  to drag off for dinner. 

The Mags advance with the Enforcers take the flanks.

The mutants charge forwards trying to find easy pickings for dinner. 

The main force charges up the street with a Big Mutie for support. Mutants grab some citizens. The citizens of Utopia are tougher than that and fight back. 

The Mutants are not interested in the wares of the Rad Pizza fast food joint....but the young lady in the short skirt is another matter. 

A couple of mutants with guns take up sniper positions in the apartment block to cover the mutant's escape. 

The Enforcer leader opens fire with his LMG killing a couple of mutants. Ginny Greenhair fires back hitting the Enforcer leader. 

The Mutant's fire on the Mags mostly missing. One Mag takes a hit. The Mags return fire dropping a couple of Mutant Raiders.One of the citizens managers to finish the Mutant trying to capture her with a sword. The Mags will probably have something to say about that illegal weapon later......

Marcus, the owner of Marcus Weapons moves to roof to offer supporting fire. 

A couple of unfortunate citizens get dragged away. Will the Mags get to them in time?

Meanwhile old Mrs Kim holds her own against the Mutant attacking her. Mrs Kim's handbag proves an indomitable weapon.

Some mutants push along the other flank. Some Enforcers wait for them. 

The Mutants attack the Mags. The Mags quickly deal with the majority of mutants but the Big Mutie proves difficult. 

Some Enforcers move forward trying to get to the stricken citizens.

 The young lady with the sword runs to assist Mrs Kim. 

Ginny Greenhair takes cover behind the apartments and fires at the approaching Enforcers. 

Faced with the two attackers the Mutant gets angry. The Chief Mag and the Riot Foam Mag move up to support. 

Around the back of Marcus Guns & Ammo the Enforcers and Mutants clash. 

The Enforcers work together to try to bring the Big Mutie down.

The Big Mutie proves too strong and deals easily with the Mags leaving only one Mag standing. 

The mutant sniper kills an Enforcer. The Enforcer leader suppresses the mutant with the LMG while the other Enforcers enter the building.

 The sniper at the front of the apartment shoots an Enforcer. The Chief Mag gives covering fire as the Enforcers storm the front of the building. 

"Heat Seeker" the Chief Mag commands his Lawbringer Pistol. The bullet finds its way to the mutant hiding in the window killing him. Their high tech advanced weapons are one of the many reasons the  Mags are feared. 

The Enforcers find the snipers - both dead and alive. Meanwhile outside the Enforcer Leader kills Ginny Greenhair with a full auto burst from his LMG. 

The Enforcers finish off the remaining sniper. 

The Medi Mag is ordered to pull back from the Big Mutie. Mag skill and brute strength wont drop this monster. 

A group of Enforcers surround the  Big Mutie and spray it with bullets. Roaring in anger and pain the Big Mutie drops to the ground.

With the remaining mutant holding its own against a old lady with a handbag and a swords woman the Chief Mag steps in. The Lawbringer smacks down hard on the mutant's skull causing it to be stunned. The little old lady and woman see their chance and before the Chief Mag can stop them they finish the mutant off. 

Sadly the Mutants got away with two citizens but the bulk of the mutant threat had been stopped. Will the Mags go after the mutants into the dark undercity?? 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

200th Post - Eye candy time!!

Welcome back, this is to be my 200th post on this here blog, and to think I thought this blogging lark wouldn't last! I thought some pictures from my Photobucket account with some blurb would make for nice way to celebrate. 

To be honest the idea came from some chatter on Twitter. I guy I follow has made some 40K IG with Warlord Zulu Wars British heads. They look good and are painted in traditional British Colonial colours. During our chatter I mentioned that I had done something similar by painting some classic 40K IG figures in a British Colonial style. 

Those who have follow my madness across the many forums I have marauded across over they years will remember that they started out as the Britannia Corporation for my Combat Zone games and later became the Britannia Bunker City on Matt Black God's world. The chap ask for pictures so I naturally went off to raid my photo bucket and discovered so much goodness that I have made/done over the years before I started this blog. After bombarding Twitter with random pictures I thought it only fitting that my Blog followers. Of course the advantage here is I am not limited to how many letters I can use when talking about the pictures. 

So grab a brew, sit back and enjoy! 

These are the figures that started the picturefest. I think the Colonial British colour scheme works well for Sci Fi Soldiers. It was a shame they got retired when a Nuke from a satellite hit the Bunker City. I miss them on the table and I am thinking of bringing them back into my Wild Galaxy setting as the forces of the Britannia Space Nation. 

Of course my Bunker city didn't just have Grunts...they had Power Armour too. 
I used my old 40K Rogue Trader Beakie Space Marines as Elite Power Armoured Troops (the Queen's own personal guard). In the picture above civil war had broken out in the Bunker City state as Lords Blair and Brown did a runner with the contents of the Treasury. Their own defence companies remained loyal to the scoundrels. Lord Brown was killed in this action and part of the loot recovered however Lord Blair escaped into the Wastelands. He was last seen heading into the Confederacy Wastes. Brown's head was put on a spike and put on display for all to see.

In the above picture the Smoggers are in action as the Junker Crew try to recover their beloved truck "the Thunderchild".  The Junker's where successful and the Smoggers got a good kicking.

Buggy Class Death Racing. This was on a enclosed track and Rad Zombies released to wander the arena making life interesting as drivers fleeing burning wrecks had to contend with them as well as the death machines screaming about trying to kill them. The buggies are converted hot wheels cars. Their small size made them idea as 28mm Single seater buggies. 

The Vermen move through a Wasteland settlement. The Vermen figures are converted WHFB Skaven figures. Their numbers where increased with some old Shockforce Gothrats. I have some more Skaven to convert and some Mantic Vermyn to add to this force. 

In this picture the Vermen take cover. This battle resulted in the combined Mutant forces (Vermen & Smogger with some Ghoul herding) taking the Araynreiche bunker from the Neo Nazi bunker Nation.  

Smoggers go into action. 

The Children of Goodness cult and their Cultie Mobile. 

Into the Ruins. A Bandit leader looks out of the ruins of the Grimwas factory. The figure is a converted Foundry one. He got a gaskmask head and hood.

Mad's Truck faces off with a Araynreiche APC. He got the initiative and plowed the truck into the APC killing the crewmen. Mad's Truck only took light damage. The APC is a converted 1/48 Tamyia Hetzer tank and the truck is a converted toy.

Rum & Coke. Rum is a notorious Wasteland Slaver with Tox's Blackhearts. Coke is his strange mute beast that Rum uses to round up potential slaves. Rum n Coke is one of my favourite figures. 

A wasteland battle rig. This is a converted toy car. The car was a cheap Chinese toy and has to be one to the cheapest models in my collection. 99p for two cars! The die cast metal was easy to cut and a bits box delve finished it off. The double rear wheels are off a toy truck.

The Hole Bar was built to order as a commission. It now lives with a guy in Germany along with the Hospital and chapel that went with it. I had fun building these buildings and I keep meaning to go to this level of detail on some of my models. Maybe one day I will go back and add those finishing touches. One day...

The Vermen get the edge of the Blacks & Whites gangers in the Ruins of Nu Manhattan. In the background the gangers half track truck burns. The jeep wreck is a diecast toy I got for 99p. 

Post Apoc Wasteland Gang Leader. This guy lead the fight against the Guardians when they attacked the gang's home base (which was a old industrial site). Sadly for the gangers the Guardians won hands down. You just can't compete against automatic weapons, body armour and comms systems. 

The Junker's crew and the "Thunderchild".  The Junker's crew are professional scrap men who wander the wastes looking for loot. The Thunderchild is a 1/35 scale Ural truck. Sadly I cannot remember the name of the Russian company that made the kit. All I can remember is it was ridiculously detailed (CV joints on the axels - on a kit. I ask you?!) and most of the bits didn't fit too well. That didn't matter as I was mutilating it anyway. I am thinking of moving this faction into my Wild Galaxy setting. They will be a ships crew and go planet hopping looking for scrap to haul away. 

Got a trade convoy that needs protecting as it crosses the Wastelands? Then you need this little beauty. This started life as a 1/35 Revel WW2 German Puma Armoured Car kit I built about 30 years ago. Over time it got bust and when I discovered 40K RT it got a new life as a Space Ork Battle Wagon. When I started MBG world it seemed a good vehicle to have. It got reworked with Big wheels and a new engine bay. 

Finally - now you are yawning....into the ruins looking for salvage. This is part of inside of the Grimwas Factory ruin. The piece is huge and was made with a mix of Post Apoc and Necromunda in mind. It is on my models to rework list. 

I hope you have enjoyed my nostalgia trip. If you want and further details or pictures of any of the models in this post, give me a shout and I will dedicate a blog post to it. 

Thank you all for reading and following this blog! Cheers - heres to the next 200 posts!