Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Tinker’z Rat on a Stick Emporium

Hello and welcome back.

Fancy a Rat on a stick? Then come to Tinker’z!

I was bored a couple of weeks ago and found a plastic fruit tub. As I had the itch to do a trash bash I started packing the flimsy plastic with paper mache. My brain was forming a new building for my township. The idea was to make a building that suited both post apocalyptic and frontier world settings. 

Once it had set I had a route through the bits box and began work. The lip was trimmed off the top of the tray. A roof tile was added to cover the letters cast into the bottom of the tray. 

A door was added, this is a resin piece I have had for sometime and I cannot remember the manufacturer (Grendel?).  The same goes for the hatch on the roof. The roof details came from Ramshackle games as did some of the details on the walls. 

The sign was made from square bits of plastic and patches of gift cards. 

Textured paint was added to the walls. Various bits of graffiti were added plus “Tinkerz Rat-on-a-stick” to the sign. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.


Hello and welcome back. 

After seeing a post about Ramshackle Game’s characterful Dungers on social media I thought I would get a picture of my own Dunger Herd as it stands. 

There is a mix of older unavailable models and later ones by Ramshackle games in my herd. I am tempted to get more at some point as they are fun characterful models.

Got an adventurer that needs some luggage hauling across the wasteslands? There are pack Dungers too...

These are not the only dungers to be finished in my collection. There are a number of dungers with riders legs cast on them just waiting for me to decide what torsos to use. I have a massive Dungeron to paint too. 

During last years BYOL Helsreach game I snapped this Dunger Stampede. These models are Curtis’s from Ramshackle games. 

Thanks for looking and take care out there. 

Umber Ulks

Hello and welcome back.

Umber Ulks live in old sewers and near toxic pools. They like dark damp places with high levels of contamination. It is assumed that they are a mutated Ambull but they are mutated from a small bug. Umber ulks lurk in the dark grabbing fresh food as it appears in their tunnels. They will pursue prey from their tunnels until they lose sight or start to dry out.

The Umber Ulk is a D&D Umber Hulk figure. They make a good cheaper substitute for the Ambull.

Thanks for looking, stay safe out there. 

The beasts Busha Jungle.

Hello and welcome back. 

Deep into the crumbling ruins of Once was city lies a oddly green zone of strange looking plants known to the locals as Busha Jungle. The biological weapons used on this part of the city during the wars killed the people but made the office plants, weeds and garden plants grow wildly out of control. The ruins are so over grown that they do not appear to be ruins with a casual glance. Stalkers, warbands, bandit, scavengers and salvage crews avoid the area with good reason. In the greenery something moves. Creatures step out and pursue intruders. Only fire weapons work on the shambling bush like creatures.

The plant men are said to be mutated humans or human corpses controlled by a malevolent intelligent form of plant life.

Plant men are from CP models. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.


Hello and welcome back. 

Another hazard of exploring tunnel systems, abandoned underground stations or bunkers is damn borewyrms. These fast moving bug like critters who like fresh meat are a constant threat. 

The first thing you hear is the low clicking of claws scurrying in the tunnel. 

A common mistake is that the borewyrm is just a carnivorous bug but the grubs of the dreaded Ambull. Where there is borewyrms Ambulls are not far away. 

Borewyrms are a GW 40K model and come with the Blackstone fortress Ambull. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there. 

Gas mask addition

Hello and welcome back. 

Introducing Chester. Chester is a low level stalker who hangs around Rubbleborg after the gang he was with was wiped out by rad ghouls in some ruins north east of the ‘borg.  

A while back I made a stalker like figure from a Warlord plastic WW2 British Solider. Looking at it I noticed that he needed a gas mask. So the green stuff putty was dragged out and a  mask sculpted on the figure. 

All I need to do now is decide what faction he belongs too.

Thanks for looking and take care out there.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Another Wasteland Junk Transporter

Hello and Welcome back to my blog. 

I have had this old 40K Rhino for a number of years in. It was a cheap eBay find and modified to look like a old wasteland junker cobbled from lots of wrecks. Some resin bits from Ramshackle Games helps the junk heap look. Recently I have been reworking the Rhino as a open top cargo hauler. 

It was carefully stripped down and had the side catches cut out. The top was trimmed to be open topped and the rear gate left as a open shelf. 

Fully enclosed armoured vehicles don’t really make sense in a world where a assault rifle is considered a heavy weapon. I have to give the crews of cars a chance of stopping this beasty. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

Trogs! Trogs! Trogs!

Hello and Welcome back to my blog. Some new additions to the Mattblackgod’s world grinder. 

More Trogs to terrorise the wastelands. For those who don’t know, Trogs are a Genetically Engineered Life Form (GELF) created for war. They where brought to the world during the end wars. They can exist in environments that would kill humans and survived the orbital bombardment. The world now is a play ground for the Trogs.

A whole horde of Evil Suns.

Some Bad Moons to add numbers to the clan’s warband. Although plasma weapons on Mattblackgod’s world are notoriously unreliable and dangerous. 

I am on a nostalgia kick and collecting 40K oldhammer Rogue Trader era figures. I have a collection of Orks and when I spotted these plastics cheap on I had to pick them up. They were supplied painted which saves me a job. Although the bases could do with updating.

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.

Spaceship Wreckage

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Long time no post. 

The wastelands of Mattblackgod’s world is littered with the wreckage of star ships. These craft where bringing supplies or trying to evacuate citizens from the war torn world, vessels getting caught up in the fighting. Some where attacked from space when the orbital bombardment began. 

While these wrecks can be highly contaminated even decades later, they are seen as a valuable source of materials by the world’s wastelanders.

I like these kits as they remind me of the wreckage found across Pandora in the Borderlands computer games. 

This starship hull is two spaceship wreckage kits made by multiversegamingterrain. The struts are made from mdf and the hull is made from laser cut card. They assemble up nicely. Rattle cans in grey and white give them their colour. Weathering and corrosion was then added. Mainly washes and dry brushing. 

While these kits are 28mm they work well at 15mm scale too. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.