Saturday, 30 December 2017

Gazing back over 2017

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Looking vision dims.....only memories remain. Oh and this blog. 

At this time of year it is traditional to look back over the posts of the last 12 months. Looking back the first thing that I noticed was I managed to post a lot more in 2017 than 2016. I put this down to the fact that the kittens we got in 2016 are now full blown cats. They sleep more and play slightly less. That still doesn't stop them "interfering" and "supervising" hobby time. That said there was a lot of background and fluff written over the last 12 months. 

Back in January I mused about bringing back the Brittanna faction. I really like the background and colour schemes of this faction.

Later this year I brought them back as the decendants of the evacuees from Brittanna Bunker City living in Utopia in a block operating as a Corporation. They later fled back into the wastelands and set up the City again. 

I started making some inroads to my 15mm post apocalyptic stuff but I later got distracted by 28mm again. I also started a 15mm crashed aircraft wreck. Sadly I never got to finish it. Maybe next year?

One bad thing that happened this year was Photobucket going mercenary and starting to charge unreasonable amounts to use links to your uploaded pictures. Over 10 years of hobby pictures vanished, threads ruined. Thanks Photobucket, you really screwed me and thousands of other hobbists over. I have now found other ways to share my pictures. Up yours Photobucket! 

This year saw me swing back to 28mm scale as I got into a 40K Oldhammer vibe. Not to mention adding more Trogz (Orks). 

Mid year I hit on the Idea of one location where all my 28mm factions could live and knock the living daylights out of each other. One area of Mattblackgod's world unused was the ruins of the planetary capitol Mattblackgod City. They were ignored due to massive contamination from the wars that raged across the planet.

I invented a way for the toxins to clear and to draw all the denizens to the ruins of the ruined mega city. The mutated Trog warlord the Matt Black Trog cleaned the toxins up using some salvaged Terraforming microbes.

As a introduction to the setting I wrote a few background reports of a group of Utopia Magistrates sent to investigate. There is still a couple of posts in draft for this series. In addition I have been chronicling various gangs and factions to be found in the ruins. The mapping will be updated soon with more details. It has been pretty fluid so far.

The Wasteocrates have found a new home in the ruined mega city. They found a block that had the upper floors severed off. Soon a new township of Wastetopia was created. This place is a trade hub and many bandit gangs come here to trade. 

In the northern part of the ruins lies Nu Ork ran by a Trog Warlord known as the Duke. 

Duke is inspired by the Duke Character in the film Escape from New York. 

Out in the hellzone wastes to the south of the ruins lies the base of the mutant Trog known as Immortan Ork. He uses humans as his warband and rules the wastes up to the ruins edge. 

This character is inspired by Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road. 

Both Warlords are in despute with the Matt Black Trog over who rules the ruins. 

In addition to this there is a nomadic Trog agent for the Mattblacktrog known as the Mad Mek. This Mek is a oomie lover and tries to help human & mutant settlements out. 

Mad Mek is inspired by Mad Max. 

The Mad Mek, Immortan Ork, Duke and Mattblacktrog are all conversions from GW 40K Orks. 

Nu - Necromunda landed this year and I look forward to trying the game. The figures will be used in my Post Apoc setting. I have still to assemble them. 

This year I discovered the Mutant Epoch post apocalyptic RPG rules. I love the detail and background to this setting. Great to read for inspiration. That said the rules look good fun to play. I like how they leave everything to chance when creating a character. This includes even the basics like species, build, sex and even sexuality. 

One big thing for me was being approached by Curtis from Ramshackle Game to Co host a table at the 2018 Bring Your Own Lead show. I will be packing up as much terrain as I can fit in my car. The hotel is booked and we are all set for a weekend of wargames fun. 

It occurred to me that next year the Post Apocalyptic wargames forum will be ten years old. I commissioned Darklight Minatures to sculpt me a survivor I call Ten. I will be getting the figure cast and will be selling it at cost to Forum Members. 

Thanks for reading. Happy New Years. If you can't be good, be safe! 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Friday, 22 December 2017

Ten - Update 22-12-17

Hi, just a quick update on the ten figure I am having sculpted for the post apocalyptic wargames forum. 

The sculptor Darklight Miniatures, got the figure sculpted at lightening speed. I now have the finished sculpt in my grubby mitt. 

I chose to have the weapon hand empty so that gamers can add weapons to suit their background. It will also help if I am left with a bucket of figures. 😂

I am pretty pleased with the figure, now to get it cast. I will chase the casters in the Xmas break. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Wasteland Wondering - more Necromunda

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Happy Yuletide wastelanders. This Wasteland Wondering post is going to be focusing on the recent GW release of (Nu) Necromunda. Much has been said about the game in various places online & social media. Some good and some bad. I will be concentrating on my experiences so far.

When my boxed set arrived and I was happy to see the rules, figures and terrain sprues. The tunnel boards look good and are inspiring me to create new tunnel sections for my existing tunnel terrain set with a more industrial vibe to them. I am sure some of the Necromunda terrain sprues may find their way into those builds (if they ever happen).

Sadly I never got around to assembling the figures I can't comment on the figure's height or quality. However I have heard good things about them. The sprues look nicely detailed. The arrival of the boxed set was timed with the arrival of the silly season (funny that). In our house hobby projects stop as we decorate and get into the whole seasonal groove.

That hasn't stopped me reading through the rule book. As predicted the rules are a little different to the original but they seem to mix in elements & mechanics that other (non GW) rule sets have been using for a couple decades now. You can still see the orginal rules in there, they have just been updated. So far I like the look of them. 

My only reservation is that the Eshers seem to have lower cool and will power scores than the Goliaths. To my mind Amazon warriors would be just as tough mentally as their male counterparts. 

Sadly in the typical GW milk the fans/customers for every penny fashion, the rest of the Necromunda houses and outlanders etc will be the feature of later figure & rule book releases. 

I did get the Gang War book which introduces the multilevel combat rules and campaign rules of the original Necromunda game. However there is only a few pages dedicated each to these. The rest of the book repeats rules from the core rule book, which made me feel a little cheated.

The background fluff in the rule books will allow games to be played in other Necromunda hives or hive world's should you have the inclination. There are brief descriptions of some of the other Necromunda hives on the world. I think it would be fun to create my own hive or hive world and in my usual fashion I have figured out a way to create one. That may be subject of a future post. 

I plan to use the gangs from the Necromunda box set in my post apocalyptic setting on Mattblackgod's World. 

For the Goliaths I hope to use them as body guards for the Bullet Farmer who is a ally of Immortan Ork. I will be looking at Mad Mad Fury Road for inspiration of how to paint them. My next problem will be to find a suitable figure for the Bullet Farmer. I am not sure if I should use a Ork or Human figure. 

Another idea for the Goliaths is to use them as bodyguards for the Warlord of Wastetopia. Rych of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum gave me an idea of how such a mob should look. He favours blood red tartan which looks cool but I suspect would be a tricky to paint.

The Eshers will be getting a Fallout feel to them. I plan to take the house's background and mix it into a vault. They will be used as bandits who will from time to time visit Wastetopia to trade their ill gotten gains, drugs & generally causing mayhem. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe out here & Happy Yuletide.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ten - update.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Just a quick catch up about the ten figure I am having sculpted. 

Wow, my sculptor is fast. His work so far....

He only started last night. I am envious of his skill. I can't wait to see the finished figure.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

"Ten" - post apoc figure.

Hello and welcome back to my blog,

Some of you out in blogger land probably know that I am creator of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum (link in the side bar). It was a place I created because I felt that the post apocalyptic genre was largely overlooked by the wargames communities. It is a place that covers post apocalyptic small scale skirmish and rpg games too. 

How things have changed since I started the PA wargames forum. Every online wargames forum has a post apocalyptic board. There are now lots of choice for games, figures, scales and backgrounds. There has been a explosion in the genre. Not just in the hobby either. The media has created lots of books, comics, films, tv series and computer games in the post apocalyptic genre in the last decade. 

Next year is our 10th year in the wastelands. To commemorate this event I am having a 28mm figure sculpted and cast. I am thinking of something like this dude:

Here is the spec I have sent the sculptor. 

"I want a 28mm scale figure sculpted. It is to be similar to the figure in the above picture I sent you (gas masked, hooded survivor figure). It is okay for the figure ho be holding a pistol, however don't make it too modern. Something like a colt magnum revolver or M1911 pistol will be suitable. The figure is to have a small shoulder pad with the number 10 engraved in it. Elbow and knee pads are peferred but not compulsory. The figure must have a backpack. Is this okay? "

I hope to make this exclusive figure available to all active members of the forum for cost value and maybe use one as the prize in the 2018 Warlord's challenge. I will keep this blog updated with the progress of the figure.

Thanks for looking.