Monday, 2 May 2022

Loop’s Heroes

Hello and welcome back.

I am slowly catching up with things and getting ready to run my first 5 parsecs from home (v3) campaign. My plan is to use the 5PS rules with my own hotch-botch setting Wild Galaxy. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can run a few games. 

I grabbed a bunch of minis and statted them up. So let’s meet the crew of the Problem Child, Loop’s Heroes.

Loops Heroes are a crew flying in a old worn freighter called Problem Child. They have a common cause of freedom and are regarded by many as lovable rouges. They aren’t against taking crime jobs provided they don’t hurt the little man. 

The captain Loops Lamik has just enough credits to pay off the debt on the Problem Child but he wants to earn a little more before he blows the bank, just in case. 

Loops Lamik is a working class human from the Brittianna colony of Tak’s Drift on the world of Shira 3. As a colonist witnessing the subjection of the Halfer GELF & the human colonist populations he began to wish to be a free from the chains of colonial life. It also caused Loop’s to develop a deep dislike of authority and discrimination. Working with a Halfer (Shorty McDraw), Loops stole some of the GELF artefacts the Brittiannian wealthy love and sold them on the black market. Taking the money he fled the world on the first leaving freighter, taking Shorty McDraw with him. Landing on the Medical Hub World of Fazark he put a down payment on Problem Child and began assembling a crew. Hoping to get some big medical Corporation transportation jobs Loops Heroes have only scraped together a couple of minor jobs so far. 

The Loops figure is a 1995 Necromunda Bounty Hunter, not painted by me. He came as part of a Oldamunda pile of figures I picked up off evilbay.

Lem Bulla joined the crew as a hacker. Lem comes from the mining colony of Forgol’s Junction on Ponta 2. Lem joined the crew with his friend Maya Dalle from his home world. What Maya doesn’t know is Lem is secretly in love with her.

Lem is a plastic Combat Zone ganger by EM4 games. 

T-bone Tim came from the Tech Guild in Brittianna’s captial world Londinium and serves as the Problem Child’s main pilot. He is also a good negotiator. T-bone joined the crew to escape his dark past. 

T-bone is a figure from the OOP minature range for Neutronyork 3000, that used to be carried by East Riding Miniatures.

Maya Dalle joined the crew with her travelling friend Lem Bulla. She left the mining colony of Forgol’s Junction seeking adventure. Lem came with her. Maya is a skilled trader. Captain Loops hopes that they can get some good deals and jobs if he teams her up with T-bone.

Maya is a old Necromunda Esher ganger. 

Shorty McDraw is a Halfer GELF. He joined Loops on his escape from the colony of Tak’s Drift on Shira 3. He is motivated by revenge against the Brittannias for the enslavement of his home world. Shorty is another good trader but Loops has to keep him away from any dealings with the Brittannians.

Shorty is a 40K Rogue Trader (1st Ed) adventurer Ratling. 

Joey Raff joined the crew in the space port. Loops hired him as a labourer and extra muscle. Joey’s background is that of a petty criminal something Loops hopes may one day pay off. Joey is motivated by revenge on a crew of criminals on Fazark who have beaten and double crossed him. 

Joey Raff came as part of a set of resin Victorian Sci Fi figures by Anvil Industries. 

Time to sort some games out. I plan to whirl through the Trailblazers toolkit first to get the hang of he 5 parsecs rules first. 

Thanks for looking. Take care out there.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

Fogou Model’s buildings at Sek’s Ridge

Hello and welcome back. 

Welcome to Sek’s Ridge Spacer! 

On the Frontier world of Dejlibelli lies the colony of Sek’s Ridge. In this post we will be taking a closer look at this colony on this dust bowl frontier world. 

Every colony needs a bar for hardworking locals to let off steam or drown their sorrows. There are a few bars around Sek’s Ridge which can be either a good or bad sign depending on your point of view. This one is the resin Logan's World of Ancient Wonders model by Fogou Models. Like all the Fogou buildings with comes with a separate roof and doors.

The resin lean to shed is also by Fogou and can be used in a number of ways.

These models paint up quickly. Forgoing the normal undercoat I tried giving the model a heavy white dry brush before washing it with thinned burnt senna paint. A heavy bone dry brush followed by a light white dry brush. The model got another thinned burnt sennia paint wash before picking out the details. 

With the resin lean to removed it reveals a nice bit of detail. 

The base of the building got a sand dry brush. A dry brush of bestial brown was applied to a lower level. Right at the bottom a wash of sepia ink was applied. 

Looks like someone got caught out slapping some graffiti on the bar wall.

The word Bar was added above the door in Alienese alphabet (from the Futurama tv series). All graffiti and signs are applied with Posca markers. The model comes with a resin sign which I painted up as old wood. It had a dry brush of light grey then a wash of chestnut ink. It then  got another drybrush of light grey followed a sepia ink wash. The details where picked out and the gas bottle was painted orange. The sign got a heavy dry brush of white for the sign. The letters where picked out with a black Posca marker and then block filled with emerald green.

Just landed at Dejlibelli and need some robot repairs? Or maybe those pesky sand scavvies has shot up your old claptrap unit? Then pop over to Nutta’s Bot Repairs over in Sek’s Ridge. This is a resin Brother Brownpony's Bar model by Fogou Models. It comes in four pieces. The main building and roof & the roof top building with it’s roof. There is also separate doors. 

Free Clunk? We don’t have a Clunk! 

There was robot in for repair who as soon as it fixed went out and graffitied the wall! Maybe I should add “Kill all humans”? 

Unlike the other model I just went straight to the painting. Looking at them I think the pre paint drybrush makes the detail on the model ping more. The painting was the same as the Bar model. This model got Bot repairs added to the wall in Alienese with Posca markers.

Perhaps these buildings need a poster or two? These models were fun to paint up. Which is just as well as I have the Fogou Adobe set to paint up at some point. I will need to Sci Fi them up a little for the space port/colony look. The paint scheme used on these two buildings will be used for the colony.

There will be more posts focusing on the frontier world of Dejlibelli. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for looking. 

Take care out there.

Undercity steam vents 2

Hello and welcome back. Time to stare at these! 

A while back I built a bunch of cheap and cheerful steam vents for the Stargrave undercity scenario. 

The Mk1 steam vents. 

A few “helpful” people on social media pointed out that they don’t provide enough cover. You can’t please everyone. Even though I like giving my little figures a hard life, I put on my thinking cap and built new ones. Just as cheap and cheerful. 

The raised steam vents are based on old platformer hexagon pieces that have been lying in my bits box for over a decade. The raised pipe is cut up card tube from a roll of cooking foil. The pipe access/flange plates are card inserts from a mdf kit with rivets glued on. The mesh on top is 5mm embroidery mesh (granny grating). 

While building I added another access vent which may allow access to a lower level or allow something unpleasant to sneak up on you. The ladder is from a Mantic Deadzone Terrain set. The chain is made with a green stuff roller. The plates across the top are cut up gift cards. The access/flange plate is a larger card insert from the same mdf kit that donated bits for the other vents.

While I was on a roll I found a old puffer which I thought would make a great vent. I just glued it to a platformer hexagon piece and painted it. 

Paint wise all the models were primed black and then painted dark brown. They then all got various brown and orange washes. A little chainmail dry brushing was applied and then more brown and orange washes followed. 

These vents while built for the Stargrave undercity scenario can also be used as part of my tunnels set, Necromunda, Judge Dredd undercity/mega block basement or in a drifting space hulk. Out in the post apocalyptic wastelands the vents could be evidence that a tunnel, bunker or vault may lie below. 

Thanks for looking.

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, 21 April 2022

My big wheel buggy thingy…

Welcome back, it’s been too long. 

I am going to be showing you a little vehicle rework I have been working on. 

The Ramshackle Ramstoat as it should be.

So I was returning to Last City from a scouting run in the Ram Stoat when I heard a nasty crack noise. Before I could say “What the Spaff was that?” the ‘Stoat skidded wildly losing power. As I wrestled the controls one of my wheels went rolling past. There I was stranded at least six days march from home with a severely busted rig and low supplies. Looking at the Stoat the rear wheels had been ripped off. Often the metal quality is often poor unlike those vehicles of the ancients. 

As I tried to salvage what I could from the rig to start the long walk home a huge steam powered rig roared towards me. Fearing scavengers I prepared for a fight as a hatch opened and a face appeared. It was the fabled Mad Dan from the scrapyard. He cackled and yelled “stuck huh, let’s get you fixed up!”. 

He hauled the Ram Stoat into his fortified scrapyard and ran off into the piles of junk cackling while these huge mutant hounds stared at me growling. I retreated up some piles of junk to put some distance between me and the mutant mutts. In the distance between the junk piles I could hear clanking and crashing with Mad Dan muttering or cackling. Eventually I fell asleep and when I woke up he had fitted this huge wheel to the stoat. I managed to drive back to Last City, Mad Dan only asked for a “future favour” for the repair. I dread what the old loon will ask me to do in return.

The Ram Stoat is a resin vehicle for Nuclear Renaissance by Ramshackle Games. Sadly some rough handling of the model has resulted in the rear wheels spanning off.  I like this model too much to throw it out so a repair mission was launched. Initially the plan was to drill out the old spigots and refit new wheels but as it turned out there wasn’t enough meat on the model to do this.

Option 2 was to fit a new axel and wheels under the bottom of the chassis. This would have given the Ramstoat a more aggressive jacked up back end hotrod stance ala Fury Road. Except the front wheels and ram appeared to be digging into the ground as the model is low. Digging though my capacious bits box I ran into a rear wheel and swing arm off a 1/12 scale Yamaha Virago motorbike kit that had lain there for 25 years. The modeller maker’s mantra of never throw anything out has yet again paid off. Alas the shock absorbers from the kit have long since vanished. They would have made a nice bit of detail. With a bit of filing and sanding the swing arm and wheel fitted perfectly. Some sprue made up supports and the brake operating arm was made from some plastic rod. Gift cards made up some side panels. A couple of Orc Jerry cans were added for extra detail. 

Looking at the Jerry Cans they look a bit too large, I may replace them with 28mm scaled items at some point in the future. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there. 

Friday, 4 March 2022

March Already??

Wow, March already! Those two months flew by. I am afraid life has overtaken most of my hobby time. Not totally but it’s been pretty full on. 

Firstly in January we decided to redecorate our living room. A full weekend of painting only to discover we hated the colour. So it was back to the store to collect a different colour. Another day of throwing paint at the walls and we have a room we are happy with. 

We have been chasing roofers to do some repair and improvement work, it went well but three back to back storms later and we need them to come back and fix another problem. I don’t blame them for not wanting to be on a roof after the recent winds.

The worst thing is my Dad took ill and was rushed to hospital with sepsis. He has been in hospital for over three weeks now. It was touch and go for him for a while. Thankfully his condition has improved and will be coming home soon. He gave us quite a scare and the medical staff had given up hope. 

One good thing came out of it, it helped me reconnect with some of my cousins and Dad’s old friends. 

During this time my Mum got Covid in the care home meaning she couldn’t visit Dad. I am glad to say that she only had light symptoms and made a full recovery. 

During all this, like the roofers I have been keeping an eye on the weather. Not just for the deployment of leak defences but to plan time to get my motorbike in for its MOT. Spring is approaching and I am itching to get some miles under its wheels. 

One good bit of news is my new work role which allows me to work from home has massively helped my energy levels and health. In line with everything else of late that has been insanely busy the last couple of weeks. I am glad of my new role as I think if I was commuting to site (over an hour each way), doing a full days work, rushing home to care for my wife and trying to spend time with my Dad , I think I would have hit that exhaustion wall. Another advantage is that working from home is saving me a fortune in fuel especially with the recent fuel price inflation. 

Then there is the horrible situation in Ukraine. It is sickening to see. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. I wish that our county could do more but Russia has that Nuke threat over anyone trying to help Ukraine against Russian invasion and war crimes. We were both glad when we spotted a local Polish group collecting aid supplies for the Ukrainian refugees in Poland. At least we can do something. To the people of Ukraine and it’s hero’s you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Yet again it’s the ordinary people of both sides and their soldiers that pay the price for the insane ego trip of a single man. Does history teach us nothing? 

“So what hobby have you managed?” I hear you cry. This is after all a hobby blog. 

I got this loon shrine as a Christmas gift from my wife (I told you she was a keeper!). It was a fun kit to assemble. I have since filled the cracks. I just need to get it painted now. 

I felt the urge to assemble some Maelstroms Edge Broken figures. Initially I was going to use them as a Stargrave crew. But then I realised that they would make a good Post Apocalyptic Militia. It took me a while to assemble them as I had lots of help from my furry friends. 

One good thing about ME figures is that they come with two pairs of legs per torso, multiple arms, weapons and heads. Great for conversion work. After a bits box delve I managed to piece together more figures for the Militia. Some other torsos have been added with ME Broken heads, arms and weapons. 

The extra figures need a little filler and puttying. I see these guys patrolling the mean streets and walls of the Last City. 

That’s all for now. I hope we all have better, easier days soon.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year. 2022 is upon us. Let’s hope it is better than 2021.

My hobby plans for this year are varied and I expect something else will grab my attention and my plans will change. This year I won’t be keeping track of my painted figures or terrain by counting or hobby bingo. During 2021 I knocked up a tracker spreadsheet of ongoing projects which has worked well in giving me a overview of what I have done and what various status various hobby projects are at. It helped drive me to get stuff done.

Mattblackgod’s world: The post Apoc world will continue rolling on. I have quite a few figures from Punkapocalyptic, MEP miniatures, Ramshackle games and Fallout Wasteland Warfare to go at. Lots of new gangs to introduce and additions to existing gangs. 

Last City: The Last City on Mattblackgod’s World has had some changes which will result in a remap of the city. I have also been fleshing out the fluff for beyond the city which I hope will create a gaming background for the gangs. I am still working on that fluff and I hope to get a map created. This little project has given me ideas for some new characters and gangs.

Punkapocalyptic is a post apocalyptic ruleset I would like to play. I haven’t managed any games yet but hopefully I can get a game in during 2022.

Wild Galaxy: I will continue growing this in 28mm with the 5 Parsecs from home and Stargrave rulesets in mind. Again I hope to get a few games of each game played in the coming year. I have a pile of Sci Fi figures to get painted too. 

Mytharth is my home brew fantasy setting which is a diversion to paint fantasy figures as the whim takes me. There are plenty of Wizards, Witches, Barbarians and more to paint up. My friend Xander gave me a pile of nicely painted fantasy figures last year which I still need to sort. Who knows I might even be able to get a game of frostgrave in.

There is also some fantasy terrain to knock together. This is a must to get done as I am sick pictures of fantasy figures against my PA/Sci Fi terrain collections. It looks odd. 

Flintloque: I painted up Rudolf’s Raiders last year from the Flintloque lines. I like the whimsical fantasy aspect of the figures. So much so I treated myself to the Black Czar starter set. Not sure the rules are for me but I am sure I will enjoy painting the figures up.

The Silver Bayonet: This Napoleonic gothic horror has grabbed my imagination however I am not sure if I will get into it just yet. The setting shares terrain styles with Flintloque and I am tempted at knocking up some buildings for a change from my usual Sci Fi and Post Apocalyptic vibes. 

Attacking the half finished project piles is another aim. I have a pile of half built models, built figures and terrain that needs getting finishing. Hopefully I can get the pile down.

I hope that you are having a wonderful new year and 2022 is a happy prosperous year for you. Thanks for reading. 

Thursday, 30 December 2021

2021 look back

Hello and welcome back.

2021 is drawing to a close and what a year. 2021 was another challenging year for many of us. For me I have been torn between work dragging me onto site and taking care of my wife. Thanks to a total lack of managerial planning and foresight they allowed the rest of the team to retire and then expected me to do the work of three people. The long commute hasn’t helped either. I was running myself into the ground. Eventually I have found a work from home role which I hope will give me more quality time at home and energy. 

The year also saw some personal milestones. My wife and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and we both celebrated half a century alive. They all took a bit of planning and we had a fun time even if the pandemic had limited our celebration options.

Hobby time has helped keep me sane this year. Kind of. While my blogging has been slow looking back I have been quite productive. A lot more than I first thought. 

Looking back at my hobby output for 2021:

Aliens - these might get a update with a dry brush and wash. 

Stargrave Pirates/Space Bustards

Pyro & Warboys 

MEP Hill people & Followers of the special child.

Stargrave Starships

Lost Fortress Wall

Ruin reworks

Starport scum

Cargo piles

Wasteland bounty hunters

Horizon Zero Dawn machines

Undercity steam vents

Fuel storage tank

Sci Fi building

The Judges

Fort Hardknox

Havester Immuncites for Zone Raiders 

Orc Boss

Sci Fi drop ship

The Witches

Nobby Pumpkinhead

Mean Angel 

Rudolf’s Raiders 

In addition to all this I have been reading Flintloque (black powder/Napoleonic inspired fantasy) and The Silver Bayonet (Napoleonic Gothic Horror) rule sets. I like the feel of the Flintloque figures  and I already have a few gothic horror monsters in my collection for silver bayonet.

I have been fleshing out the world around the Last City of Mattblackgod’s world too. It’s cool having all those factions living close together in the ruins of an ancient city but they need places to go and scavenge for resources. I still need to draw a map up. The planning has given me some new character ideas. Now all I need to do is get some games in. 

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year. I hope 2022 brings you every happiness.