Saturday, 11 July 2020

Aerocity & Overpass

Hello and welcome back. 

Aerocity is a district of the Last City. It was once the airport that served the city long ago. Today it’s own township within the Last City. Manned by a guard wearing a mix of kit and equipment outsiders are treated with mistrust. Inside the perimeter of old scrap walls lies many surviving old hangars, terminals and store buildings. What was once old aircraft pads and run ways there is a sprawling township of shacks. The grass areas are too poisoned to provide healthy food. They are instead used to grow fuel crops. This is refined and sold across the last city. Aerocity also provides scrap materials and parts to the other factions in the Last City. 

Aerocity is an older MBW faction which has been tweaked and moved into the city. 

This guy is a new recruit to the Aerocity guards. He is a early Rogue Trader era Imperial Army figure (even before they called them Guards). As he fits the style I have adopted for Aerocity I decided that’s where he belongs. The figure was a eBay find I intended to clean and repaint, but I found I liked the paint job when he arrived. So all I did was make his base fit the other figures in this force.

As we are looking at districts of the Last City, let me introduce you to Overpass. Overpass is as the name suggests built on what remains of an old city Overpass. It is a selection of ramshackle huts protected by two junk walls at the ground level end of the Overpass. The township has a population of around 120. They are protected by the Overpass Lords, a small band of seasoned warriors wearing urban camouflage and sporting a mixture of equipment. Stories say that the Overpass Lords were once a band of Stalkers. The denizens of Overpass make their living from a mixture of scavenging and working in factories or foundries of other Last City factions. 

These are old Warzone figures. They will be joined by my old Monolith Stalker faction figures which should make them strong enough to keep Overpass safe from Last City ne’er do wells. 

Thanks for looking, take care out there. 


Last City Stalkers

Hello and welcome back. 

A lone Stalker and his dog approaches the Last City’s Junk gate. Where is he going alone in the Wastelands? To retrieve a hidden loot stash, a bit of scouting or perhaps he is a loner? Who knows but going into the wastelands alone is a risky move.

The figure is a Infinity Yu Jing  Zhanshi HMG figure with a Iron Pig head swap. The hood is made from greenstuff putty. A backpack was added from the bits box. The dog came is a plastic figure from a fantasy line. I just finished the base off. 

Stalkers provide a vital service to the Last City. They bring salvage and old world items back to the city. Stalkers also bring information, news and warnings about the things they see in the wastelands. Stalker billets and camps are located around the main gates. This is due to the nature of their work. Another reason is that when they are in the city the Stalker bands are expected to join in defence. Many Stalkers are experienced fighters (a side effect of the job) and well equipped making themselves a force to be reckoned with. 

The Scientists 

The scientists are a small Stalker team descended from a remote research bunker. Pretty soon food began run out and they were forced to cobble together armoured hazmat suits from anything laying about. Hungry they wandered out to scavenge anything they could to survive. Eventually the few surviving members became good at the job and ended up working for a distant settlement. Like many others they travelled to the Last City, hoping their skills will make them a fortune. 

These figures are repainted old clix frogmen. One has had his SMG removed and replaced with a mini gun from a EM4 Combat Zone military heavy weapons set. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there Stalker.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Welcome to the Last City.

Hello and welcome to the Last City! 

There are two armies under the command of Mattius Blacke (the city’s ruler and self professed descendant of the Mattblackgod) within the Last City. The Future Guard is made up of ex-mercenary units, deserting enclave forces and the descendants of old military units. As such each squad has a very different look depending on where they got their kit. The Future Guard is less fanatical then the Black Guard but still regard Mattius Blacke as their commander. Their main focus is patrolling the streets, outer perimeter barricades, guarding the outer gates and patrolling the wastelands. Here are a couple of the units of the Future Guard. 

Rustgrad company:

Rustgrad company escorted their people from their township of Rustgrad who decided upon hearing Last City’s transmissions that they wanted to join the city. Two thousand miles of wastelands was hard on both the people and the company with less than a third making it to the city. The people just vanished into the outer city once the dues had been paid. The remaining soldiers had no where to go, so signed up to join the Future Guard. 
Rustgrad company are old Vor Neo Soviets (still carried by Ral Partha Europe).

Wolf Guard:

The Wolf Guard are the descendants of a well equipped military bunkers. They where operating as raiders in the frozen northern wastes when they picked up the Last City’s Radio call to arms. Fired up with a new purpose the broadcasts gave them the Wolf Guard fought and bled across thousands of miles of wastelands to reach the Last City. Unfortunately the force was too fierce to be allowed to patrol the city, even a lawless place like the Last City. Their lack of control made them several loose cannons. Rather than have them as enemies Mattuis Blacke is using them to patrol the wastelands and to come down hard on threats. 

The wolf guard are GW 40K space wolves (space Vikings!).

Christmas Street Bandits:

It’s easy enough to get into the Last City if you know who to bribe. This bunch of bandits have made their base in the ruins of Christmas Street. Lead by Bad Santa the gang run all manner of criminal activities across the city. 

The Christmas Street Bandits were sculpted and cast some years back by Rustbucket over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum.  Some of the other figures come from Kallistra’s 28mm Sci Fi line. 

Thanks for looking. 

Take care out there and beware Bad Santa.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

The return of DEATH!

Hello and welcome back. In this post we return to the mythical realm of Mytharth. 

I wasn’t too fussed with the Death figure I got for Mytharth. He didn’t look intimidating enough. So I got a Microart Discworld DEATH. They scale in at around 35mm which adds the extra height I wanted.

One of the things I like about this DEATH is that he even has a Death Of Rats.

The only thing I have to say about the Microart Discworld figures is that they appear to be display figures rather than suited for tabletop action. The scythe is very flimsy. 

Thanks for looking. Take care out there and don’t fear the reaper. 

The Immortals

Hello and welcome back, 

It’s taken me a few weeks but I have finally got this lot finished. Introducing the Immortals. 

The immortals bandit clan were once the usual run of the mill wasteland bandits. Until they were “sponsored” by a high tech enclave to fight for them who supplied weapons and kit. Once the dirty work was done the enclave turned on the Immortals. 

The remains of the bandit clan fled into the desert regions taking the weapons and equipment the enclave supplied with them. The wandering clan eventually found an abandoned old world facility.

Several decades later the Immortals have grown in numbers and spread across the region holding many old facilities around the desert regions. They love old tech and are producing their own experimental bits of kit. 

The immortals are from several lines many of which I suspect are by GZG. They came in a box gifted by a friend a few years ago. 

The clan is very disciplined, has a martial ethos and structure. Immortals believe in dying in battle and have a strong honour system. Failed or disgraced warriors are expected to publicly pay the dishonour with blood and minor body parts which they have to administer themselves. For serious failures they are expected to commit suicide publicly. 

Captives are often tortured usually to death, unless they are lucky enough to be needed for barter. 

The Immortals have a strained relationship with the township of Oasis which lies in their turf. The Immortals provide extra “security” for the small town as they need the township for trading. The locals although not pleased with the presence of the Immortals in their town, they are happy as they don’t have the mutant and bandit problems other townships have. 

Next for for my 15mm project will be some character figures, just to keep my interest going. 

Thanks for looking and take care out there. 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Wasteland Wondering - the last city

Welcome back and to another Wasteland Wondering.

I have been playing around with an idea for the last couple of weeks. I had an idea to create the Last City in the Mattblackgod’s world fluff. The idea is in part inspired by the Killing Moon novel Rod Glenn. 

The last city is a strange mix of high tech new buildings, repaired ruins, adobe huts and ramshackle looking huts all protected by compound walls. The compound walls often reflect the township they protect. In between the compounds lie many streets of mostly stripped ruins. Decades of survivors has left most of them empty husks. Even the skeletons have been taken away and recycled.

My thoughts is to make a fortress city run by a loony claiming to be a descendent of the mattblackgod - the planet’s founder. This gives the leader a pseudo religious element which has been used by despots to stay in power for many millennia. 

This city is based from a old government bunker. Unlike the other bunkers this one has the advantage of knowing roughly where the military bunkers, SOS bunkers and Vault locations are. Although finding the local ones wasn’t always easy as the orbital nuclear bombardment has changed the world somewhat. Over the years they have looted and absorbed a few of each bunker. This makes puts them in a very strong position supply and equipment wise. The SOS Bunkers have equipment to manufacture what may be need by the Dwellers to survive. Most of this has been put into use producing weapons and other equipment for the Fortress City.

The new powerful hub of “the government” has attracted lots of wastelanders. As such the ruined city the Last City lies in now has a rough set of barricades miles beyond the Last City. Within the barricades lies several settlements and cities attracted by the security and of the trade advantages the Last City provides. They are left pretty autonomous in terms of governance. The only thing the Last City calls for from each town, settlement and gang territory is tribute to the City. They are also expected to muck in and come out fighting when the city is under threat. 

While the (Matt) Black Guard patrols various parts of the city it is pretty lawless and it is not unknown for battles to break out when disputes occur. The (Matt) Black Guard usually sit it out and then go mop up. Outside the compounds after dark is dangerous as criminals, slavers and what ever may have creeped up from the old world sewers are out hunting. 

Outside the boundaries of the Last City the bandits, tribals, mutants, Trogs (Orks), Mootie men (Grots), Vermen, nomads and small settlements still exist. They are threats to the salvage teams that make a living stripping and looting the corpse of the old world. 

The plans are to move my more “civilised” creations/places into one area to allow conflicts and trade to occur. There will be some new factions and the combining of some others. Hopefully this idea will allow me to develop new city districts in the future. 

Most of my military type units will be assigned to the (Matt) Black Guard. While any new figures added will get stylish new black armour and mixed uniform colours. I will mix and match figure styles to reflect the looted styles of kit. 

The Last City and its environs are hungry for old world materials and items. While scrap metal, glass and plastics are traded to be recycled then refined into fresh usable materials. Rubble is also treated in this manner. Fuel is cooked up by various groups. Different groups and gangs will hold responsibility for different city areas. 

Power and water is supplied by the Fortress City to the smaller townships, settlements and bases. Which is another strangle hold the city keeps. The larger players have their own power and water supplies. Food is grown or caught by many. Plus some townships specialise in producing synthetic foods. 

There will be more ideas as I develop the factions. I have to be careful that I this doesn’t end up a full on RPG. 

I got fed up with all my main factions being spread all over the MBW map this idea allows more interaction. Now it’s time to go find a suitable large city map I can use for inspiration.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Yet more 15mm terrain

Hello and welcome back. 

It’s been a challenging week or two here at matt-black towers but I have managed to get some 15mm terrain finished. 

Some random metal things, skeletal remains of a dead world long gone. Who knows what they were or what purpose they served? These will serve as LOS blocks, shelters or loot objectives. They may even have something unpleasant living in there!

These are a few left over bits from Robogear hex platformer kits. I am determined to use the last bits up. 

This platform was from a platformer kit. Hopefully it will allow figures to get to higher levels in games or serve as a starship gantry platform in my Sci Fi Wild Galaxy setting.

Another bit of random scatter - the big cog. Who knows what this came from? This was a cog from a plastic toy, glued to a bit of gift card and flocked. Cheap, simple and easy terrain. It may even see action in 28mm scale too.

Some more scatter items that will also serve as objectives/stashes. These are resin items supplied by Alternative Armies. 

The barrel colours are chosen to be water (white, blue or with a white cross), fuel (red or Red Cross) or random chemicals. What is in them is anyone’s guess.

The crates got markings too. Red = ammo, green = scrap/junk, white = food, blue = energy cells and the Red Cross for what is obviously medical supplies. 

There are further plans to create more scatter terrain.  There are also a pile of resin shacks by white dragon that have been screaming for attention for a couple of years.

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Hobby progress & bingo card

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Just a quick update on this years hobby progress. Back at the start of the year I set a aim of getting 104 figures painted this year, so 2 figures a week.

Here we are in week 23. So where am I at numbers wise? 

Figures painted: 48
Figures reworked: 1
Terrain finished: 15

I am above the weekly aim by two. Working on 15mm scale has gotten the numbers up quite a lot. Once good thing about the scale is how quickly you can paint figures. The extra time from the lockdown has helped too. 

I have been working on my hobby bingo card, it is getting there. 
Will I get it filled? I hope so.

Thanks for reading. 
Take care out there. 

Friday, 5 June 2020

More 15mm terrain.

I have been busy this week working on bits of 15mm terrain. 

After my last game I realised that my table was looking a bit bare. I am a huge fan of crowded tables with lots of cover. It is a good way to balance well armed forces with poorly armed forces. Plus it looks great visually. This has lead me to a big scatter terrain push. Most of these new bits will be dual use for both post apocalyptic and Sci Fi. 
Some shattered pipes. Who knows what could be hidden in there? Mutant? Stash? A wasteland crazy? The warlord’s lost sock?

These are a part of a universal scaled set I am working on to make a shattered looking wasteland. The hill sections are still WIP. 

The pipes are cut up cardboard tube from inside a kitchen foil roll. They are based on poster board. 

Some old civilian transport pods.

As well as scatter they may serve as loot opportunities. Tech, parts or something that was being transported? Maybe it was used as a stash site? I got a pack of 4 of these from Critical Mass Games a couple of years back. I thought they would make nice wrecks while the remaining pods will see action on my Sci Fi boards, if I ever get around to making them.

They are hot glued to poster board.

Cargo containers are often used for storage and often in post apocalyptic settings, housing. These are made by Brigade Games. 

A common feature of most wastelands is shattered trees. Survivors have long since dragged off any useable wood. 

I am not sure where I got these, they where supplied by a seller on Amazon over a year ago. They are multiscaled so should work with my Hotwheels scale and 28mm stuff.

There is more terrain bits in the pipeline - stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. 
Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Oasis town

Hello and welcome back.

Next up is the first township in my 15mm PA world. Oasis lies on the edge of the dried up sea in a territory known as the Dune Sea. The township is kept alive by a small heavily guarded spring. The small town lies within the territory of the Immortals bandit clan. An uneasy truce lies between Oasis and the Immortals as they need a friendly trading post for supplies. The Immortals have claimed the town and provide extra security. 

Oasis security guards - a mix of GZG colonial marines and HOF Security Force Alpha figures by Alternative Armies. 

To the south of Oasis lies an old city buried in the sands. Ruined skyscrapers push out of the sands like the fingers of the dead pointing accusingly at the skies. Oasis is visited by traders looking for tech and salvagers risking the ruins. That is a risky prospect as the old ruins are not only dangerous but also haunted by ghouls, mutants, wild dogs and Immortal patrols. 

Oasis is also the last watering hole for those wishing to try crossing the dried up sea. Most are never seen again. The townspeople suspect that the travellers die of heat or thirst out in the sands. No one has ever gone out there to investigate/salvage the wrecks. It is possible something or someone worse lurks out there. Why go stir up extra trouble? 

Oasis has a population of 32. The trading post (Drabbies Junk) is a general trader supplying junk, scrap, tech, weapons and ammo. Drabbies also carries some interesting technological items built by the Immortals bandits. There is a bar (The last chance) which provides beer, water, food and information at a cost. Vehicle repairs and fuel is supplied by Spanners Mc Gloomy.

Power and lights are provided by a wind farm. 

Oasis is inspired by the tradetown of the same name in the Rage 2 computer game. The rage computer games have lots of inspiration for Sci Fi Post Apoc. The Sci Fi feel of the figures means I can use these as Frontier World colony guards in my Wild Galaxy setting.

Thanks for reading.

Take care out there.