Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ten - update.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Just a quick catch up about the ten figure I am having sculpted. 

Wow, my sculptor is fast. His work so far....

He only started last night. I am envious of his skill. I can't wait to see the finished figure.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

"Ten" - post apoc figure.

Hello and welcome back to my blog,

Some of you out in blogger land probably know that I am creator of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum (link in the side bar). It was a place I created because I felt that the post apocalyptic genre was largely overlooked by the wargames communities. It is a place that covers post apocalyptic small scale skirmish and rpg games too. 

How things have changed since I started the PA wargames forum. Every online wargames forum has a post apocalyptic board. There are now lots of choice for games, figures, scales and backgrounds. There has been a explosion in the genre. Not just in the hobby either. The media has created lots of books, comics, films, tv series and computer games in the post apocalyptic genre in the last decade. 

Next year is our 10th year in the wastelands. To commemorate this event I am having a 28mm figure sculpted and cast. I am thinking of something like this dude:

Here is the spec I have sent the sculptor. 

"I want a 28mm scale figure sculpted. It is to be similar to the figure in the above picture I sent you (gas masked, hooded survivor figure). It is okay for the figure ho be holding a pistol, however don't make it too modern. Something like a colt magnum revolver or M1911 pistol will be suitable. The figure is to have a small shoulder pad with the number 10 engraved in it. Elbow and knee pads are peferred but not compulsory. The figure must have a backpack. Is this okay? "

I hope to make this exclusive figure available to all active members of the forum for cost value and maybe use one as the prize in the 2018 Warlord's challenge. I will keep this blog updated with the progress of the figure.

Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Wasteland Wondering...Necromunda

Hello and Welcome back to my blog.

In this Wasteland Wondering I will be talking about the new GW release Necromunda, or Necromunda 2 as many of us greybeards are calling it. The rumours and drip fed eye candy has been about for a few months now. In my usual style I am late to the party.

When I first heard about Necromunda returning I was excited about the news. However giving the past history of GW I was a little reserved as they have had a habit of ruining things in pursuit of profit.

So the new rules are going to be based on the new edition of 40k. Having not played the new version of 40K I cannot not comment. That said I have only played Necromunda 3 or 4 times and I liked the rules (although I prefer Neutronyork 3000 to Necromunda). Sure it had its failures but then rulesets are like people. Each one is different and none of them are perfect. With this in mind I will approach the new rules with a open mind. If I don't like them I still have the old rules and a host of other rulesets to fall back on.

Then there was the news that the bases will be 32mm in diameter and slightly thicker than the old 25mm slotta base. This caused much wailing on the internet. This is not really an issue for me as I would be rebasing them on 25mm or smaller anyway. It makes using them in confined spaces such as gantries a lot easier. So for me it is not a issue. I may end up using coins or washers as bases.

The new figures would be 32mm rather than 28mm heroic scale. Looking at the shared pictures online the new figures look a head higher than the older ones. This has caused some grumbling from the Oldhammer collectors who have old Necromunda gangs they want to get out.

Now I don't know if you have noticed but people come in a whole range of sizes. I have friends that range from 4 foot 8 to 6 foot 3. I also know a few people who are over 6 foot 6 inches. In 28mm terms that translates as roughly 26mm to 35mm from the top of the head to the foot. A seven footer would be 38mm. All within the human size range. Who knows what another 38,000 years will do to human evolution?

Over the years in my haphazard way I have collected figures from many lines from 25mm through to 32mm. I have never let the height or bulk bother me. As I mentioned earlier, folks come in all manner of sizes. One trick to cut down height is instead of using a slotta base is to use a coin or washer. That lowers the figures height and makes things look at bit more even on the table top. Another trick is to shave a mm or two off the soles of the shoes/boots off the figures.

When the news landed that the game was to take place using tiles it caused even more wailing and gnashing of teeth on the internet. After all Necromunda was always a 3d multilevel game. It was one of it's selling points.

To my mind the multistory looking levels whilst looking good rarely fitted the massive underside of a city. These areas are usually tunnels, rooms, ancient sewers and forgotten basements. Yes giving the Necromunda fluff lost domes and multilevels can still be part of the game but tunnel warfare makes much more sense to my twisted mind.

I am lucky to have my own tunnel system built. Tunnel Terrain Page.   Now old Necromunda fans may like the challenges of multi levels but tunnel fights are far different. One automatic weapon can control a whole corridor. But better pray you don't get a jam. Grenades become your new best friends, if they don't bring the roof down (I wonder if the new rules covers this?). Watching corners becomes important. When close combat breaks out it renders your fancy guns useless as it can block a tunnel and you can't get a clear shot or LOS.

In short I am looking forward to seeing the new game but I still remain reserved. At least I will have a couple of new gangs for my wastelands.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

Take care out there! 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Matt Black Report #16 - Mad Mek

Mad Mek.

The Mad Mek is held in awe by the rest of the Trogs as he clearly belongs to two castes. Not only is he a Mek Boy but he is a Mad Boy too. The boys think he is strange because of his need to look out for others (in a violent way of course) and his interest in Humans. The Mad Mek also belonged to the cult of speed for a short while. He got kicked out because he didn't think "Red Unz go Fasta" and painted his buggy matt black. Surely another sign he is mad?

The Mad Mek is under the protection of the Matt Black Trog who feels this odd Trog is important to the new world order.

The Mad Mek wanders the ruins and wastelands looking for parts to build his Intorkceptor, righting wrongs, fixing stuff and being nice to Humans as he goes along.

The Mad Mek is made up from bits. Boyz legs, Ork Biker body and arm. The Shotgun is a Ork resin item by Kromlech. The arms had putty sleeves added and Mad Max style shoulder armor added. Next up for this guy is for me to make a Squig, build a Intorkceptor and possible a Grot side kick. 

Matt Black Report #15 - Da Duke of Nu Ork!

Da Duke of Nu Ork!

On the northern edge of the Matt Black City ruins lies a few blocks held by a bunch of Trogs who do have not sworn allegiance to the Matt Black Trog. This territory is known as Nu Ork and is ruled over by a Trog simply known as Da Duke.

Da Duke dreams of the day when his forces can rival the Matt Black Trog in strength and numbers. When he can lead his Trogs to Matt Black City and smash Trog City. Until then he will make do waging war on the Humans and Trog gangs roaming the ruins. 

Da Duke is made from the 40K Ork Nobz kit and is inspired by the classic "Duke in the Escape From New York" movie. I added the gold braid epauletes from greenstuff which mark his rank. 

Matt Black Data Report #14 Utopia Magistrates Heavy Assault team.

Utopia Magistrates Heavy Assault team.

In Utopia city a special team of power armored Magistrates are being assembled. Their task is to head to the Matt Black City Ruins and support the team of Magistrates based there.

The figures are old 40K RT era metal Space Marines, just as they started adding older power armor to the range. The color scheme is based on the Utopia Magistrate uniform. 

Matt Black Data Report #13 - Headshot Armaments Heavy Hitter

Headshot Armaments Heavy Hitter

Over the years the boys at Headshot Armaments have come across several bits of old military technology. With a bit of work this old Dreadnought suit was repaired and brought back to life. This walking tank is fitted with two power fists and four bolt guns. Headshot realized that this piece of tech would be bad news in the wrong hands. So they keep it to defend the stock at the factory or Wastetopia when called upon.

The model is a old 40K Rogue Trader era Imperial Dreadnought. 

Wasteland Wondering Seasonal Blues.

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering. 

Happy Belated Halloween. I hope you had a spooky time.

I have been neglecting this blog a little over the last few weeks. Real life likes to intrude on hobby time. 

My old bike's wiring has been causing many headaches. 27 year old loom and the great outdoors don't mix well. This has caused me to miss riding in September and October which are two of my favourite riding months. I think I may have to start looking for some new wheels. 

Then there was the build up to Halloween and Halloween itself (we are big on Halloween here). Decorating the house, binging on spooky movies and scaring the trick or treaters.

We also had a trip to the cat cafe in Manchester. We both enjoyed our visit and my wife didn't want to leave. If you like felines I recommend it. According to rumour they are opening one in Liverpool. I guess my good lady will be moving in.

One thing about the approaching colder season if the cats think that they are entitled to use you as a cat bed. As you can see in the picture below, Toffee has grown somewhat. 

I have some hobby updates to post (when I find my camera and kickstart the laptop) a few figures to post up, a drafted post for the forthcoming Necromunda 2 game and even some drafted posts for the Utopia city Magistrates who are stranded in ruins of Matt Black City. 

My Bunker (star) Bastards and Vaulties projects have stalled. The Bunker Bastards are still in hack and convert phase. The Vaulties are mostly painted. They just need the detailing to finish. Sadly I expect that will remain so until after new year, as Xmas looms in the distance. If you think we go nuts for Halloween, you should see us at Yule! 

To add to my collection of Wastelanders I have backed the Mini Gangs Kickstarter. I have been a fan of Curtis' work (Ramshackle Games) for a long time. There are many of his figures in my collection. I look forward to seeing these figures as well as trying to figure out how they will fit into my setting. Plus the rules look fun to play.

I have also been collecting the Mutant Epoch rpg rule book. Another planned post is to do a review of the game, background and mechanics. I love the detailing and fluff of this rpg setting.

For now, have a happy Guy Fawkes night! 

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Matt Black City Report 17 - Radio Static

Journal of Senior Mag Stevo.
Date 16070117

Day 26- Radio Static

It has been ten days since my last update to this journal.

To keep the home sickness and cabin fever at bay we have kept ourselves busy. That said it doesnt stop the feelings or thoughts on night watch.

We have busied ourselves with clearing out the block apartment by apartment. So far our efforts have reached down 20 floors. We have quite a pile of trade goods. We also found quite a few piles of human remains. These bones are piled near the resych suite until we can dispose of them correctly.

Alas we found the block armoury was stripped. Only a few close combat weapons and bullets remain. They are no use to us so they went into the trade pile.

Many of the old security cameras have been put back online or moved to cover key points in the block the four of us can't cover. At least it improves our security situation.

Communications with Utopia have been virtually non exisitant. There is a lot of interference and static in our radio comms. We know they are there and they know we are here but no meaningful communication has been achieved. Magistrate Warren pointed out that this is a common phenomenon since the orbital bombarment and is nothing sinister.

The static has also limited our use of the drones. We nearly lost another due to loss of comms. We got lucky recalling it. The good news about this is that the static has blocked the awful Kraptoidiots corporation's radio transmissions. I think the static is preferable.

Our supplies are starting to get low and we have begun rationing as we have had no resupply information from Utopia. Maybe the environmental radio interference is stopping a resupply?

I have continued the mapping of the settlements and anomalies across the ruins. It seems that some bands are making their way to larger settlements. There is logic in the safety in numbers argument. We also think we have may have discovered the location of the settlement Wastetopia we have heard in the radio chatter before the static. Wastetopia is suspected to be near the North Eastern edge of the ruins. Hopefully we can get a drone sweep once the static dies.

The anomalies fields continue to change and puzzle us. We need more people and equipment to collect more data. They only thing we do know is that they are still deadly.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Matt Black Data Report #12- Scavengers

Whilst many townships do not allow scavengers Wastetopia gets a a fair bit of trade from them. The Warlord's guards keep a close eye on them as they tend to determine drunk, cause trouble, cheat and steal anything not bolted down.

The figure is a Copplestone Casting Scavenger. 

Beyond the towns deep in the ruins and wastelands beyond Scavengers loot easy places leaving the more dangerous places to the Stalkers and recovery teams. The Scavenger's also attack any easy targets such as wounded stalkers or merchants. Not all encounters with Scavengers are bad. There are stories of them trading or coming to help people in distress. Despite this they are considered to be a hazard by many.