Saturday, 17 October 2020

Fresh 15mm meat for the wastelands

Hello and welcome back. 

I have managed to get some 15mm figures painted for my Sci Fi Post Apoc setting (although they would work for Sci Fi too). I would have posted these last week but some of the photos were all blurry.  It took me all week to get new pictures.

Dwayne O Jones

Dwayne O Jones is a rookie character for the Guardians. They recruited him in their recent visit to the town of Oasis. I planned a 5 Clicks from the zone campaign and during the base phase the team got a new recruit to add to their mission. The figure is from the Ion Age Range by Alternative Armies.

This is an armoured character from the Ion Age range. I intend this figure to be used later on during the planned Guardians 5 Clicks from the zone campaign. No name ideas for her yet. 


Zoomie is just another wasteland character. I am not sure how this figure will be used yet. She is a Santa’s elf from Alternative Armies Seasonal Range.

The mechanic 

Every township or space port needs a mechanic to carry out essential repairs. He is an asteroid miner from the shm & Star Viking range by alternative armies. 


Q3C3 is a droid that can be found wandering the wastelands or hanging about star ports making annoying beeping noises. These droids are often used by miscreants for target practice. I am not sure what line the figure is from. It came to me in a big box of 15mm figures donated by a friend. It is a GZG figure I suspect.

The Wyrd Sisters. 

The Wyrd sisters live out in the Styx and come into town when they need supplies. It is rumoured that they are witches. No one has ever approached them about these rumours. Not because they fear witch craft but because these ladies carry plasma brooms (essentially plasma rifles with bristles glued to the stock) which they are quick to use. I had two of these figures in the pile however as witches covens are supposed to come in threes, I think I will have to get another figure. Maybe a scenario with these ladies hunting their lost sister could be played? 

The Crusher

The Crusher is a fearsome mutant found in the wastelands, often in old tunnels. At night they emerge to terrorise settlements. Standing over 4 meters high these monsters cause much damage and are not easy to kill. 

Sadly there was no suitable 15mm figure for this monster. This crusher was a 28mm fantasy Orc. I added some 15mm skulls to it so it scales better with my 15mm figures. Every nasty critter needs a necklace made from human skulls.

Fantasy dudes

This is a couple of fantasy figures painted by my friend Xander. The scale doesn’t work for him so he gifted them to me. A quick rebase and they are done. No idea of the figure line. They remind me of a certain film. 

Thanks for looking. 

Take Care out there. 

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Still alive out there?

Hello and welcome back,

There hasn’t been a post for a couple of weeks. I am still alive and kicking. I have some 15mm figures to share when I get around to writing their fluff. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to build the Ork trukk & boys that revell released a few years back for Orktober. Then the conversion bug bit and I fell down the Gorkamorka rabbit (squig?) hole. My inner Mek Boy went into overdrive. 

The trukk was stretched and a rather fun crows nest added. It is still a WIP. No idea about names for this gang yet. Maybe the Black Skarz?

Then I started this build intended for a character Trog I made a couple of years back. They frame is recycled sprue. The engine and wheels come from Foxbox.

Mattblackgod’s world has Trogs (Orks) who are Genetically Engineered Life Forms (GELF) that we’re brought to the world to fight during the end wars. Trogs are hardier than humans and found survival in the post apocalyptic world quite easy. Actually they think it’s great fun. Trogs are a threat across the wastelands and to the Last City. Trog raiders are always on the lookout for loot and slaves to take back to Trogwanna. One of Mattblackgod’s World’s continents is called Trogwanna. It is a wasteland overrun with the creatures and the Grots which share the same genetic engineering. Many humans surviving on Trogwanna are enslaved to the bidding of the Trogs. Some Trogs lead warbands of human “fanboys”. The large mutated Trog known as the Mattblack Trog controls the ruins of the planet’s capitol mega city and the tomb of the Mattblackgod. Another Trog Nob known as Da Duke controls the ruins to the North of the Matt Black City now known as Nu Ork. The Immortan Trog controls some of the deserts of Trogwanna using Humans as the main body of his warband. So I can quite happily twist and fit further Gorkamorka madness into MBW. 

At some point I would love to build this Ork slaver’s walker from the fluff in the 40K Rogue Trader rule book.

Until then the Mad Mek’s will have to keep a eye open for suitable gubbins to build it.

Thanks for looking. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Mushroom forest, weird tree, toxic pools and fantasy terrain.

Hello and welcome back. 

In this post I have some new bits of terrain to show off.  First up - the mushroom patches.

A couple of years back I spotted a bag of mushroom Xmas tree decorations when out on our annual pilgrimage to various Christmas stores. 

 Once home I trimmed the fixing wire off and flattened the bottoms off. Grabbing some spare bits of blue foam, a couple of CDs and the hot glue gun. Pretty soon I had two cd’s of mushrooms. 

Then Christmas arrived and the hobby stuff was stored. The models were forgotten about until a couple weeks ago. The bases were then flocked and painted. Then the mushrooms got a lick of paint. Static grass and grass tufts were avoided so I can use these in cave/tunnel systems. 

I like these models as they are not only genre neutral (I can use them in my fantasy games) but they can also feature in 15mm games as a forest. 

In keeping with the Christmas theme there is also this weird mutant or alien tree. 

This started life as the tip of a Christmas tree. I kept it and dried it out. It was then glued to a plastic gift card as a base. Flocked, painted and done. Quick easy terrain. I may have to salvage bits of this years tree too.

This resin toxic pool/pipe set I have had for a couple of years. It is too long ago to recall the manufacturer. They got primed and put to one side. I gave them a quick paint job. 

Looking at them I think they might need a couple of coats of gloss varnish on the toxic goo just to finish them off. 

Speaking of resin I picked up these bits for my fantasy setting earlier this year. Not sure of the manufacturer as I got them from Amazon. 

They will work for Post Apoc townships too.

Thanks for looking. 

Take care out there.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

The spooky tree stump

 Hello and welcome back.

Some new terrain in this post - the spooky tree stump.

This is a handy model as I can use it for both Post Apocalyptic and Fantasy games. It may even feature in a seasonal game or two. 

This started life as a pumpkin stalk. It caught my eye as it had a twist to it and reminded me of something you would find in a Tim Burton film. A couple of days later I ripped it out of the Halloween pumpkin and left it to dry out.

The base was sanded flat and hot glued to a plastic gift card. Milliput was used to fill around the base. The base was flocked and once dry the model was primed grey. The base is usual mixes of dark browns and drybushed with lighter colours. The pumpkin stalk was washed several times with thinned cheap brown acrylic paint. 

Some plant tufts and static grass was then added to the base to finish it off.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, 29 August 2020

The Pumpking

Hello and welcome back, 

And now for something completely different.....and just a bit of fun.

Back in the first release of Ramshackle Game’s Nuclear Renaissance game, there was some background fluff about a character called “The Pumpking”. This bit of fluff amused me no end. Eventually he migrated to Matt Black God’s world. So let me introduce The Pumpking. 

The Pumpking started life as a Last City scavenger. While wandering the wastelands he discovered these strange orange vegetables. He hadn’t eaten for days and decided to risk eating one of the strange looking things.  Thankfully the pumpkin didn’t kill him and to his surprise wasn’t back to eat. He collected the seeds and other pumpkins and returned to Last City.

The Pumpking started a farm and found that the veggies grew very well. They also proved popular with the other residents of the Last City. The Pumpking grew wealthy and was even able to afford a pieced together ramshackle suit of power armour, complete with a stylised pumpkin helmet. He needed the armour to protect his farm and wealth. 

The Pumpking is a EM4 Space Ranger (yes, those again). I was after a bitza looking set of armour, looking like it had been built from different patterns of armour. It had the arms removed and some 40K Space Wolf arms & backpack added. The pumpkin head is a resin head but I cannot recall which company supplied it. Some GW skulls were also added to it, just to Halloween the figure up a bit. 

I have noticed a couple of errors I made during painting. I missed them, maybe I need new glasses. 

In the future, when Curtis has the Ramshackle Games site back up to speed I may convert  one of his figures to make an alternate Pumpking. I should maybe think about creating some cronies for him. 

Stay safe out there and beware the Pumpking! 

Black Guard reinforcements

Hello and welcome back, 

This week I have been adding more bodies to the (Matt) Black Guard. 

These are also Space Rangers figures by EM4. They are a cheap way to build a power armoured force. It is a shame that they are so limited in poses. For the new additions I decided some lighter weaponry would be in order.

The full force so far. 

The Black Guard’s armour is made up from many different sources the Fortress City looted, raided, captured or salvaged in the years before the forming of the Last City. There are many different patterns of powered armour in use and many suits of power armour cobbled together from many places and parts. 

These figures are Space Marines (and a old terminator bitza) from Games Workshop from over the decades. While the Black Guard wear predominantly (matt) black coloured power armour they are allowed to customise their own suits somewhat. Stylised Matt Black God symbols are popular along with other decorations. 

The whole force. 

I will leave this force like this for now. There is enough firepower here to deal with most mutant invasions, future guard revolts or last city uprisings. These things tend to happen more than you would think. 

I still have a few old 40K beakie marines to paint. They will possibly be added to my Brittannia Queen’s Company who wear the same pattern power armour. The force needs beefing up a little and painting them in a stylised colonial British style is fun. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

The Last City Market Place

Hello and welcome back, it’s time to visit the Last City market place.

I have had this little lot sat on my worktable half finished for too long. So I tried to get them finished.  These sets are by Ramshackle Games. They are made from resin and make great scenic scatter. There are some beer barrels some place too. I should get them finished for the Glowing Lamb Bar. 

Here we see the produce section of the market. Much of it is brought in by gatherers. There are crates of Sprouts (strange tough green vegetables that causes extreme gas), Mooty Froot (a nutritious mutant fruit that grows in clusters across the wastelands), Spice (a narcotic brewed one a secret location by the Spice Girls gang), Spudz (a well known root vegetable), Shrooms (mushrooms are grown by many wastelands and the excess is often traded) and Old Spice (a stronger version of the drug spice). 

Moving on there are loads of barrels. Behind is a wall of ore containers. These can be used in a single level for cover or stacked to make a impromptu wall. They stack really well. 

Then there is the cases. There are Guns, tools, junk, ammo and cases that belong to people called Dunk and Moxie. 

Thinking about it I may use more of these painted brightly as objective markers or suspicious activity of hotspot markers for various games. 

Thanks for reading, take care out there.

Pizza! Pizza! Even more Pizza.

“Pizza! Come and get your Pizza, hot tasty pizza!”

I support Curtis’ (from Ramshackle Games) pateron. In exchange for the price of a cup of coffee a month I get a annual limited edition exclusive figure set. 

This pizza place is this year’s set. It is resin and card stock. There is 2 pizza ovens (which have the option of being open or closed), the pizza making chief (with a choice of 2 heads), the stand, the salesman, pizzas, a bunch of card stock pizza boxes and a sign.

Not a bad collection and handy for any marketplace or gathering scene. I had to paint them up as soon as I got them. I can see this pair working in Rad Pizza. 

Thanks for looking, stay safe out there. 

New additions to the Last City.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Let me introduce to some new additions to the Last City. 

First up - the (matt) Black Guard - the elite power armoured troops of the Matt Black Authority. Thanks to their power armour they can easily soak up small arms fire while wielding heavy weapons as if they weighed nothing. These warriors can raise a compound in minutes. 

These figures are Space Rangers supplied by EM4. They are the only figures I have painted so far. There are more figures to add to the Black Guard force in the pipeline. 

All the rest of the figures in this post are other people’s reworks, although only one of them was painted by me.

Late last year I got a lot of well painted old Necromunda figures cheaply from evil bay. This lot has given me the chance to quickly create new gangs and characters for the Last City. As I bonus all I had to do was base them. 

Oggie’s crew: 

Oggie was exploring around Last City’s green zone, a wild jungle of strange plants. The tales say a bio weapon hit the zone and it caused the plant life to grow in strange and rapid ways. Even humble house plants have become huge and twisted. Stories tell of he plants acting in a intelligent manner. 

In the distance he spotted a hill covered in lush green plants. Forcing his way up the hill through the plants Oggie discovered an overgrown warehouse and factory. The plants seemed to be growing from these partial ruins. Pushing his way into the factory Oggie discovered that the plants were stored and processed there before the wars. They had mutated into a faster growing and more robust plant. After some experimentation he found that these “Baccy” plants were still good to smoke. Oggie and his crew set up base in what is now known as Baccy Hill and are now the Last City’s only supplier of cigs, cigars and pipe weed. The baccy has proven popular as it is something else to take the edge off life on Mattblackgod’s World. Oggie and his crew have grown wealthy on their trade. 

Iron Lord: 

Iron Lord is a successful pit fighter appearing in the Mars arena regularly and is regarded as a sports hero across the city. He specialises in fighting ghouls and beasts but will happily take on the criminals who end up in the Mars Arena. Iron Lord wears heavy armour (which is mainly the exterior of a scavenged power armoured suit) as he likes to take on large numbers of beasts/criminals or the larger nastier critters. He dreams of glory in the arena and he hopes one day to face a Ambull in the pit. 

The Machinists cult: 

The Machinists cult is obsessed with cyber argumentation and improvement. They think that mankind can only survive if they merge with machines. The less human and more machine, the closer to holiness and higher the rank within the cult. Many cult members are a strange mix of human, scavenged power armour parts, robot parts and everyday post apocalyptic machines. Their “temple” is a old argumentation hospital a few days walk from the last city. The cult is considered too weird for the Last City and are banned from the city. That doesn’t stop new recruits trying to find converts on the roads to the city. 

This group is a mid level machinist cultist and low level cultists are typically found on the roads near the city. Another job of these teams is to find old robots, androids, power armour, machines and bring them back to the temple. These machines are then cannibalised for future argumentation. 

I have extra figures to add to this cult, mainly from Ramshackle Games. 

Colin Robinson:

“Hey, you can’t park THAT there!” 

Introducing Colin Robinson, the Last City’s only Traffic Warden. The Authority do not like vehicles blocking roads vital to defence of the outer junk walls. They needed someone to to help keep the roads clear and something to keep Colin Robinson busy. 

Colin Robinson carries a autopistol because the Last City isn’t a real civilisation like the old days. Things turn ugly quickly and in the blink of a eye you are in a fire fight with a group of psychos angry at the ticket you just slapped on their old jalopy. Old Colin isn’t stupid though, he only slaps tickets when there is a squad of Future Guard or Black Guard nearby to back him up. 

The figure is a old repaint of mine. I just changed the hat band colour to yellow (a traditional colour for U.K. traffic wardens up to the millennium). The figure is a soviet commissar from a WWW2 line (Westwind?). I named him after the energy vampire character in the “What we do in the shadows” TV show. If there was ever a job suited to a energy vampire, a traffic warden is it. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Rad Pizza’s Grand reopening.

Today after a massive refurbishment Rad Pizza is open again for business. The first twenty customers not only get their Pizza half price but they get a free rat on a stick too. Come on folks, eat out to help out!

This is a terrain refresh of a old favourite of mine. The model originally looked like this:

It was constructed from a card pen holder cum desk tidy thing my wife was throwing out. It had just the right shape. 

The roof had warped a little in one corner, a after effect of its return trip from the 2018 BYOL event (see Rad Pizza in the background of the Helsreach great jet bike race). So I added a new roof brace. 

The windows got some bars made from a biro inner.  Another was added from a strip of gift card. The new brackets and rivets were made from greenstuff putty. 

A vent and a ventilation fan was added. It gets pretty hot in there when the pizza ovens are burning. These came from GZG 15mm resin building bits. They work just as well for 28mm scale. 

Around the back we have added a new water boiler. This came from a mantic industrial terrain set. Some hanging electrical cables near the roof were added from left over greenstuff putty. I always mix too much of the stuff. 

The main work was fresh paint and dry brushing making the tone a little more realistic. This was followed by some dark brown, light brown and orange washes and runs to weather it a bit. Finally fresh graffiti and posters finish it off. 

Thanks for looking - pass a slice of pizza.