Wednesday, 1 January 2020


Hello and welcome back to my hobby blog. 

Now for something completely different.

During the dying weeks of 2019 I have been thinking more and more about a fantasy setting, which is weird as Fantasy has done nothing for me (hobbywise) for at least 3 decades. In some respects this may be my desire to paint figures in something other than the usual blacks, greys, drab green and browns that seem to be a staple in the post apocalyptic genre. 

The idea is to collect random fantasy figures and fit them into my own setting. I started by picking up the Frostgrave rulebook (as usual years late to the party) and strangely I enjoyed the fluff. Admittedly battling warbands in ancient ruins hell bent on grabbing as much loot as they can is very similar to some of the Post apocalyptic games I like. 

There was some debate scale wise. 15mm is far cheaper and is easier to store. 28mm offers a lot more variety figure wise and my current figure collection can be raided for all manner of critters. Deep in my figure store there lies some treasures from the late 80’s which I expect may need repainting but it will be nice to see them on the table again. 

The fantasy world is called “Mytharth”. I am not expecting this to be the usual Lord of the rings clone jaunt. Apart from Frostgrave, my main inspirations are Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, The age of Hyboria/Conan, Shriek and Mythology. Like Mattblackgod’s World this will be a whole world setting. I am resisting the temptation to start a blog purely for this but then Wild Galaxy and Blood & Fire use this blog too. Best keep it all in one place. 

Initially I will start by using figures already in my collection to make some Frostgrave warbands. I should try and get some terrain built for it too. Plus I may start looking into making a Wizard faction. Then I will be creating and inventing in my usual haphazard manner collecting figures that grab my imagination. 

Thanks for reading

Stay safe out there. 

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope 2020 is a wonderful year for you all. 

If I am honest I will be glad to see the back of 2019 in many ways. It wasn’t a bad year Hobby wise for me, however it was a difficult year for me and my wife on a personal level. Without going into all the gory details this year saw my wife’s health deteriorating and ending the year on dialysis. As we chose home treatment I have been learning to set the machine up and needle her. While I find hobby time is a good way to unwind after treatments, when I return to work in the next couple of days, I fear I may not have as much time to actually get any hobby time in. 

My usual 2019 review didn’t happen this year simply because Photobucket has been playing silly buggers since before Christmas Eve. It seems to have settled down now.

Hobby wise my 2020 plans are as follows: 

To keep a hobby tally as I find this makes me realise just how much I get done. It also motivates me to get some painting done. I would also like to get over 104 figures painted - 2 figures a week which tops the 64 I managed last year.

To play hobby bingo (see Hobby Bingo Post )

This is to help keep me motivated and keep various projects moving forward. Not to mention getting a game or two in. 

Keep the 28mm post apocalyptic gangs of Mattblackgod’s world coming. I have several new gangs I am planning on adding. Not to mention all the nice resin terrain I have coming.  There is also have some Ramshackle resin Vehicles to paint and a 1:48 VW bug to build. 

To give my 15mm SF & PA projects some love. One of my Christmas gifts was a platoon of 15mm M113 APCs. They and various piles of figures I hope to get out on the table.

Get more Hotwheels converted and built for Warlands, Gaslands and/or Axels and Alloys. It’s embarrassing just how many cars I have to work on. I also hope to get some figures painted for infantry games in this scale.

To start a new 28mm project, because I don’t have enough to play with or paint up - more on that in another post. 

As I have a large pile of shame to hit and funds may be a bit more limited next year I hope not to purchase any new terrain, models or figures from today. Note: this does not include any outstanding forward orders or kickstarters to arrive. This doesn’t apply to paint, glue, putty etc. How long until I fail on this one? I give it a week. 

As I may be cutting my working hours I will be aiming at a Frugal hobby year with cheap trash bashes from my pile of shame being pushed into service. Looking back at my hobby history some of my favourite figures and models have been conversions or scratch builds.

I hope to have a busy and productive hobby year but we shall see. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you and your families a Happy and Prosperous 2020. May your paint brush never lose its tip and your dice rolls be lucky


Monday, 23 December 2019

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my wonderful readers a Very Merry Christmas.

I hope Wasteland Santa brings you plenty of loot and goodies. 

Have a good one folks.

Thanks for reading! 

Stay Merry and Jolly out there. 

Hobby Bingo 2020

Hello Wasteland Peeps! 

You may recall me mulling over giving Hobby Bingo a spin, as a way to keep my hobby time focused and keep me productive. So here it is - my Hobby Bingo 2020 card. 

The aim is like regular Bingo. Every time I achieve one of boxes I will cross it off. Like regular Bingo the aim is to get all the boxes crossed off. It will hopefully get me productive on a few fronts. 

Thanks for looking.

Stay safe and warm out there. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Seasonal Hobby Chatter

Welcome back wanderer, come get warm by the fire.

At this time of year my hobby time becomes limited as I start to prepare for the season. Shopping, decorating, wrapping gifts, socialising and celebrating takes up a fair chunk of my spare time. Not to mention all the eating and drinking that my tummy expects. 

Back in 2018 I felt that I didn’t paint many figures. So this year I kept a tally of my hobby work. The numbers are in....

Figures painted: 64

Figures reworked: 27

Terrain finished: 22

Terrain reworked: 5

Vehicles finished: 5

Vehicles reworked: 1

Not too shabby I think. Over 1 figure painted per week - not great but still a decent amount. Well, better than nothing anyway. Maybe next year I will aim at 100 figures. Or 104 to be exact. 

I seem to have reworked a figure at a rate of one every two weeks and finished a terrain item every two and a half weeks. 

Funny, if asked I would have said I didn’t do too much. But I have done more than I realised. It makes me curb the feelings of frustration when looking at the unpainted pile.

One thing I like about this time of year is some time to slow down and a chance to make plans or work on ideas. One thing I may do to keep hobby churning out in 2020 is to play Hobby Bingo. You may not be familiar with it but you take a blank Bingo card and fill it with hobby related targets. Like a conventional game of bingo you cross them off as you achieve them. The aim is to complete a card and hopefully have a productive year. 

Next year I hope to get a new gang or two into the wastelands, build further hotwheels based death machines and do some more work on my neglected 15mm Sci Fi setting. Who knows I may even try something new. 

Hobby wise next year may present some new challenges time wise. So it will be interesting to see what I get made or painted.

I will be back with a post or two before the new year, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your holiday season. 

Stay safe and warm out there wanderer.

Cheers 🍻🍻

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Wasteland Wondering - Historic and Fantasy ruins

Hello and welcome back. In this Wasteland Wondering I will be looking at other types of ruins often overlooked on the post apocalyptic table, Historical and Fantasy ruins. 

This all started when I was chatting to some friends about post apocalyptic ruins and I happened to mention that some historic fantasy ruins could be used on the post apocalyptic games table. This was met with some refusal as they don’t look “right”. 

While most Post Apoc films are set in the USA where a lot of buildings fall into the under 200 years old category, here in the U.K. and across Europe there are buildings (and ruins) from the 12th century onwards mixed with modern buildings. There are earlier ruins about too not to mention a liberal sprinkling of standing stones going back to the Neolithic era. In fact it is so common that we don’t really notice it. Some places are like stepping back in time. 

I could list a thousand examples without trying. For example the majority of houses where I live is mostly 19th and 20th century. But within a few miles there are 13th and 14th century buildings can be found some mixed in with 20th century houses. There are even standing stones in the south part of the city.

Scotch piper pub a couple of miles from me

York shambles

Edinburgh has medieval streets and so has York. Not to mention all the castles. Nottingham (centre of the Wargames universe) has a mix of buildings some going back to medieval times. Conway, Llangollen and many parts of Wales have dark age and Norman castles. This is in addition to some buildings going back to Queen Elizabeth the first. Then there is the old abbeys (often ruined) dotted about the place. Derbyshire has a lot of old historical mansions and castles. One of which has been the star in quite a few films including Robin Hood prince of thieves and the Princess Bride. 

Conway castle 

So how does historic and fantasy buildings in your ruins feel to you? How would you feel about them being on the table? What historical buildings are near by you? 

We concluded that if you wanted to you could take a fantasy or historical ruin and add magnets. This would allow to add the modern bits like notice boards, lights, power boxes, pipes etc. 

Looking at that list locally and where I live to visit I am surprised I am not more into Fantasy games. There is a lot of inspiration to be had for the modeller. 

Thanks for looking and take care out there. 

Thursday, 28 November 2019


So we was scavenging in the old ruins and found these old hab blocks that looked pretty much untouched. We started to scope the blocks out, getting excited about our big find when Smash stepped in this trail of thick sticky slime. He couldn’t move his foot. It was horrible and we managed to get his boot out after a few minutes of swearing. The boot started to melt a couple of hours later. Real toxic sludge that was. 

As I waited for Smash to put his boot back on and stop swearing we heard it. This horrible noise like man flu nose only much, much louder. There looking at us was this horrible giant mutant snail. A Necrollusc as the tribal legends call them. We thought they where scare stories but there was this great ugly thing looking at us. It’s eyes popping out on stalks, swivelling this way and that with a hungry look. Weird I tell you. It may be why no one has looted these blocks.

It raised up showing rows of teeth on its underside. What sort of critter has it’s mouth on its foot? Just too freaky. That was it, we legged it. Not too quick at first, I mean just how fast does a snail go? You can walk faster. Not the Necrollusc, this thing was gaining on with us. Panicked we ran quicker and were starting to out run it when two more moved in from side streets in front of us. I guess they must have been trying to catch us in a pincer movement. I thought snails was dumb? Running even faster we just managed to get through the trap. 

We kept running and the Necrollusc’s chased us. Our chests felt like they where going to explode. We didn’t stop until we cleared the ruins and then some. I don’t know when they gave up, but I am glad they did. Smash still has bad dreams of those things chasing him. 

The Necrolluscs are by Thunderchild Minatures as part of their Wasteman range.

Thanks for looking and keep a eye open for Necrolluscs.

The Church of Mutation

Hello and welcome back to my blog Wanderer. Today we are looking at some news from the township of Trashford in the Blasted Ruins.

Wanted ALIVE in the Township of Trashford in connection to the recent spate of murders, kidnappings, abductions and mayhem across the blasted ruins. 

“Mootation is the future, it is the way humanity will receive salvation, it is the way we will SURVIVE! MUTATE AND SURVIVE PEOPLE! MUTATE....AND....SURVIVE! It is the will of the Mattblackgod.” 

This is the Preecher Moot - he wanders the ruins trying to recruit mutants and the unmutated if possible to his cause The Church of Mutation. They dislike the unmutated and worship the more extreme mutations. While the unmutated are frowned upon they have not been seen to actively do anything violent towards them. However there are reports of cult members kidnapping or abducting non mutants. It is not known what happens to the abductees. All that is known is that the cult’s numbers are growing. Trashford while populated largely by mutants are becoming concerned about the cult and missing people.

The reality is that the cult have discovered a vat of mutagenic sludge in a basement in the ruins. They are kidnapping people without mutations or light mutations and dropping them into the vat to cause further mutation. The recruit is left to their own steam to get out of the vat but will be eventually be dragged out if they have been in too long. They are no good dead. As the cult nurse the victims back to “health” they are indoctrinated into the cult’s ways. One lucky side effect of a dip in the sludge is that it causes amnesia. The cult better hope that those they have mutated don’t regain their memories. 

Preecher Moot is a Unwelcome Guest figure from the Wasteman range by Thunderchild miniatures. These rock in at 36mm ish high and tower over 28mm figures. Thankfully this guy is a mutant so I can get away with the extra height. Paint wise I followed the same scheme as the figure on the Thunderchild site. Simply because I don’t get to paint purple very often. I added a heart to his mug as a salute to El Kaptian from the Romantically Apocalyptic web comic.

Thanks for looking and beware the Church of Mutation.

Here comes Claw

Hello and welcome back to my blog Wanderer.

Introducing Claw

Claw wandered into Rubbleborg one day and immediately attracted attention. His mirrored face mask made him pretty sinister to look at. Some combat armour, power claws and laser pistol added a further degree of intimidation. But no one stepped up to challenge him. His kit also caused much speculation. Where did he get such old world artefacts? How does he keep them powered? Just who is that masked man? 

Since arriving Claw has joined the Rubbleborg Irregulars and has more than proved himself in combat. In fact he appears to dance through the melee which is pretty strange. 

Claw is an old 40K Eldar Harlequin from the early 1990’s. 


The truth is Claw isn’t human. He is a Genetically Engineered Life Form (GELF) but one so human like most humans can’t tell. Claw is a Fay. The Fay appear human but are more slender, with higher cheekbones, fine looking skin, pointed ears and move with an unusual amount of grace. 

The Fay where originally developed as a pleasure GELF. In the ancient times they where used as artists, musicians, dancers, personal assistants (as they are easier on the eye than Grots) and servants to the wealthy. Sadly this saw many of them abused by their owners. Many Fay ended up working as strippers, prostitutes and personal sex slaves. This has lead to many Fay having a mistrust of humans and often displaying very sadistic behaviour. 

Originally marketed as the Fay - a name based on old Earth legends, these GELFs  came in all human skin tones, plus many others. Pure white, blue, red and pure black skinned where also popular choices for the wealthy). Many Fay pass as lightly mutated humans in the wastelands. Unlike Trogs and Grots they cannot self replicate. They can easily be grown from their DNA using any medical facility (Fay "birthing" colonies are located near old bunkers or hospitals). 

Fay in the wastelands are often secretive about their origins. Often they are on the look out for medical facilities that they can use to propagate their species. Many join raider warbands where their levels of sadism impresses the bosses. As many of them originate in bunkers, labs or hospitals they sometimes carry high tech kit. Some however have reverted to primitive tribalism. 

The question remains, just why is Claw in town? 

This new type of GELF on Mattblackgod’s world is a way to use up the Elf & Eldar figs I have knocking about. Plus it will allow me to have fun with painting some unusual skin tones. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

The shadow people

Hello and welcome back Wanderer. I told you to keep an eye open for post 501! 

Now for another wasteland hazard - the shadow people.

We found this old tunnel in the hills. Made of concrete like the buildings of old times. Excited we had found a lost bunker or vault we decided to explore. As we crept down this passage these things jumped us out of the darkness. Totally silent, quicker than a gassed up snake. In the panic Donny dropped the lantern and the whole place descended into darkness. You couldn’t see your hand front of your face. As we couldn’t see them we we couldn’t shoot. Not being able to shoot we legged it back towards the light. 

As we emerged they followed us into the light. Ugly black skinned mutants with no eyes. The daylight didn’t slow them. That’s when we let rip, firing every shooter we had. It was hard to hit them as the moved like lightening. But then they paused looking about like they where confused before fleeing back to the hole they came from. That was the first time we came across the shadow people. I hope it was the last, we lost half the crew in that tunnel. 

Found in dark underground places the shadow people are mutants who where once human. Blind, these mutants hunt for food using scent and echo location. The mutants are both feral and territorial. It is common for them to fight each other over food. When encountered your best bet is to stay still. If they start to attack try to make loud noises as this can effect the shadow people’s sonar. It confuses them forcing them to retreat. Gun shots work well. Even better if you can kill the thing while you are at it.

Here we see the shadow people jumping Masher of the Green Valley Hooligans. I think he has got this.

The Shadow people are GW Ur Ghuls from the Blackstone Fortress set - salvaged off eBay. I went for the an all black colour scheme inspired by the future beasts from the Primeval TV series. 

Thanks for reading. Take care out there and keep a eye open for the shadow people.