Sunday, 18 September 2022

Pressed card packaging piece WIP pt 2

Hello and welcome back.

So the build slowly rolls forwards. I have been slowly adding details to what I think of as the base of the ruin. 

Some pipes that would have supplied gas, steam, water and removed waste from what was the building above. Some struts and supports for a small walkway to be added. 

The gaps inbetween the columns have had some canvas doors added. These nooks and crannies would be where I imagine some wastelanders would make home. 

In the alcove I added a room at the back behind a canvas door. The other alcove had more pipes added. Above the area some struts with cloth covers to keep the sun off have been added. These are made from water baby wipes that t have been washed clean and left to dry off. 

The gaps on this side have been blocked off with scrap metal to keep intruders out. Some of the pipe work had old cables added. 

I have noticed that the packaging piece is a bit warped and it looks like I can’t straighten it. So I am going to base it. While it’s not what I originally wanted it will allow me to add detail. 

As a bonus there was one extra bit of packaging from the same electrical appliance looked like a old worn concrete pillar. It’s been glued to a CD and had some blue foam “rubble” added around the base. 

There are more updates to follow. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for looking, stay safe out there.

Squatana Jhones and the alien ruins of doom!

Hello and welcome back. 

One day Squatana Jhones learned of tales from the Boromites about distant worlds that lie beyond Dvarg and Boromite space. These worlds featured ancient crumbling ruins of a lost civilisation that predates both Humanity and the Boromites species. 

Boromites are not interested in such things but the stories awakened the spirit of adventure in Squatana. He immediately started to assemble an expedition force to go and seek out these ruins with the aim to prove Humanity was predated by another galactic civilisation. Plus he might be able to get rich with any artefacts he may discover. 

Squatana is a little old school and prefers old technology such as a flaming torch and his dear old grandmother’s best battleaxe. Squatana Jhones is a Macrocosm Witch Hunter who I feel has a vibe of a certain movie franchise archeologist. 

The main crew is made up of personalities from his clan and includes a Psyker. Well you never know what you might encounter. 

Just in case the expedition runs into something large that wants to eat the Dvarg for lunch (or lots of small things that want to eat the Dvarg for lunch for that matter) the expedition brought along a battle walker. The laser Gatling and power fist will prove useful for dealing with swarms, horrible looking alien monsters or smashing into ancient vaults. 

The team brought a couple of grav bikes for fast attack or getting back to the ship urgently. 

The Clan members, battle walker and grav bikes came from the Heroes Space Dwarves Kickstarter by LAfig miniatures. I matched them with the Squatana figure as the are a similar size. 

Originally I planned this to be a command section for my older 40K Squats but they are somewhat larger. So I chose to make them a individual force with a yellow paint scheme for a industrial look. All the figures are painted with Army Painter Speed Paints. While they worked well on Squatana but the choice of yellow on the Clan looks a bit naff to my eye. 

Thanks for looking, take care out there.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

K2I Goons

Hello and welcome back. 

The Kraptoidiots corporation is a tabletop creation of mine for Mattblackgod’s world from way back in 2006 or 2007. Originally using 40k Catachin figures from another project and a name stolen from Dogbert in a Dillbert comic strip. However I felt it needed a update as the figures seemed a little over armed for a non military group in a post apocalyptic setting. 

The only surviving corporation on Mattblackgod’s World is the Kraptoidiots corporation. Like their Galactic counterpart the corporation peddles all manner of highly addictive cheap junk. On MBW it’s mainly drugs. The goons protect the corporation’s shipments and factories from those out to save themselves some trade items. One drug they produce is “Boost” that the K2I Goons take in leu of payment which makes them aggressive and builds muscle. It also limits their intelligence somewhat. Boost is also wildly hallucinogenic and leaves many of the goons unhinged. This has earned them the nickname of “meatheads” among the wastelanders. 

K2I supply very addictive food & drugs to settlements across the wastelands. They bring such K2I “goodies” as Boost, Radi Brek (oatmeal that will give you that rest of life radioactive glow), Mutant Munch (deep fried crispy mutant bits) and Glowing Wonder (deep fried mutated slightly radioactive root vegi bits). They bring these things along with addiction, wild hallucinations, radiation sickness, temporary blindness, foaming at the mouth, spasms and the need for close proximity to a outhouse. Only the real desperate, insane or naive provide repeat custom to K2I. The K2I goons have recently started to “recruit”, press gang and kidnap people as slaves from smaller settlements to work in K2I facilities.

The K2I goons like to tattoo or scar themselves with the K2I logo to show their allegiance and devotion to the corporation. The K2I goons have become a kind of cargo cult believing that the great K2I corporation will return from the stars and liberate them from Mattblackgod’s world, carrying them into the stars as reward for their loyalty providing crap to idiots. 

I am using old Necromunda Goliaths as the K2I goons that I picked up on evilbay painted. Sadly the mould lines were not removed by the previous owner and as I was after a quick job I didn’t try to remove them. I gave the figures a wash, touch up and a rebasing to match the rest of my collection. 

I did try painting an old branding mark on one figure but I wasn’t happy with it. The rest got tattoos done with Posca marker pens. 

This figure was customised with a better weapon and armour. He will be the leader for now. I might add a (new) Necromunda Goliath as a boss. They are larger than the old Necromunda figures so make good boss figures. 

There is another Goliath I am working on. It appeared to have a Chaos Warrior’s arm with a axe. The axe had broken off so I have decided to convert it into a K2I standard bearer. Watch this space for future updates on this figure. 

For the Wild Galaxy setting I will probably go for a more serious looking security force to protect K2I installations (usually from angry customers rather than raiders, even Pirates and GELFs won’t touch K2I products willingly).

Thanks for looking, stay safe out there.

Alice and some Wastelanders

Hello and welcome back. 

Alice and the Wastelanders?! Sounds like a good name for a Post Apocalyptic themed rock band.

Around the campfires of the ruined world people tell tales of the great heroes of the end times and chaos that followed. These stories are popular and give hope to Wastelanders. In some cases they give some moral compass to people who may have never known any parental guidance. Desperate and downtrodden wastelanders often pray to the hero’s of these tales hoping that they may arrive and help them.

A favourite story is Max, the road warrior who fought biker gangs, Warlords and more. Another strong favourite tale is that of Alice. In the stories Alice fight’s evil corporations, hordes of monsters, zombies and crazy cannibal gangs. 

In the picture she looks like she has a 5 o’clock shadow. I have no idea where this shadow comes from as it is not there in the metal. I got this figure in part of a eBay lot a few years ago and it sat half painted for most of that time. I am not sure of the manufacturer possibly lead adventure? I think it may be OOP. 

But there is more….

A typical wastelander. The figure is a old Grenadier one, now carried by Mirliron or EM4. This is the second copy of this figure I have as I like the look of it. Shame Mark Copplestone didn’t sculpt more figures in a similar style. Or as a pack in his Future Wars line (hint, hint). He was painted with whatever colours I had spare on the paint pallet. Waste not wont not and all that. I am thinking of getting a few more and picking them out in various colours so I can use them with the various wasteland gangs I have. 

Another 10 guy. 

I have a few of these ten figures in the pile left over from the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum’s 10 year free figure giveaway that I ran a couple of years back. I found this one primed and in the style of the Wastelander above he was painted with whatever paint was laying on the pallet. As this guy is unarmed I plan to use him as a civilian. You need someone to get in the way when trouble starts. 

In the future I do plan to make a gang or force of converted 10 figures. For now I might prime a few more and paint them in different colours. 

Thanks for looking. Take Care Out There. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Old Kosmik

Hello Wanderer, welcome back.

“Hey, wanna get out your skull and heal your bonce? Come visit Kosmik’s Sweatlodge”

Introducing Kosmik. Kosmik runs a sweatlodge claiming he is a genuine Shaman who can bring you spiritual healing. While slow steam cooking his customers Kosmik drops hallucinogenic herbs into the water feeds. If the dark, heat and steam doesn’t get you hallucinating then the psychotropic steam will. For a deeper experience Shamanic drumming music can be provided for extra by Kosmik’s sidekick Spike playing some bongo drums. Not quite a genuine experience but close enough to Kosmik’s mind. When Kosmik and Spike are feeling mischievous they provide God, Demon or Spirit voices through a pipe just to see what entertainment their customers can provide. 

Kosmik dresses to impress his customers by trying to appear what he thinks a tribal shaman would look like. He likes to appear colourful as possible hence his name. While the locals speculate that he dyed the furs, they came from a mutant critter deep in the hills a hunter claimed was called a “Muppet”. 

The Kosmik figure is a Hexadrex resin figure by Ramshackle games. I found it fun to paint especially with the colourful paint work. The idea about the figure came from the recent Kosmik’s sweatlodge model that I painted up recently. Sometimes one idea leads to another in this hobby. 

Thanks for looking. Take care out there. 

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Pressed card packing model WIP.

Hello and welcome back Wanderer, 

This is something I am working on for my Last City setting. I like these pressed card packing pieces. They have a look of old delaminated concrete. Which is great for the ruins of a post apocalyptic world or the remains of some forgotten old colony on a abandoned planet. 

These pieces often remind me of the remains of the foundations of giant old world buildings. In my mind the after people have returned and made the crumbling concrete into a home. 

This build is inspired by the cool models that Ramshackle Games uses in its backdrops. I have no idea what this will become yet, my plan is to let it grow organically as I work on it.  It is slow going so far as I have to wait for bits to dry before continuing on the next part. 

So far the model had some spray foam filler sprayed into the recesses to act as reinforcement. I have built the ladder/staircase using bamboo skewers. The lashing ropes are copper multi strand cores stripped out from old electrical flex. The pipes are card drinking straws while the floor panels are a gift card and beer mat.

Keep watching for more WIP pictures as the build progresses. 

Stay safe out there and take care out there.

Monday, 5 September 2022


Hello and Welcome Back. 

Just to add some detail to an post apocalyptic ruined city scape or roadway I had to get some Billboards. 

These billboards are mdf items made by TT combat. For some reason I ordered way too many sets. I assembled and painted them and then they ended up laying about for years waiting for me to print off some posters for the billboards. At the time our printer broke and then life got in the way. 

Having got a new printer it took a while to grab the billboards off the too do pile and to measure them for the poster size. They are 120 x 60mm if anyone else is in the same boat. After looking around the internet for suitable pictures I dropped the pictures into a word document (or Apple equivalent) on a ipad and then stretched them while measuring the size on the screen. 

There are five of these models but one has gone missing. I put them all down together ready for photographing a few days ago and one of them has escaped. I suspect my cats may be the culprits. I will supply a picture if I ever see it again.

Thanks for looking.

Take care out there.

The Boring Machine

Hello and welcome back. 

The ground rumbles and slowly this boring machine bursts from the ground. 

The machine grinds to a stop and a head pops out of the hatch and shouts “is this exciting enough?” (boring machine - exciting! Get it? I will get my coat!).

The head disappears and some furious clanging comes from the interior of the machine. “Bugger! There is no reverse!”

Ramshackle games makes the tunnelling/boring machine. It was a very quick paint job. At some point I might add a rubble and soil filled base just to finish it off. 

This tunnelling machine will be used as scenery. Unless I get my squat force finished and they might want to break into places. 

Thanks for looking

Stay safe out there 

Sunday, 21 August 2022

The old Robot!

Hello and welcome back.

I have had this 40K Blackstone Fortress Robot knocking about for a couple of years. My first problem was how to paint it. At first I was going to go for an ancient machine look with lots of rust as just another hazard of digging through the ruins.

Another idea was to assign it to a particular faction giving it a paint job suitable for the faction. Then I settled on painting a standard military colour so it can be used with what ever faction. The old bot sat in some bunker or cupboard forgotten until someone charges it up and press the KILL button.

This robot will be useful to supply some fire support to my Sci Fi factions and some of my post apocalyptic factions. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.

Warriors of the Wild Galaxy - DCS corporation

Hello and welcome back,

In the Wild Galaxy the more powerful Corporations have spread across the Galaxy. They are a power in their own right having their own armies to protect their assets. The Definintive Colony Systems (DCS) corporation is one such Corporation. 

DCS is the largest and most powerful corporation suppling everything from toothpaste to fully armed battle cruisers (crew not included). It has bases across Human Space trading in with most nations and frontier worlds. Many colonies have lots of DCS items as the corporation is the main galactic supplier of colonial equipment. DCS also owns its own worlds and controls an entire system near frontier space which is heavily defended by DCS’ own battle cruisers. 

On the world of Deljibelli DCS has a depot trading it’s wares with the locals and space crew traffic between the city of Urg Deljibelli and the space port. The Corporation security stops the depot from being looted and protects shipments from local criminals.

These figures are mantic GCPS figures that originally came from the Project Pandora box set. They were undercoated grey and given zenithal highlights. They were painted with Army Painter Speed Paints. These paints worked well with the figures and I had the base coats done in a couple of hours. A few bits of detail where added. This was a quick paint job. 

Thanks for looking.

Take care out there.