Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Warboys for Blood and Fire.

My 20mm Blood and Fire setting needed some Warboys. This lot are the willing servants of the Warlord Blackskull. 

The Warboys figures started life as 20mm American War of Independence Indians. They required a lot of shaving of hair and other bits. The cheap rubbery plastic was not easy to use. If I ever do this again I will be using metal figures. I drilled out the hands and made thunder sticks from paperclips and putty. 

The warboys have limited firepower. This is it. A mix of old rifles and shotguns. 

The boys with the Thundersticks. Handy for crippling vehicles. 

Warboys with hand weapons. 

Look out wastelands the Warboys are here!! 

Thanks for looking. 

Blood and Fire Gang - Autoskum

Autoskum are a strange gang. They have no leader and call themselves a "Anarcho Collective". The gang roam the roads and wastelands attacking anything in their paths. What is strange is the gang seems to attack simply to create mayhem. Often they race off into the wastelands without even stopping to loot. 

Downed car crews will often cobble together another vehicle from scrap or sneak into camps to steal new vehicles. They then head off to join up with the rest of the gang. 

The left buggy is a matchbox car. It is armed with a machine gun. Unusual for a gang machine. The buggy on the right is a hotwheels buggy. It has a ram spike made from a drinks stirrer. It is armed with a one shot black powder scrap cannon which has a massive spread. 

The cool thing about the Matchbox buggy is that is comes with all manner of stowage. Great for post apoc conversions.

Autoscum cars are often black but they will paint them garish colors. This car has ram spikes made from plastic drinks stirrers. It is equipped with three black powder rocket launchers which are often inaccurate but cause mayhem. 

I intend to use the Autoskum gang as a wildcard during games. They will roll onto the table and cause mayhem attacking every one and everything. 

Thanks for looking. 

Blood and Fire Additions.

Hello and Welcome back,

Here are some of the vehicles I have been working on of late. 

Some old GW Dark Future plastic bikes. This are from my original set. They just needed a little repair and updating. These bikes will be used as additional muscle for various road gangs in Blood and Fire. 

This here is the Sheriff Frag from Wellsprings. This car was rebuilt from my old Axles and Alloys collection. New armor was added to the windows. The plow and rocket launcher came from Ramshackle Games. 

The rear window bars are plastic bar which I heated to bend across the rear window. 

Introducing "Bandit". Bandit is a free lance road warrior. 

The Tombstone rear armor is from Ramshackle Games.

That's all for now. 

Thank you for looking at the results of my madness. 

Product review: Bondic

Assembling plastic models and wargames figures has a few problems. Use polystyrene cement and the fumes incur the wrath of my good lady. Use superglue and you end up with fingers stuck together or plastic parts attached to your hand. 

I spotted Bondic on Amazon. Bondic is a plastic welder tool. It uses a resin that is then cured for 3 to 5 seconds using a UV LED. It is fume free and there is no chance of gluing your fingers together. 

What you get is the lamp and a tube of resin. Extra tubes of resin glue can be bought.

Here is a hard plastic warzone figure which I used the Bondic to glue. Works well. You drip a drop onto the surfaces. Here you can see the glue on the base. In between the figures legs there is a lump of set resin. 

This is the UV lamp. It is battery operated and is handy as it can be used away from a power supply. 

Shine the lamp onto the joint or resin for 3 to 5 seconds. Hey presto the resin is set. 

The Bondic also works well on softer figures like those from GW. The only thing is you will need to figure out how to hold the part in place as you shine the lamp on it. 

This is handy for filling gaps on kits and repairing every day items. It is a handy tool to add to your hobby tool kit. 

Thanks for reading.