Thursday, 28 March 2019

More folks of Mattblackgod’s world

Welcome back, long time no post. 

Apologies for the radio silence, life has been busy with real life stuff. I have been working on a mixture of figures and a couple of reworks. 

So into the figures....

Out in the wastelands there is a old military bunker. This is the home to the faction “the Guardians”. They collect old technology especially weapons to keep it safe and stop its misuse. One of their aims is to protect and relearn the secrets of the past. The other is to educate and help people survive. The Guardians end game is to one day rebuild the world whilst avoiding the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately their operations can cause friction with other factions in the wastelands.

This is Captain Sheila D’Eath. As a ranking officer in the Guardians she is allowed to wear Power Armour.

I cannot remember the figure or line this is from. She has been reworked to look like the armour has come from several sources.

Introducing Imperator Anita Bath of the New Sodom City defence force. She can often be seen leading NSC operations out in the wastelands. Her other job is to act as Immortan Trump’s bodyguard. She is glad of her power armour as Immortan Trump can be a bit handy.

This figure is a rework as she was a officer in the Red Lance force before I retired them. It is a OOP metal Viridian. 

Kapo Burns is a mutant hench man of Blubba Max of the Trashford gang. 

This figure is Cuss Weerds of the Warlord 2000AD Strontium Dogs line. His hand and gun had snapped off so I grafted a gun hand on I found in the depths of the bits box.

Coming back to Rubbleborg....

Introducing Raging Annie. Annie has serious anger issues and as a outlet she has been directed to join the Rubbleborg Milita by Mayor Bustard. It is either that or have Annie shooting the town up every ten minutes.

The figure is Raging Annie by Bad Squido Games and was a fun figure to paint.

Finally for this lot....

Introducing Clink. Clink is the Rubbleborg jailer and is fond of hooch. He likes roughing up prisoners which sometimes backfires weeks later when he runs into an abused miscreant when drunk in a Rubbleborg sleezy dive. 

Clink is part of the Minimus Squat Crew by Ramshackle Games.

The totals so far:

Figures painted:11

Figures reworked:2

Terrain finished: 1

Terrain reworked: 0

Vehicles finished: 1

The totals for this far into year are a lot lower than I hoped. But then that is life.

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

This and that.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Real life has been keeping me busy but I am slowly cranking the handle. There is a old ruin model I am still reworking. 

A couple of years ago I had a converted 28mm Warlord ww2 British Tommy but he was missing a gas mask. So I sculpted one.

Ever since I picked up 40K RT back in the mists of time I wanted a Ambull miniature but  being a spotty teenager I never had the cash. So the new Ambull kit landed and as it is far cheaper than what the old metal Ambulls fetch I decided to treat myself.  The kit is easy to assemble. 


It’s behind you! 

I am looking forward to getting the paint on this critter, as soon as I decide what colours to paint it. Inspiration from natural history isn’t helping my decision.

Meanwhile I have also been busy digging through the mini collection to get some gangs ready to get on the tabletop. 

This lot are some of my old Stalkers. I took lots of inspiration from the Stalker computer games. All of them are converted in some way. 

This is Meatheads’ Crew, a bunch of Stalkers operating out of Rubbleborg. They go on salvaging runs into the Oncewhere city ruins. I will do a full crew run down once I have got the character fluff written. 

That’s all for now, thank you for looking.

Stay safe out there.