Sunday, 27 January 2013

Frozen Wastelands pt 5

Here are the latest bits of terrain for my Frozen Wastelands (I told you I had been busy! lol). 

Those Scavengers are in for a nasty shock!!!

This is just a lump of Floral foam I had laying about on a CD (dont throw anything out!). The ice is water effects resin.

I also made a Post Box as I plan a modern Frozen Britain setting. The factions for this will be used for the Frozen wastes. I picked the post box as it was spare. My 80's British Post Apoc isn't going to have more than one post box on a board as these things are scattered every few blocks. 

A closer shot of the ice.

I should make some dedicated boards for this setting. Do I go all Arctic (all white) or mix it up with brown patches Tundra style?? 

More Warriors from the Frozen Wastes.

Daring Eagles Mercenaries

When the world ended and froze a small bunker of military was trapped high in the mountains. They where kitted up for sub zero conditions. After a year or so they raided local populations of survivors for women. Now their Sons and Grandsons carry on their traditions. These trained warriors operate as Mercenaries in the Frozen Wastes. 

The minis are old Warzone Alpine troops (Thanks Xander). I puttied over the cast eagles on the Shoulder pads as it was easier than filing them off! This was my attempt at a Alpine style camouflage pattern. 

When supplies get low survivors go to seek salvage to keep their crew arrive. Often these Scavengers can be seen wandering the frozen wastes looking for food or other supplies. 

The minis are Kallistra Sci-Fi. The guy in the middle had a miscast face. So I filled it back then resculpted a mask and face scarf. The hood had to be rebuilt with putty too. 

Post Apoc Santa and his little helpers!!

Winter hit and inspired me to kick this into life again. As I have loads of Wastelands terrain this year I will be focusing a little more on the Frozen Wastes.   

Rustbucket's miniatures have a bulk to them that suggests lots of layers and with a Santa in there where else could they be but the frozen wastes?? (Rustbucket is a friend to sculpts minis and casts minis for a hobby over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum). 

You better cry because Post Apoc Santa is coming to town!! Oh kids, Santa really does hate you!!!

Bad Santa is here for you! You will be dragged from your bed and maimed!!

Santa has his little helpers to make sure he gets the job done (sometimes he is too drunk)!!

When they leave town, its burning!! 

Quake in the dark of winter and hope he doesn't come to your wasteland hovel!!

The Skull Bandits - Aero Pirates

Aero Pirates curse of the skies!! 

Time for a little more VSF/Steampunk. 

Its Kaptain Skullduggery and his crew, know in the Aeronef circles as "The Skull Bandits". Flyers beware!! 

They may also be used for my Sci-Fi Firefly-esq setting as a rival ships crew. 

The mins are from Anvil Industries. The guy third from right has a different arm. I lost it. In typical fashion the arm turned up after I had finished painting the minis. DOH! 

These minis are resin and have real crisp detail work on them making them a joy to paint. Hats off to the bods at Anvil Industries. They are true 28mm in scale and should work well with Hasslefree and other 28mm true figures. 

I guess I will have to make a zeppelin or Aeronef for the Skull Bandits now!! lol

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I have been painting minis - honest!!!

I have been busy with a few Frozen Wastes and Steampunk/VSF figures over the last couple of weeks. They are done but my figures are trapped behind a evil demonic cat. All out warfare broke out among my cats recently and one of them seems to be possessed. She has set up camp outside the hobby room and I cant get in. I would move her but I don't want to stress her out more besides which my chain mail suit is at the cleaners. 

This has hampered me getting pictures of the said minis and grabbing my flock for a couple of Frozen Wastes bits of terrain I am working on. There is a gang and a set of mercenaries for the Frozen Wastes and a group of Aero/ether Pirates for Steampunk/VSF. The mini total is currently 13 painted this year. 

There is a new British Post Apocalypse I am working on too. The figures will be more modern and it will see levels of freezing similar to the film "The Day After Tomorrow". These minis will be able to be used for my Frozen Wastes factions too. 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bolt Action Ruined Hamlet - review

Well thats the Xmas madness over. The decorations are down, the house is back to normal (kind of) and I can look forward to steaming ahead in my hobby. 

One of my Xmas Goodies was a Bolt Action ruined hamlet by Warlord. I found them nice and fairly versatile models. They come in separate walls and corner pieces. The kits include details such as floors, chimneys, rubble piles and roof beams. 

There is enough to build 3 double storey ruins and 3 single storey ruins. Or if you are like me you can mix them up. They are a nice set. I will be using them for my 80's British Post Apocalyptic setting . I have seen similar style rural buildings around North Wales, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Scotland. There is even one in Urban Liverpool

Given the historic style of the ruins they may even see use in my Victorian Sci Fi (VSF) games.