Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Liberty City.

Liberty city was formed in the year of the end. Surviving people and cops fled the ruined Nu Manhattan. On the Northern bank of the river they met another group of survivors which had more cops, some SWAT members and a few military reservists. The groups joined and moved to a good location to build a place to live. This was to become in time - Liberty City. 

The city treats everyone as equal. Mutants or Norms. It is ruled fairly, which is unusual. The city forbids Slaves and Slavers are imprisoned. It is this that has attracted many to the city. Liberty City is the worlds largest city which is some going as it hasn't come from a bunker (pop approx 10,000). 

However Liberty city has had some hard times of late. They have received a kicking trying to "liberate" Nu Manhattan ruins from the gangs. Their old enemies New Sodom City had attacked them and the Bandits and Raiders of the Badlands also attacked at the same time. 

Inside the City's walls horns sound. The cities people move towards Liberty Square as something is happening. 

Onto the podium strides Lord Snipe. A lord who dealt with the cities admin and was rumoured to be a trained assassin. 

Lord Snipe is a resin mini from the Ramshackle's Society of intrepid explorers.

Clearing his throat he addresses the city. 

"My fine people I am the bearer of sad tidings. President Meers died this morning tragically and brutally stabbing herself in the stomach with a poisoned knife whilst eating her breakfast!" 

"It would seem that General Motors, the Commander of our armed forces also suffered an accident. He savagely hacked his own head off whilst shaving! So with a heavy heart I take control of the city. President Meers ran the city to the ground fighting fruitless wars."

"I have recalled all our flagging warriors to the city. We shall regroup and take stock. We are in desperate times. We shall stop invading the Nu Manhattan ruins, they are not ours. We will seek the gangs friendship and offer aid in their struggles against New Sodom City. In time we will make the badlands safer by taking out the raider and bandit gangs, thus giving us better trade to the North. As for New Sodom City we will of course step back but hold our own against them until we can take them. Slavery is still abolished and slavers will be shot on sight in our territories."   

"As for the manpower crisis, I will not be forming a militia just yet. I am allowing the hiring of Freelancers and Mercenaries to beef up our lines. Meers was a fool as she didnt allow mutants into our ranks of warriors. She thought that you would be hard to control. I do not. Any mutant who wishes to stand and fight for Liberty may now join up!" 

"Lieutenant Venom is out most senior surviving officer. He has served the city for 30 years. He is now promoted to Commander of our armies!. Venom has been given the power armour of office!"  
Commander Venom is a plastic Viridian with a Westwind USA WWW2 head. 

"Staff Sergeant Turnip is now promoted to Captain of the City!" 

Captain Turnip is a plastic Viridian with a Westwind USA WWW2 head. 

"Sergeant Luna is now promoted to Lieutenant and will head up the cities Special Operations units"

Lt Luna is a Warzone mini. 

"Sergeant Junko is now promoted to Lieutenant and will head up the cities internal policing units"

Lt Junko is a EM4 cop.

"Sergeant Walker is now promoted to Lieutenant and will head up the cities external policing & combat units"

Lt Walker is a clix mini.

Random Liberty City Watchmen. Left 2 EM4 Cops, Guy on the right EM4 plastic Combat Zone mini. 

Liberty city Watchman medic. EM4 plastic combat zone trooper. 

The first mutant to sign up for Liberty City's equal opportunities program (to die for the city!).....Sargent D. 

People who ask what the "D" stands for get belted with that nasty looking club. Sargent D laughs at the bloody mess and grunts "Death!". 

Sarge D is also equipped with a fearsome triple barrelled cannon loaded with grapeshot (or any small metal items he can find). He forms the backbone of the city's Security force. Often the sight of the triple barrelled weapon being pointed in your direction makes most hostiles either run or become anxious to talk. Commander Venom had banned D from firing the weapon indoors as it often makes buildings collapse.  

Sarge D's other duties include training up recruits to the cities forces. Many would happily go and face death just to escape D's shouting and yelling. 

The mini is a modified GW Ogre Bull. 

Here come the new recruits to patrol the mean streets of Liberty City! Norms and mutants working together for a better future! Or that is the statement Lord Snipe has issued. 

L-R - Pvt Meat Head (Warzone), Sgt Kolon (rear - EM4 Cop), Corporal Nobhead (rear - EM4 Cop), Sgt Grimli (Front Right - Hasslefree Grymn) Merry (Front left- Hasslefree Grymn) and Erik (Front Centre - Hasslefree Grymn)

Pvt Meat Head sports a support weapon. He is a bit thick, hence his nick-name. 

Sgt Kolon and Corp Nobhead are old school Watchmen and will not get directly involved unless they absolutely have too. They also take bribes and run small scale rackets. Commander Venom is planning on slinging them behind desks. 

Sgt Grimli is friends with Sarge D, despite D trying to eat Grimli the first time they met. These two mutants have each others backs and if you insult one - you usually insult the other. Sarge D has killed folks who made the mistake of calling Grimli a "lawn Ornament" or other heightist comments! 

Merry is the first lady mutant (dont say Stuntie...D is within hearing!) to join the Liberty security forces (Watch). She is scientifically minded and is setting up a basic forensics lab. Are you listening scavenger? Find any good lab kit and this girl will pay handsomely. 

Erik is a typical warrior and his skills make him a useful chap in the Watch. This faction will be getting more recruits with time as I have more ideas. 


The Lawbringers are a gang operating out of Liberty City. They see it as their mission to go out into the wastes and bring Law and Order to the Wastes. Often they pursue Raiders, Bandits and Slavers beyond the City's Territories. Lord Snipe is happy for this gang to operate like this as it eases the burden on the City's Watch and Mercs. He helps them along by putting bounties on the heads of bandit leaders or other unpleasant characters. 

Commander Venom of the Watch distrusts them seeing the gang as a bunch of vigilantes. 

The minis are a mixed bad. The woman is unknown, foundry maybe? The guy at the front with the Shotgun is Copplestone, the two guys at the back are EM4 and the Robot is by Golgo Island (East Riding Miniatures). The woman at the front was not painted by me. She was one of those Ebay purchases. 

Nu Sodom City

One of the most sinister cities on Matt Black World is New Sodom City. Ruled by several bandit gangs the city is a place where visitors go missing. Often they end up working as slaves wondering what happened in that Brothel, Gambling or Drugs den. NSC leaders employ well equipped warriors recruited from their own gangs to keep the peace and abduct anyone who takes their fancy. They are also handy for keeping those do gooders from Liberty City at bay. Both cities have been at war for decades. 

The figures are EM4 Combat Zone plastics with the heavy weapons and Command set arms. Their heads where replaced with Iron Pig Kolony rebel ones and putty hoods added. These guys once served as my Stalker Duty Faction.

As the three warriors I had where a bit lonely I decided to add some more. 

These minis are plastic Warzone Bauhaus conversions with Iron Pig heads. I forgot to sculpt hoods on them. Ah well we will pretend that never happened!  

Liberty City Mercs: White Star Co

This group of Mercs are descended from the military reservist unit that joined the survivors who later founded Liberty City. It was a military unit during the cities wars. It only became fitting that they became Mercs. The are fiercely patriotic to the city. 

The minis are a mix of EM4 pre-paints and some unknown minis I picked up painted from TMP years ago. 

Close up of the ladies of the unit. Anyone know who makes them? 

Liberty City Mercs: Dust Co

Liberty City relies on the Watch to protect it and keep the peace on the streets. However they rely on Mercenaries to carry out military functions such as patrol the Outposts (called Stations by the city), patrol the areas beyond the city walls, make strikes against the cities enemies (Bandits, Raiders, Anarchists, Slavers, Nu Sodom City) and the usual stuff Mercs are used for. The Mercs are controlled by a Guild who ensure everyone is treated fairly and each Merc band has a compound within the cities walls. The Mercs work closely with the Watch and often Commander Venom is personally with them during attacks. 

Here is Dust Co. This band started life as a group of Stalkers. After performing a few missions controlling mutants in the ruins they realised they had a talent for Mercenary work. Dust Co will employ Stalkers who fancy a change of pace from digging in the ruins or being chased by huge dribbley mutants. 

The Minis are EM4 hazmat troopers. 

Govannon Steel Patrol

The Govannon mountain Steel Patrol. These are armoured troops that never leave the valleys around Govannon Mountain (also known as Hammer mountain to the Wastelanders due to the Hammer symbol the faction uses). They protect the mountain from raiders and outsiders which is easy enough due to the terrain of the area. The Steel Patrol occasionally go as far as the neighbours in Lanc when they are needed. 

These minis are Mantic Plastic Forge Fathers Steel Warriors. I found them easy to assemble with plenty of options to add a bit of variety to the minis. They paint up nicely and have plenty of character. I would get these again. This little lot (no pun intended) need some sort of vehicle I think. 

VSF British - Fresh Troops for the thin red line.

I am a fan of Steampunk and VSF genres too and I have a VSF Project. Here is a small update. 

Some fresh British troops for the thin red line straight off the aether ship. 

This time armed with latest British Army issue kit rather than the Colonial kit. The minis are Newline and they have had goggles sculpted on to help blend in with my other VSF/Steampunk British. 

Liberty City Police Cruisers

Liberty City keeps a couple of old cars running so the watch can deploy quickly to various parts of the city when trouble breaks out. They were civilian cars modded for the role. Being a post apoc city weapons have been added to supply some extra firepower it needed. 

The cars where a cheap set of Chinese toys that you assembled yourself. Armour was added. The one with the turret is made from cereal packet card and some car mesh added to the windows. On the other one the armour is made from milliput and greenstuff.  The turret is from a old Dark Future car with a Nercomunda autogun added as a weapon. The light bar is from a toy pickup truck which will grace my wastelands one day. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Atlas Boys

The Atlas Boys are a muscle bound gang out of Liberty City. They look like a bunch of K2I meatheads as they take the Roid drug the corporation manufactures and they are into some old earth body builder - somebody Atlas. As  K2I is banned from Liberty City territories the gang must go out into the wastes and trade to find the drug. If not they go further afield and raid K2I facilities and convoys to get the drug. They are on the K2I most wanted list. 

The gang leader (centre) - Joey Atlas. 

The gang are mostly reworked 40K Catachains with a couple of EM4 figures thrown in. The guy with the baseball bat is from Westwind miniatures

Govannon Mountain Light Patrol

Up in the North of Matt Black God's world there lies a mountain range. Here lives the Govannon mountain faction. This faction produces all manner of weapons and kit in their underground facilities. Stories tell of a warren of tunnels running through Govannon mountain and the surrounding hills. However as they are very secretive no one really knows for sure. 

What outsiders don't know is that before the end of Matt Black God's world this faction was a trading post from the Govannon system (enter my cunning plan to also use these minis in my Sci-Fi setting too). Their complex was underground as this is natural to their species and this saved them when the planet was nuked. 

"Wanna Trade?"  - I love this mini.

"Dont try any funny stuff cos I have my boys with me!"

This force is normally assigned to escorting Govannon trade convoys or long range patrols into the wastelands. They also do a little trading of their own. Govannon is allied to the nearest neighbours Lanc who also live in the mountain range.

The Minis are Harlequin Space Dwarves. Quite nice characterful minis. I stripped and repainted these as some varnish went funny. The one thing I hate about them is the eyes are quite recessed and a total pain to paint. 

Big Cat!

Out on MBW big cats prowl some of the wastelands...yet another hazard on this perilous world. 

This panther may be used as a nuisance in games. I am thinking about also using it as a sidekick animal for a character. 

The mini is a elven cat from Mantic games. Quite a nice mini with little flash or cleaning needed.