Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Vermen for Shaden's Brood.

Long ago I started a Space Skaven force. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Skaven with some weapon additions. Later they became mutants for the wastelands of Mattblackgod's world. Then I discovered Shockforce Gothrats and added to the force. I smiled when Mantic brought out the Vrymn as they would fit the Brood nicely. It has taken me a while to get some. 

I found the mantic figures are bit fiddely to assemble. 

Shaden's Brood so far. 

Introducing Meatpie Indephat.

Introducing Meatpie Indephat. 

Meatpie can be found in the township of Greasy Poon. He is a somewhat obnoxious and unpleasant character who's pungent aroma ensures that everybody stays up wind of him. Old hazmat suits are often donned by those who have to work with him. Snot and mucus drips from his nose and some times his mouth. Meatpie got his name from his love of the greasy meat pies that are served up in Greasy Poon's eateries.  In addition to this Meatpie has an opinion on everything, usually opposing what everyone else is thinking. He takes great pleasure in voicing is opinion very loudly and starting arguments. 

Meatpie will work and fight well enough when watched over however he tends to slope off for a Nuke Cola (or rad beer), Meat Pie and a handrolled cigarette. 

Its not all bad. Meatpie can be helpful when the mood strikes him. He is good with electrics and old world devices. His skill in repairing these items stops Bangers and Smash from throwing him out into the Wastes. 

Meatpie is a Nuclear Renaissance Filthy Bob figure by Ramshackle Games. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mega Rad Bugs!!!

The lands around Greasy Poon are toxic and are the source of many mutants. Mutations occur in most life forms. 

These bugs are a menace to the Mutants of Greasy Poon and to anyone crossing the wastes. There is a plus in that the bugs usually cook up okay. Apparently they (usually) taste like chicken. 

The bugs are from Thunderchild Miniatures and painted up quickly. 

Next up....more gangers of Greasy Poon. That's if I can stay away from the 15mm toys. 

Fenris Krigare

Back to the Post Apoc...

For many years a SOS bunker lay under the frozen wastes. This bunker was populated only by a military platoon. Years and decades passed. Children where born, grew up and died. After the many years the supplies started to run low and power armored warriors left the bunker to seek supplies to keep their people alive. Their powered Armor keeps them comfortable in the sub zero temperatures the frozen wastes.  

During the many decades underground the soldiers started worshiping many ancient Earth Warrior cults and societies. The Norse legends and tales became the main focus. Before a warrior can earn a power armored suit he must go out into the frozen wastes and slay a wolf armed only with a sword. 

15mm Additions

Hello again, 

I have been doing a little scale hopping of late. Playing Gruntz has whetted my appetite for 15mm again. So I have been doing odds and ends of 15mm whilst working on 28mm stuff. 

Introducing (Captain) Ray Sollestson. 

Captain Sollestson operates the Free Trader vessel The Sunburst out of Wolfsden. Whilst he takes mainly trade missions the Captain has also been known to take the odd smuggling or transport job. 

The figure is a Free Trader by Ion Age. 

Before Christmas my mate Jay on Twitter (@souljacker1974) sent me a 15mm Sherman Tank (cheers Jay). The wee tank got a face lift for use with the 24th Browncoats faction I am building for Wild Galaxy. 

When Earth was destroyed and the Empire collapsed many frontier worlds turned to ancient designs that their limited facilities could copy easily. Many designs from the 20th century which where more than a match for the limited weapons that many colonials owned. However these designs fell short when facing well equipped forces from the Galactic Blocks or Nations.  In response these designs where made from better alloys, had additional armor fitted, better power plants, weapons and sensors fitted. This gave the vehicles better survivablity and extra punch although they where still not a match to the vehicles the better funded nations could field. This Sherman III is a example which runs a hydrogen engine that provides much more power than the old 20th century tank's power plant and has a plasma cannon which gives it a fighting chance against better tanks. 

The Sherman had its gun removed and a new mantle made from putty. An spare 40K plasma pistol replaced the main gun. A bead was added to the turret top to make the sensors array. The tank body and turret has had rhinestones glued on to serve as extra armor. The original paint got some camouflage to make the tank fit in more with the planetary conditions of Wolfden where the 24th Browncoats are stationed. 

Thanks for looking.