Friday, 22 July 2016

Wasteland Wondering update.

Welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering. Today I will give you a status update on my hobby projects and discuss a couple of ideas hanging around the back of my head. There will be chatter about paint stations, orks/Trogs,  vaults, technomancers and kittens.

Firstly little has happened on my Trogs project since my last blog post. I have had a major amount of additions to the Ork pile which I hope to document in a later blog post. 

The kittens are still rampaging about and it is difficult to get any hobby done. They are growing rapidly and are now able to expand the trail of destruction to new places. 

They have also discovered that metal figures make a nice klunk noise when they bat them off the table. Plastic figures are great to flick. They can get a good range with them before going bananas and skipping all around the figure randomly wacking it. Despite all this they are good fun. Not sure our older cat would agree. He isn't taking to his new brothers that well but I am sure that is because they never stop bombing around. Trust us to get the nutters! 

While am waiting for the kittens to grow into lazy furballs I am considering a portable paint station so I can keep painting. The plan is to paint in the car at lunch time in work. I haven’t figured a way to do this yet. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this I would be greatful. 

My Neutronyork3000 house rules are about 80% done. There is just some stats to draw up and I have to figure out some of the vehicle rules. I am adopting them as my ruleset for all my future gaming. Expect to see some statted up figures and gangs in the future. 

My plans also include consolidating my 28mm Sci Fi and VSF into mattblackgod’s world. So while hobby isn't happening there may be things of interest to read on this blog.

One thing about not hobbying is I am getting lots of ideas. One idea is to build a Technomancer. A technomancer is a person who repairs, uses and trades old world technology. I see the character surrounded by computers, tech and old robots in a dark and dingy building. I am inspired to build a lair for a technomancer and I am looking for a suitable miniature to represent him/her. Expect a future update on the Technomancer.

I have a game on the old tablet called Fallout Vault. For those that don't play it, it is a simulation game where you build your own vault and populate it. It got a bit dull after you had built a couple of vaults. Now they have added missions to the game. You can send out three vault dwellers to go on a mission and explore. It has made the game more interesting to play.

As a result that got my braincell thinking about using a vault as a basis for a tabletop campaign. Sending dwellers out to help the vault grow. I have some vaulties.

Maybe it is time to add to them? Time to go mooching for additional forces I think.

Mattblackgod’s world has SOS bunkers which are military based (inspired by the bunkers of the Deathlands novels). Only a handful of the 200 produced was ever populated by the time of the great destruction.

The world also had civilian vaults similar to the Vaulttech ones of the Fallout universe (built by Vaultsystems). They were more numerous with more than 1000 vaults being constructed. Quite a few were lost during the wars. Some were destroyed during the nuclear rain. Others had systems failures or became overwhelmed by raiders or mutant beasts during the post apocalypse. A few joined the exodus to Utopia City when they tried to save those in the wastelands. However there are still a few surviving bunkers/vaults scattered across the world. Like some of the vaults in the Fallout universe some of the vaults on Mattblackgod's world were used as experiments leading to some strange and scary vaults out in the wastelands.

That's all for now. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Post Birthday Loot.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. It has been a little while since my last post.

Life has been pretty much me shouting at a pair of naughty kittens. I suspect that they think their names are "Oi" and "stop that!".

I have been on a major Ork/Trog vibe at the moment. This includes reading the Gorkamorka and Digganob rules. I have also been working on my house rules for Neutronyork3000 rules. The movement rules never really clicked with me and I have some twists I want to add.

In other news I had a birthday a week and bit ago and landed myself a lot of great wargames loot. I have to thank my amazing wife for the loot.

First up is some ready to play terrain for my 15mm stuff.

Some big storage tanks. They look good but may need a couple of washes and a bit of weathering.

A nice ruin.

The roof and floors come out. It's a nice peice. I am looking forward to my 15mm forces scrapping around this ruin.

There was also some 28mm bits too.  There was a resin toxic pool set which will be great in the undercity or wasteland.

There was also this 3D printed building.

This would work for a post apoc town, undercity/underhive or even Orks. I managed to get this undercoated during the breaks in between down pours.

It is nicely detailed. 3D printing will revolutionise our hobby when it gets more affordable. 

Hopefully I will get a chance to paint them when the kittens get beyond rampaging and destroying everything phase. 

It wouldn't be a birthday if you didn't get yourself a few treats too would it? As I am revamping my Trogs/Orks I decided to replace my Blood Axes. The present RT era figures will join a new warband. Kromlech provided some Afrika Korps Orks.  They fit the Blood Axe style nicely.  

The figures go together well. They need a little filler before painting.

I got a Kaptian Baddrukk. I like this figure and it will be handy to run my orks as a freebooter force if I ever decide to try playing 40K.

A Ork Mek was also bought. 

I also picked up a cheap Trukk on evilbay. 

This isn't a full Trukk but it will fill a transport slot for my Evil Sunz. The Trukk needs a little repair work, a few washes and a little weathering to get it ready for the table.

That's all for now. Thanks for looking.