Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The painting challenge.

Hello and Welcome back to my blog.

It is no secret that my hobby time has slipped in the last few years. Time seems to absorbed by a thousand other things. When I do get to paint my cats seem to take it in turns to stop me. 

As it is 1st of August I thought I would set myself a target. A challenge to keep me painting. I am aiming at painting a figure a day which will end sometime in mid November, which is when I put the brushes away ready to get the house “Christmassed up”. The target is to get 100 28mm scale figures painted. This should dent the unpainted pile quite a bit. 

There may be a few issues achieving this such as me going to this years BYOL, days out, Halloween  (it’s a big thing in my household), work and chasing electrical gremlins around my motorbike’s wiring. 

I will of course try to keep the blog updated with my progress. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading, take care out there.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum 10th Anniversary

Wastelanders today is the 10th year of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum out in the Wastes. Happy Anniversary!

Frustrated at various forums treating The Post Apocalyptic genre as a sub genre of Sci Fi I wandered the wastelands of the internet and founded the forum. There was a great movement to it proving that the genre was popular. 

The other forums eventually set up dedicated boards to Post Apoc, to stop us pinching their followers. New post apoc games and figures popped up. The genre got a boost with popular culture becoming interested in Post Apocalyptic themes again. Now we are spoilt for selection of games and figure choice.

To celebrate this there is the 10 year celebration figure. 

There is no weapon sculpted intentionally as various members play different time frames and equipment. Just add a weapon of your choice. 

Now to get your hands on this figure all you have is DM your name and address,  over on the forum. Or use the email contact address at the bottom of this blog. 

All it will cost you is.....Postage and Packing. That is right, postage and packing. Just DM with your location and I will get back to you with a price. I only take PayPal. The figure is supplied unpainted with a 25mm plastic base. Due to the limited amount of these minis I can only supply one per person. Get them while they are hot! 

The figure casting isn’t the best but a improvement over the original casts. It has been a pain to get here. Sadly I did not have resources, time or patience to pursue another figure. As these figures are not to my standards I feel that I cannot charge for them. 

Happy Anniversary Day! Parrttttyyyy! 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Carnage attack buggy.

Welcome back to my blog. 

Warlord Carnage rules the wastes with a iron hand. His fleet of vehicles keep the territories under his control safe from the crazies in the lands beyond. The usual methods of attack involve disabling vehicles or causing them to crash. His warboys strip the captured vehicles and build new vehicles. 

The attack buggy is a change of the usual tactics for the Warlord. It is only used when the citadel, gas town or ammo farm is under threat. The buggy’s aim is to destroy the enemy vehicles with fire power. It sports a heavy machine gun and a gauss autocannon. Here weapons where captured from a transporter. The story goes that they where taken from a Civilisation Interceptor. 

This started life as a Hotwheels buggy, the weapons where already on the car. All I have done is to add a blower and Jerry cans. 

Carnage will be getting more vehicles including a couple of odd ball vehicles and a possible warrig. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

Autoskum reinforcements.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

We are still riding through the wastelands around the dominion of the Warlord Carnage.

One of my long existing gangs is Autoskum. They need some extra wheels to bring up the numbers. 

Autoskum is a nomadic road/bandit gang who roam from place to place attacking and raiding where ever they go. They are not very good as bandits as usually they forget that they are supposed to be looting and speed off looking for something new to smash. They are mainly in the territories to the North of Carnage’s dominion and have have not yet had many clashes with Carnage’s warboys. As the Warlord expanding his control of the wastelands it can be only be a matter of time.

Vehicle colours are usually black, rusty or garish paint jobs (pink is popular). The vehicles are marked with anarchy, radiation symbols or smiley faces.

This new addition to the gang started life as a Hotwheels Roger Dodger. It has a girder bumper added. The ram blades are made from plastic card.

Each of the wheels had a putty disc added. Plastic card wheel blades where added. 

The windows where meshed and the roof has had a plastic card repair plate added. The tent roll is from a 1:72 half track kit. The tombstone plate is from Ramshackle games. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there. 

Return to the wastelands

I did it! I finally did some hobby things! 

I have been working on some 20mm/Hotwheels stuff for my blood n fire setting. The focus has moved thousands of miles south from the lands around Civilisation to the wastelands around the dominance of the Warlord Carnage. 

This is largely inspired by Fury Road, Mad Max game and the Rage Game with elements from my collection from the last 30 years. Added to the mix are some other strongholds and gangs. So far I am aiming on 6 vehicles for each gang/clan/stronghold. There is a lot of gangs so I could be working on this project for a while. I am on getting some infantry done for this setting.

First up a couple of vehicles from Pinkeye’s stronghold. Pinkeye is a character/stronghold from the Mad Max game (voiced by Adrienne Barbeau of Escape from New York and the Fog fame). 

Pinkeye is a legendary black finger. Her great age means that she knows of many places that the good old world loot may be found. This means that Scrap Runners teams often hang out at Pinkeye’s trying to gain favour and salvage tips. The Pinkeye stronghold is in what was a old world power station and lies on the edge of Carnage’s dominion. Pinkeye’s parts stocks are legendary and has attracted the attention of Carnage’s hordes. The stronghold is often under attack. Pinkeye’s vehicles are marked by a pink eye icon. They are well built and quick. 

The van had its bonnet/hood removed and a custom ram made up. The windows where meshed up. Side bars have been added. The problem with a lot of Hotwheels is the vehicles are slammed. I got around that by removing the rear axle and cutting a a slot underneath. This raises the axle. A jerry can finishes it off. 

The Doom Bug started life as a Hotwheels VW Beetle. The rear was chopped up and a V8 engine added. The rear seat has a fuel tank in its place and it is crewed by figures by Ramshackle vehicle crews. The scrap metal ram plates and blades on the bonnet/hood are by Stan Johannsen miniatures. 

There are more vehicles to come. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.