Sunday, 24 May 2015

Into the Undercity....Terrain

Deep under the streets and the foundations of the mega blocks of Utopia City lies an unseen world. A world as brutal as the wastelands beyond the mega city walls. A world of perpetual darkness. Lets creep through the cracks and explore a world of darkness, hazards, mutants, cutthroats and monsters.....

Down in the depths there is many strange things. Old hab domes, city streets and forgotten machines. You! 

This thingy is made from an old pringles tube and a load of old junk from other projects. The pringles tube got hacked to bits to give a crazy angle. Tape and paper hold it together. 

This terrain is intended to be used as a dice tower. I always wanted to make one. In true post apoc style I made it from junk I had laying about. 

The tower in action. 

Surprisingly there are many outcasts from Utopia living in the darkness of the Undercity. They form communities and gangs. There are many townships and trading posts. 

Some like the trading post below are made from parts of the grounded star ships which originally founded mattblackgod's world. 

This is the water trader. Water....everyone needs it, right? 

There is also a weapon and ammo trader on this block. 

This is a Mantic Deadzone terrain set which I painted to look like lots of salvaged panels. The water tank is an old coffee can and the pipes are drinking straws. 

The Mantic sets are easy to use but sometimes the connectors need a bit of brute force to clip them together.I have also had a plastic connector snap on me. Maybe I am too ham fisted?! I glued my sets together as I intend these pieces to be permanent. I only used superglue just in case. There is still some parts left so expect some more of these in the future. 

The great thing about the Undercity project is that this terrain can also be happily used in the wastelands. There is also a place on mattblackgod's world where a starship fleeing (the Typhon) the orbital bombardment crashed back to the surface. This makes up an area known as the Skrap Lands. Lots of the buildings and defenses in these wastelands are made from starship parts. 

Thanks for looking. 

15mm goodies....

Welcome back to my hobby blog. Once again life has had me plate spinning. As a result I have not gotten as much hobby stuff done as I would have liked or found the time to record the bits I have got done here. 

One thing I have been plodding along with is some odd and ends for my 15mm science fiction stuff. I like working on the 15s I seem to rattle through my work. 

I was at a loose end and felt creative so I decided up knock up a couple of liquid storage towers out of junk laying about. One is for Water and the other for Fuel. 

These were quite easy to construct. The tank part are old bottle tops super glued together. The blue one has four bottle tops. The stands are those plastic things you get in take away pizza boxes which are supposed to stop the pizza sticking to the box lid. The pipes are drinking straws and there is some plastic card on the bases. 

Another addition is a Mad Max style wasteland cruiser. This was made in anticipation of the vehicular madness that would make a vehicle loon like myself drool (my dream job would be to build these movie vehicles). 

The car was a 1-100 scale car which you can bags of off evilbay. I chopped it up and added a mesh window. A mounted machine gun by Brigade gives the rig some fire power. The wheels are resin items by Zinge. I suspect they are supposed to be for 28mm equipment. But the work a treat as sand wheels in 15mm. 

This car will see action serving what ever group needs a escort or fast scout.

Every Freetrader needs something to run supplies and crew around. There are plenty of older designs laying about on frontier planets which can be taken and repaired.  

This is a Matchbox truck which had a quick repaint. 

The Mads tribals have gotten a support vehicle which I will use as a command option for them in Gruntz. 

This started life a 1/76 Puma Tank destroyer. I lost the gun added a roof and machine gun from Brigade. Some odds and ends from the bitz box where added to finish. 

The 24th Browncoats have another recon vehicle for their force. 

The 24th already have one of these so it seemed a good idea to give them a upgunned version. This is a Matchbox Safari landrover with mesh added and cloth doors made from putty. A autocannon from brigade was added for a bit of firepower. 

The forces of the Cyberdan got another Mech. 

I am not sure what this mini is. But it makes a great robot. 

The forces of the New Terra Alliance needed a command option so I built this walker. 

Twin autocannons and a multi barreled heavy machine gun should cause the enemy some problems. 

The legs are off a Combat Zone Robot, body some sort of GW 40K Tau combat suit. Beads make up the weapon gimbals. The weapons are off the Tau suit and donor plastic robot. Beads and other bits add small details. 

That's all for now. Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Undercity Terrain WIP

On mattblackgod's world lies Utopia City which survived the Apocalypse.  Think 2000AD's Mega City One. Like MC1 Utopia has a massive under city beneath the foundations, sewers and service tunnels. GW's Necromunda's under hive is also a massive inspiration.
First up I thought I would make a dice tower for the under city/under hive.

Constructed from a pringles tube, scrap bits of foam board, plastic card and cork tile.
Top side of the dice tower.

This is the first of many towers (I have been stashing pringles tubes for some time). I see these  towers as massive columns holding the top of the caverns.

Made from a cork pan tile, a pringles tube, lollypop sticks and scraps of card/mesh from another project. 

The ladder is bits of matchsticks and coffee stirrers.

There is also a trader post. Radiation Bob's Trading post.

The base is a cork pan tile (home bargains), the body is a nuka Xmas pudding tub, bits of cork and other junk for the walls an barricades. Press mold made barrels and crates. The pipes are straws.

That's all for now....There is some small details to add and then it's paint time. 

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Wasteland Wondering

Hello and welcome back to another wasteland wondering. I have to apologise to my followers. This blog hasn't been getting the love it deserves from me as life has been... um.. interesting.

In the last month I have gotten a new (old) car,

 we had a couple weeks of sunshine (which doesn't happen very often around these parts) which lead to a few road trips in the PT. It is a curiously addictive car. Although I have toyed with spraying it matt black.

 I found the motorbikes that I have been hoping to restore are largely beyond hope which lead to bike and bike part hunting. Selling my old car was painful. I was asking a decent price and it was amazing just how many people wanted it for less than the scrap value. My lady and I had a virus for a couple of weeks and work got insanely busy. While all this has been going on  I have been avoiding anything to do with the new Mad Max movie (and anything to to with the forthcoming elections) whilst counting down the days until I can see the movie. The worst thing that has happened this month was my oldest cat passed on at the ripe old age of 18. Which has left my remaining two cats a bit clingy attentive.

All this in turn has had me jumping around between hobby projects and ideas like a jumping bean. I have been working on a river project (which has stalled), started a few vehicles as command units for my Gruntz forces (which has stalled), started some 15mm water towers (which has also stalled, spotting a theme yet?) and I my skittish mind has just started a 28mm undercity/under hive project. I hope to get some WIP blog posts soon. Or if I get my finger out or focus for more than a few minutes finish some actual finished models.

I have been reading the Hammers Slammers novels. I am part way through the second volume. They are great inspiration for anyone into SF Wargaming. There is plenty of scenario ideas from small skirmish up to companies slugging it out. It is easy to see how the novels inspired the Wargame.

I got a box of assorted figures as a gift from a friend (thanks Tinker). There is a gang of Gorkamorka Diggas. I am thinking of using them as neighbours to Greasy Poon. Tinker also included some 2000 AD Judges and a Hammerstein ABC warrior figure. I really look forward to getting those painted up. Thank you Tinker.

In the dark depths of mini pile there is some Necromunda Rat skins and Scavvys. The plan is to use them as under city gangs for Utopia City.

That is all for now. Hopefully there will be more blog posts soon, whilst I try to dodge Mad Max trailers.