Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Looking Back At 2015

Hello and Welcome back to my Blog. 

In this post I will look back at all my hobby work over 2015. I will of course be sharing pictures. What good is a blog without pictures? We all need some eyecandy! 

2015 proved a challenging year for hobby time mainly because of my Dad's regular long stays in hospital. The poor guy was in hospital more than he was out. Then there was a few vehicle problems. Some due to age, others due to incompetent mechanics and some due to massive potholes wrecking the suspension and wheel bearings. 

There was a lot of inspiration for me. I read a few post apoc and SciFi novels.Then there was Mad Max Fury road. For some reason anything with crazy (and ratty) vehicles pushes my buttons. 

Hobby wise January saw me give the Squats on Mattblackgod's world some extra firepower/support. 

 January also saw the birth of the township of Greasy Poon. 

Bangers & Smash. 

Curry & Rice

The Chips Gang

January also saw some Drug Crazed Loonatics get ready for the table. 

In all not too bad a month productivity wise...

Lets have a look at February. 

February kicked off my attempt at making snow boards (February had some beautiful weather).  They went wrong and went yellow!! 

I managed to sort this out later in the year in between the torrential downpours, with a few coats of white paint. 

I also managed to get a few games of Hammers Slammers and Gruntz in. 
The Wolfden Security encounter the To-Rags Tribesmen. 

I also picked up some HO vending machines cheaply on Evilbay...

March seen me continue with 15mm odds and ends...

15mm Sherman converted into a SF cheap frontier tank. 

Captain Ray Sollestson

Then I got distracted by some 28mm warriors for the Frozen Wastes...

and some Rad Bugs...

Rumbling on with Greesy Poon....Meatpie Indephat.

and some extra muscle for my Vermen Brood.

April loomed and saw me continureing with Greasy Poon's folks...


Chow Mien & Kung Po. 

April saw me get into 15mm a lot more. 


GZG Hammers Slammers Infantry. 

May saw me buy a new motorbike and the long awaited Mad Max Fury Road which inspired more hobby madness later in the year. I got into more 15mm work but in the background I started some terrain for the Undercity of Utopia City. 

Combat Walker for the Nu Terra Alliance. One reason I like 15mm for SF is the amount of scratch building options you have. 

Cyberdan Mech

The undercity got some new terrain....

Dice tower. 

June saw lots of work in progress which was did not come to fruition until July & August.

July saw my Mad Max madness spill into my hobby....
Warboyz from old Gorkamorka figures. 

My old Dicey car got a refit. The massive autocannons were replaced with black powder rockets. 

This is a heavily converted toy car. 

August saw me hammering through terrain. 

In my usual mix n match style I had to have a go at some 20mm. 

Then I switched back to 28mm undercity/SF terrain. 

In September I got through some more 28mm Post Apocalyptic terrain. 

October I kept on with the 28mm Post Apoc stuff. 

Roach Jones - a character who will be exploring the wastelands of Mattblackgod's world soon. As soon as he makes it into the undercity. 

October, November and December saw me pondering various post apoc ideas. Although in November I did check out my old 20mm/DF combat car collection. 

December saw me checking out 20mm figure ranges and pick up some new cars. 

Hmmm. Not bad, I think I got more done that I thought. Next year I hope to keep going on with my 20mm project. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year. May 2016 bring you good things. 

Cheers - Thanks for reading.