Monday, 20 February 2017

Warlord's Challenge 2017 - PA aircraft WIP

Over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum, the Warlord's 2017 challenge is to build a post apocalyptic aircraft. If you like the sound of it come join in the fun.

Link to 2017 Warlord's Challenge

Before this challenge was decided I thought to pick up a 15mm scale harrier kit. No real reason for the purchase. I am still getting my head into 15mm scaling so the kit was for reference. 

However I now think a crashed or abandoned Harrier would be a cool model. I am not a fan of high tech air power in a post apoc setting. They are notoriously difficult to maintain and drink fuel quicker than a Ruby Team in a free bar. 

First up assembly of the Revel snap together kit. I found this fiddly as bits keep popping off. If I was keeping the jet stock I would use a little super glue to keep it together. As such I assembled it and I left the stores/weapons off because if they pinged off one more time the kit would have seen the underside of my size 11 boot! 

There is a number of ideas in my head for this kit. 

1. A jet during the wars suffers a malfunction or runs low on fuel and is forced to land. In which case some of the stores may still be fitted, although pilots would probably emergency jettison them before a forced/emergency landing. 

2. A jet destroyed during the end. Maybe the blasts forced it out of control? 

3. The jet was shot down during the wars. 

The last two present the question of did the pilot jettison?  I have a few things to think about before work starts. 

Thanks for looking, stay safe out there.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Dark Future cars for my Blood & Fire setting.

I was mooching about Evilbay looking for some Mad Max cars and I stumbled on a auction of Dark Future cars. It was one of those lucky finds that I landed. So my forces of Fire and Blood have some new additions....

More Interceptors seeking fame & fortune in the wastelands.

These cars just need the Interceptor names adding to match the others in my collection. Some new weapons may be added too. 

There was this Hotwheels Interceptor conversion. 

There was a few Renegades in the batch too. 

They all need a little touching up. Some new weapons may be nice too. Not too sure what gangs these vehicles will be added too.

In the auction there was some converted hotwheels cars. 

This one will be added to Civilisation's Police Force. 

There is a couple of gang cars too. 

Not sure what gangs to use these for just yet. 

The lot also had these useful bits. Lots of Dark Future weapons. Some conversion fun will be had soon.

In all a good haul. 

Some New Bits!

Finally I got some bits and bobs done. My terrible twosome kittens are nearly 1 year old now and they leave me alone long enough to do some hobby stuff. 

First up I ordered some Sci Fi prepainted prefabs from Pinnacle Games. The arrived flat packed and assembled quite quickly. 

The tops come off so you can allow figures inside. 

These are stackable so you can make a nice 15mm Sci Fi slum. I liked the Pinnacle models and I am hoping to add more to my collection in future. 

Staying on the 15mm theme I picked up this Zevda Ural Truck. 
I have a soft spot for the Ural truck. They would make great post apoc or frontier world work horses. The kit was snap fit and easy to assemble. The covered tarp comes off for cargo hauling. 

As I am thinking about doing Post Apoc in 15mm I felt a Muscle Car to Mad Max would be in order. The problem is Hotwheels cars look to large to my eye. So I went looking around  the HO rail road lines and found a Mustang. The only trouble is HO scale cars cost a small fortune. More than a 1/24 diecast car. 

Staying in the Post Apoc theme I picked up "When" by Matthew Thair. This is a book of Ink Post Apoc art and some poems. 

There is some art work in here. Worth a look if you like or need some inspiration.

Check it out, I found mine on Ebay. 

That's all for now. Take care out there!