Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Stonies.

Back in November I got this gang for my After The End setting finished but then the Christmas Craziness started and I did not get a chance to show them off to all you folks in interweb land! 

Introducing The Stonies! 

The Stonies are a strange cult that worship some ancient standing stones located in a Liverpool Park. They capture travelers scavengers and  traders and then sacrifice them to their dark gods which they believe are located within these ancient stones. 

This bunch of nutters live to the south of the Scouseland enclave. They pose a threat to the enclave and it is rumored that the cult is cannibalistic. This may just be propaganda to sever the Enclave's cause as they covet the old park lands in which the stones stand.

The Stonies are old plastic LOR Uruk-hia that I got on a magazine a few years ago for the hansom price of 50p. After much detail shaving they got a murky paint job. They served as Babylons Burning Ghouls and later on Mattblackgod's World as mutants of Milton Hole. Time to dust them off. Warlord Games WW2 British Army heads where ripped off their sprues and replaced the old heads. A putty hood was added. The guy above has a knife hand from an old Combat Zone Ganger Sprue. 

More CZ knife additions. I added hair to the guy on the left. 

The Stonies prefer to use hand weapons but also use homemade cross bows and shotguns. 

You have seen the guy on the left before. He has a gripping beast gas mask hood and tire shoulder pad. 

I have one or two unpainted figures in the pile which I will convert for this force hopefully in the new year. The lack of decent ranged weapons means that the Stonies have to rely on ambushes and numbers to overwhelm their prey. 


  1. These are ace conversions. I really couldn't tell what the base kit was. Fantastically brought to life by your brushwork as well!

  2. Great gang and very cool backstory dude!