Sunday, 22 March 2015

Introducing Meatpie Indephat.

Introducing Meatpie Indephat. 

Meatpie can be found in the township of Greasy Poon. He is a somewhat obnoxious and unpleasant character who's pungent aroma ensures that everybody stays up wind of him. Old hazmat suits are often donned by those who have to work with him. Snot and mucus drips from his nose and some times his mouth. Meatpie got his name from his love of the greasy meat pies that are served up in Greasy Poon's eateries.  In addition to this Meatpie has an opinion on everything, usually opposing what everyone else is thinking. He takes great pleasure in voicing is opinion very loudly and starting arguments. 

Meatpie will work and fight well enough when watched over however he tends to slope off for a Nuke Cola (or rad beer), Meat Pie and a handrolled cigarette. 

Its not all bad. Meatpie can be helpful when the mood strikes him. He is good with electrics and old world devices. His skill in repairing these items stops Bangers and Smash from throwing him out into the Wastes. 

Meatpie is a Nuclear Renaissance Filthy Bob figure by Ramshackle Games. 

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  1. Nice job dude. A great addition to the collection and I love his background :D