Wednesday, 30 September 2015

New Ruins & Wrecks

Welcome back to my blog. Finally a chance to catch up with my hobby stuff.

I have been working on some ruins by Amera Plastic Mouldings and cobbling together some old wrecks from cheap toy cars.

Inspired by Across The Dead Earth's terrain and pictures from Chernobyl, I have decided that some overgrown ruins are in order for my post apoc settings. Starting with the Amera stuff and later on re-working my older models.

First up is Amera's Z211 Bombed out building.

I based the model on a cork floor tile. The model was painted with textured paint. The base areas where covered in sand and grit. Bits of cork was added to the base for the lumps of shattered concrete effect.

The ruin was primed with cheap grey car primer. Various shades of light grey was dry brushed over the ruin. The drybrushing was worked up in shade until a near white shade was used. The base was painted brown and dry brushed grey. Various brown washes where used to tone the whole thing down.

Graffiti and posters where added and they where given brown washes to make them look old and tired.

Interior parts where painted different colors to breakup the grey. Various bits of foliage and static grass was added.

Next up is Amera's F224 Building Ruins.

The ruin was cut out and trimmed before assembly. When assembled the ruin was glued to a cork tile. Rubble and sand was added. The ruin was painted as the previous one.

Foliage was added to make it look old and overgrown.

The inside. The floor had cork tile added too.

Next up is some wrecks built from cheap toy plastic cars. The where distressed and had the odd wheel removed & windows cracked. They where sprayed with red oxide primer. The windows & head lamps where then painted light grey. They where given black and grey washes. The windows got a green wash to give them that algae covered look. Static grass was added to give them a overgrown look.

The car park. 

This car was another cheap store find. It was too rubbish to use as a conversion. Various holes covered with stickers have been turned into battle damage. I painted the insides and painted the exterior the same as the others. Plant life was added inside too. 

That is all for now. Thanks for looking. 

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  1. Brilliant, love the colours and how you've finished the products thanks for the mention!