Saturday, 26 December 2015

20mm additions

Hello & Welcome back to my blog. 

I hope you all had a happy Christmas/Yule or what ever it was you celebrated recently, assuming you celebrated anything in which case I hope you had a good few days! 

Time to catch up a little. I have been collecting some bits for my Blood& Fire setting. The last few weeks saw orders wing their way to my door from GZG, Elheim and Apocalypse Miniatures. 

There is a bit of difference in size between the ranges. Elheim is 20mm, Apocalypse is 20mm "Heroic" and GZG is 25mm true. Here for your Mk1 Eyeballs is a size comparison for you. 

L-R - A couple of cheap plastic figures, Elheim, Apocalypse & GZG. They look very different in size. Interestingly the GZG and Apocalypse figures look pretty close size wise. 

As the cars will be as important as the figures here is a comparison with a hotwheels car. 

The 20mm figures look a little small but the Apocalypse figures fit right in. The GZG 25mm figure looks like a good fit too. 

I will continue to use the 20mm figs but I will be mounting them on bases to lift them a little.The Apocalypse and GZG figures will be kept on their integral bases. 

I would like more Apocalypse figures for my Blood & Fire project. However they have a limited amount of ranges. That said I have just put an order in with Aberrant for the Warlands game & figures. I will give a review post when they arrive. Of course I will be interested to see how they scale up. 

Anyone else (in the UK) interested in this scale post apoc will be interested to hear the Home & Bargains store has Hotwheels cars for 99p. Get down there and get stocked up!  Here are some recent acquisitions...

I am loving the detail on the Pepe Le Phew Car - take a gander at those wheels! If only all Hotwheels had this level of detail!! It is a Hotwheels Looney Tunes car (probably limited ed - not bad for 99p). 

These cars will be stripped, cleaned and rebuilt in a Wasteland fashion. I see these as a gangs rides with the Pepe Le Phew car as the Boss car. 

In addition to this I am playing the Mad Max computer game. I am enjoying it and finding lots of inspiration for terrain and gangs. 

Back to 28mm, I got a email earlier this month from Taban saying my order had got lost and they where re-sending it plus some resin bases as an apology. However I got another email Christmas Eve saying they had a problem and they where not dispatched but will be as soon as they sort the problem out. Some people I know of have gotten their orders.  Now I am wondering if they are stalling as my Paypal dispute runs out tomorrow at midnight. Should I escalate it with or give Taban the benefit of the doubt??

Anyways that is it for now. Thanks for reading.  

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  1. Looks awesome. The 25mm are only slightly larger but fits well as a brute type raider! I would give it until after Christmas see what turns up. Especially if you really want the minis