Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Blood and Fire Additions.

Hello and Welcome back,

Here are some of the vehicles I have been working on of late. 

Some old GW Dark Future plastic bikes. This are from my original set. They just needed a little repair and updating. These bikes will be used as additional muscle for various road gangs in Blood and Fire. 

This here is the Sheriff Frag from Wellsprings. This car was rebuilt from my old Axles and Alloys collection. New armor was added to the windows. The plow and rocket launcher came from Ramshackle Games. 

The rear window bars are plastic bar which I heated to bend across the rear window. 

Introducing "Bandit". Bandit is a free lance road warrior. 

The Tombstone rear armor is from Ramshackle Games.

That's all for now. 

Thank you for looking at the results of my madness. 

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