Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wasteland Wondering - furry devils.

Welcome back to my blog and another Wasteland Wondering.

I have to report that my hobby activities will be at a stop because of the arrival of these two furry hooligans. 

The tuxedo kitten is called Toffee whilst the black moggy is called Dixie. In case anyone was wondering about their names, my wife is a life long Everton supporter. 

The house as you can imagine is in mayhem as these furry devils rampage about. It is exhausting fun. There is many belly laughs at their antics. Our existing cat Joey is slowly warming to his new brothers. In time I suspect he will teach them his bad habits including Catzilla attacks on the wargames table. 

Not getting any hobby time doesn't mean I can't think or plan. My focus on the 20mm combat cars is waining. It think I overdosed on it. My thoughts have turned to Trogwana. 

Trogwana is a wasteland on mattblackgod's world populated by the Trogs. Many think they are mutants but the Trogs have been on the world since the before the end. The Trogs are G.E.L.Fs  (Genetically Engineered Life Form) designed as a combat system. The various factions hired them during the wars on the world. Incidentally the Mutiemen are also GELFs produced by the same corporation for use as slave labour. 

Long time readers will remember that I am using Space Orks for the Trogz and they are similar in many ways to the Aliens from the 40K universe. They even use similar tribes. To be honest it seemed a good way to use my old 40k army in the wastelands.

The Trog's genetics enable them to survive the harshness of Mattblackgod's world's wastelands easier than humans. However the various toxins have caused interesting mutations to the GELFs mainly effecting thier skin colours. Okay I confess I am just looking for a reason to paint some orks in odd colours.

Trogwana has attracted the Trogs and is similar to GW's Gorkamorka. There is a large town build from scrap and ruins. The Trogs have several camps and other townships. Here they battle each other for scrap to trade at Trogwana. One of the joys of Gorkamorka is you can make many custom style mobs. I have many ideas. Just need the time and the money! 

The Trog warbands will roam and cross swords with Wastelanders over scrap and other supplies. 

Hobby wise I am thinking of increasing the size of the mobs I have. I found a warboss which I am going to customise. He will be getting a background story. My Goffs will become the Mattblack Trogz clan. This clan will wear black war paint,  rusty metal and black colours. Maybe a radiation symbol with a Ork skull as a symbol. 

I am looking into getting a big mek and a Kaptian Baddrukk just incase I decide to run a 40K freebooter force. Kromlech do some nice Orky things including Afrika Korps Orks which I am thinking of using as Blood Axes. My existing Blood Axes will be reworked into another mob. 

The 15mm orks are still planned for Wild Galaxy too. 

That said a little voice at the back of my skull keeps telling me into getting across the dead earth minatures. Lots of great post apoc figures in that range. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. I was looking at the 'across the dead earth' stuff. It's such a pity they don't sell them individually, there's one or two (or five or six) spread across the gangs I could really use in nuclear renaissance.