Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Wasteland Wondering - Brittannia

Rule Brittannia, Brittannia rule the wastes. 

Welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering. In this issue I will look back at an early creation in Mattblackgod's world. So early it was before this blog began and never really got featured. The forces of Brittannia Bunker City. 

The bunker city forces started life as a Corporation force I had created for the Combat Zone game. The figures where bought off eBay around 2004 for buttons and combined cost less than the officer figure I got a couple of years back. 

Power Armour was good enough for Fallout so Brittannia got some. The Power Armour figures are my old 40K RT Beakie Space Marines. It was good to give them a second life.

Not long after I decided to create a post apoc world inspired in part by the film Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone and 2000AD's Cursed Earth. Mattblackgod's world was born. I wanted to use my Combat Zone collection. After some thought I created the SOS bunkers which was inspired by the Redoubt bunkers of the Deathlands novels mixed with a bit of the Vaults from Fallout. 

I had the bunker open up, then use its personal and equipment to dominate the wastelands around. As the faction wore colours inspired by the Colonial British army they became Brittannia Bunker City ruled by a elite class of Lords and Queen Miranda. 

I ran the faction satiring the real world with a few fictional twists of my own such as Lord's Brown and Blair robbing the city and fleeing. The old game reports can be read on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum in the links below:

Later I created another faction in the Bunker City. The forces of Lord Blackdagger which are converted warzone imperial trenchers.

This force was largely inspired by the Blackadder Goes Forth tv series. 

I grew bored of small high tech factions ruling the wastelands. So I had a orbital satellite malfunction and drop nukes on Brittannia and it's rival bunker city Aryanriche. Isn't playing god great?

I now lament the loss of the city. In the last couple of years or so the UK has provided a lot of inspiration for breakaway factions, mutant outbreaks (such as orange skinned mutants with strange thick eyebrows for instance) and possibly civil war (Brexit war?).  I had a lot of fun lampooning the real world in miniature it seems a shame to miss some great opportunities to do so again. 

I could resurrect Brittannia...but what happened to the survivors of the Bunker City?  

One group stayed near by the bunker city ruins and formed the town of Nu Albion. The place is a dystopia and has many troubles. There are mutants in the Nu Londioum ruins and rad ghouls in the bunker ruins to the east. To the west the Skrap Knights of King Arty and to the North the Fatal Floozies gang. 

Skrap Knights of King Arty.

Another group of Brittannia headed across the sea to the Confedracy where they mingled into the townships and farms. Two groups headed north. One went into the Nukadonia mountains never to be heard from again. The other set up the town of Nu Calidonia on the borders of Pictiseland and has constant trouble with Pictise tribes men. 

Blackdagger's company was deployed to a colony before the nukes and survived. They now have thrived in the wastelands. 

When Utopia City began evacuation of the wastelands a few people from Nu Albion, Nu Calidonia and Blackdaggarland where "saved" and now live in Brittannia block within the megacity. It would seem that they are my best bet of restarting a Brittannia faction. 

Living in the megacity isn't what the survivors of Brittannia expected. It is worse than life in the wastelands. I can see them aquiring the equipment, technology and supplies to return and reclaim their lands. 

Now all I need to figure out is how and where?  The Blackdaggers are well equipped and will not bow to a new leader easily. The other two factions are weaker. Or maybe the new faction should look for another lost SOS bunker to set up home?

Thanks for looking.


  1. cool miniatures and background,nice work,really.. ew

  2. There has long been rumours of a colony on the Isle of Wight that was reborn from the survivors of the RN Naval Base fallout shelters. The relatively small area allows them to keep down the local nasties while the moat keeps out many unwanted visitors (mostly). They may not initially welcome new inhabitants with open arms but its a starting point, if you cant get to the south coast and find a way across...

    Great figs and background - good fun!