Thursday, 21 December 2017

Wasteland Wondering - more Necromunda

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

Happy Yuletide wastelanders. This Wasteland Wondering post is going to be focusing on the recent GW release of (Nu) Necromunda. Much has been said about the game in various places online & social media. Some good and some bad. I will be concentrating on my experiences so far.

When my boxed set arrived and I was happy to see the rules, figures and terrain sprues. The tunnel boards look good and are inspiring me to create new tunnel sections for my existing tunnel terrain set with a more industrial vibe to them. I am sure some of the Necromunda terrain sprues may find their way into those builds (if they ever happen).

Sadly I never got around to assembling the figures I can't comment on the figure's height or quality. However I have heard good things about them. The sprues look nicely detailed. The arrival of the boxed set was timed with the arrival of the silly season (funny that). In our house hobby projects stop as we decorate and get into the whole seasonal groove.

That hasn't stopped me reading through the rule book. As predicted the rules are a little different to the original but they seem to mix in elements & mechanics that other (non GW) rule sets have been using for a couple decades now. You can still see the orginal rules in there, they have just been updated. So far I like the look of them. 

My only reservation is that the Eshers seem to have lower cool and will power scores than the Goliaths. To my mind Amazon warriors would be just as tough mentally as their male counterparts. 

Sadly in the typical GW milk the fans/customers for every penny fashion, the rest of the Necromunda houses and outlanders etc will be the feature of later figure & rule book releases. 

I did get the Gang War book which introduces the multilevel combat rules and campaign rules of the original Necromunda game. However there is only a few pages dedicated each to these. The rest of the book repeats rules from the core rule book, which made me feel a little cheated.

The background fluff in the rule books will allow games to be played in other Necromunda hives or hive world's should you have the inclination. There are brief descriptions of some of the other Necromunda hives on the world. I think it would be fun to create my own hive or hive world and in my usual fashion I have figured out a way to create one. That may be subject of a future post. 

I plan to use the gangs from the Necromunda box set in my post apocalyptic setting on Mattblackgod's World. 

For the Goliaths I hope to use them as body guards for the Bullet Farmer who is a ally of Immortan Ork. I will be looking at Mad Mad Fury Road for inspiration of how to paint them. My next problem will be to find a suitable figure for the Bullet Farmer. I am not sure if I should use a Ork or Human figure. 

Another idea for the Goliaths is to use them as bodyguards for the Warlord of Wastetopia. Rych of the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum gave me an idea of how such a mob should look. He favours blood red tartan which looks cool but I suspect would be a tricky to paint.

The Eshers will be getting a Fallout feel to them. I plan to take the house's background and mix it into a vault. They will be used as bandits who will from time to time visit Wastetopia to trade their ill gotten gains, drugs & generally causing mayhem. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe out here & Happy Yuletide.

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