Saturday, 20 October 2018

Town signs

One of my many side projects was to make up some signs for the fortress walls. I wanted a sign with the town name on them. The problem is there are a couple of townships on mattblackgod’s world the fortress walls could be used for. Wastetopia in the ruins of the mattblack mega city and Rubbleborg in what is known as the Brittannia wastelands. In addition I didn’t want to paint a chosen name on in case another township pops up. 

So I opted on removable signs I could mount on the walls. I have a stock of gift cards. I chopped them up to make two signs. Using brass picture frame wire I made two mounting ropes for each sign. These just hook over the rebar and other junk on the walls. 

No sign



Each sign was painted brown and then had various shades of brown to orange added. When happy the town name was painted on in white. 

A simple easy bit of work which helps reuse my old fortress walls in many settings. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.