Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Mini painting help.


My blog has been a little quite of late. I am still alive and beavering away doing bits and bobs hobby wise. Work has been messing me about for the last couple of months regarding a job change which will hopefully provide a better work life balance. This has kept me a little distracted and not in the mood to hobby. 

Stargrave and 5 Parsecs from home has kept the hobby inspiration flowing. Plus I have been reworking some old ruins models. I just need to get organised to take pictures.

So the other day I cracked open the painting station for the first time in over a month. Five minutes into colouring in a miniature and this happened. 

And then when I got rid of him....shift change

Dixie and Toffee took it in turns to “help” me paint for the rest of the afternoon. So I only managed to get half done. Once I put the paint station away, the pair of them vanished until feeding time! Cats! 

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will have some hobby stuff to share soon.

Take care out there.


  1. Ha! Cute cats. I have a similar problem with my dog, there's nothing like trying to paint while a 30-pound puppy is sitting on my lap :-)

  2. Haha, you never see them coming!

  3. Solution: pick up some "Cats & Catacombs" figures... These moments will become inspirational 😃

    We all ebb and flow creatively... Times of stress light a fire for some, and drain others. I'm glad you've been up to something even if you haven't posted lately 🙂