Saturday, 12 June 2021

Yet more model reworks.

Welcome back wanderer, pull up a box and rest a while. 

At last, another blog post! I have a bunch of Miniatures painted up but the pictures didn’t come out well. My usual photography set up is dismantled at the minute so I have to retake them at a later date. I did get some pictures of a couple of reworked terrain items which turned out okay.

First up is this rubble pile. It was made over a decade ago. This was bits of foam and polystyrene glued to a base, painted grey. Simple but not good enough. 

I added some scrap bits to the rubble. In this case a bit of a old plastic gubbins from a tape deck (remember them?) and a bit of plastic embroidery mesh. I was playing with a recently purchased green stuff world cable maker. A fun little toy for making detail gubbins. It made a bit of what looks like crushed flexible air ducting. I added this to the model. 

The model got another coat of textured paint. A layer of lighter grey followed by a white dry brush. The model then had a few dark brown and black washes. I found a resin rat and added it as a detail. Lots of tufts and grass was added to finish the model. 

The other model is part of a crumbling ancient ruins set I built on CDs. The plan was to make a complex table top that stalkers and wastelanders can explore. 

They are chunks of polystyrene blocks designed to form a maze. Little details added to make them look like structures was added. They are supposed to be the remains of some old military structure. Fast forward a decade…I am using this as a tester to see if I want to do the rest of the set. 

This model had a old cable added, made with the greenstuff world tool (I am getting better with it).  It got a similar paint scheme to the rubble pile above with additional green washes to give them that old ruins feel. 

Plant life was added. For some reason lots of plants scream old ruin to me. Some graffiti got slapped on too. 

There are some really odd cults on Mattblackgod’s world. 

After reworking this model I am in the mood to rework the other pieces in the set. This is also whetting my appetite to add to the set. 

Hopefully I can get some fresh & better pictures of the finished Miniatures soon. 

Thanks for looking. 

Stay safe out there. 


  1. Pis for the pis god... I love it! :D

  2. Nice work on these, I love how the tiny details add so much strenght to the whole thing

  3. These look great dude. Love the weathering on them they look quite realistic.