Friday, 4 March 2022

March Already??

Wow, March already! Those two months flew by. I am afraid life has overtaken most of my hobby time. Not totally but it’s been pretty full on. 

Firstly in January we decided to redecorate our living room. A full weekend of painting only to discover we hated the colour. So it was back to the store to collect a different colour. Another day of throwing paint at the walls and we have a room we are happy with. 

We have been chasing roofers to do some repair and improvement work, it went well but three back to back storms later and we need them to come back and fix another problem. I don’t blame them for not wanting to be on a roof after the recent winds.

The worst thing is my Dad took ill and was rushed to hospital with sepsis. He has been in hospital for over three weeks now. It was touch and go for him for a while. Thankfully his condition has improved and will be coming home soon. He gave us quite a scare and the medical staff had given up hope. 

One good thing came out of it, it helped me reconnect with some of my cousins and Dad’s old friends. 

During this time my Mum got Covid in the care home meaning she couldn’t visit Dad. I am glad to say that she only had light symptoms and made a full recovery. 

During all this, like the roofers I have been keeping an eye on the weather. Not just for the deployment of leak defences but to plan time to get my motorbike in for its MOT. Spring is approaching and I am itching to get some miles under its wheels. 

One good bit of news is my new work role which allows me to work from home has massively helped my energy levels and health. In line with everything else of late that has been insanely busy the last couple of weeks. I am glad of my new role as I think if I was commuting to site (over an hour each way), doing a full days work, rushing home to care for my wife and trying to spend time with my Dad , I think I would have hit that exhaustion wall. Another advantage is that working from home is saving me a fortune in fuel especially with the recent fuel price inflation. 

Then there is the horrible situation in Ukraine. It is sickening to see. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. I wish that our county could do more but Russia has that Nuke threat over anyone trying to help Ukraine against Russian invasion and war crimes. We were both glad when we spotted a local Polish group collecting aid supplies for the Ukrainian refugees in Poland. At least we can do something. To the people of Ukraine and it’s hero’s you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Yet again it’s the ordinary people of both sides and their soldiers that pay the price for the insane ego trip of a single man. Does history teach us nothing? 

“So what hobby have you managed?” I hear you cry. This is after all a hobby blog. 

I got this loon shrine as a Christmas gift from my wife (I told you she was a keeper!). It was a fun kit to assemble. I have since filled the cracks. I just need to get it painted now. 

I felt the urge to assemble some Maelstroms Edge Broken figures. Initially I was going to use them as a Stargrave crew. But then I realised that they would make a good Post Apocalyptic Militia. It took me a while to assemble them as I had lots of help from my furry friends. 

One good thing about ME figures is that they come with two pairs of legs per torso, multiple arms, weapons and heads. Great for conversion work. After a bits box delve I managed to piece together more figures for the Militia. Some other torsos have been added with ME Broken heads, arms and weapons. 

The extra figures need a little filler and puttying. I see these guys patrolling the mean streets and walls of the Last City. 

That’s all for now. I hope we all have better, easier days soon.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.


  1. Well, you certainly went through a bumpy road these months. Hope everything turns better! Will love to see all these painted! :)
    All the best

  2. > “So what hobby have you managed?” I hear you cry. This is after all a hobby blog.

    Never. The relationship between our hobby and our life is a complicated one.. hard times can mean that our creative juices are stimulated as an escape, or they can stifle us under the weight of our cares. Take care of yourself and yours 🤗

    That Moon shrine is absolutely wild! Both a fantastic gift, and I'm sure it will look fantastic when you finish it. There's so much to do there.