Thursday, 28 April 2022

Undercity steam vents 2

Hello and welcome back. Time to stare at these! 

A while back I built a bunch of cheap and cheerful steam vents for the Stargrave undercity scenario. 

The Mk1 steam vents. 

A few “helpful” people on social media pointed out that they don’t provide enough cover. You can’t please everyone. Even though I like giving my little figures a hard life, I put on my thinking cap and built new ones. Just as cheap and cheerful. 

The raised steam vents are based on old platformer hexagon pieces that have been lying in my bits box for over a decade. The raised pipe is cut up card tube from a roll of cooking foil. The pipe access/flange plates are card inserts from a mdf kit with rivets glued on. The mesh on top is 5mm embroidery mesh (granny grating). 

While building I added another access vent which may allow access to a lower level or allow something unpleasant to sneak up on you. The ladder is from a Mantic Deadzone Terrain set. The chain is made with a green stuff roller. The plates across the top are cut up gift cards. The access/flange plate is a larger card insert from the same mdf kit that donated bits for the other vents.

While I was on a roll I found a old puffer which I thought would make a great vent. I just glued it to a platformer hexagon piece and painted it. 

Paint wise all the models were primed black and then painted dark brown. They then all got various brown and orange washes. A little chainmail dry brushing was applied and then more brown and orange washes followed. 

These vents while built for the Stargrave undercity scenario can also be used as part of my tunnels set, Necromunda, Judge Dredd undercity/mega block basement or in a drifting space hulk. Out in the post apocalyptic wastelands the vents could be evidence that a tunnel, bunker or vault may lie below. 

Thanks for looking.

Stay safe out there. 

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