Monday, 2 May 2022

Loop’s Heroes

Hello and welcome back.

I am slowly catching up with things and getting ready to run my first 5 parsecs from home (v3) campaign. My plan is to use the 5PS rules with my own hotch-botch setting Wild Galaxy. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can run a few games. 

I grabbed a bunch of minis and statted them up. So let’s meet the crew of the Problem Child, Loop’s Heroes.

Loops Heroes are a crew flying in a old worn freighter called Problem Child. They have a common cause of freedom and are regarded by many as lovable rouges. They aren’t against taking crime jobs provided they don’t hurt the little man. 

The captain Loops Lamik has just enough credits to pay off the debt on the Problem Child but he wants to earn a little more before he blows the bank, just in case. 

Loops Lamik is a working class human from the Brittianna colony of Tak’s Drift on the world of Shira 3. As a colonist witnessing the subjection of the Halfer GELF & the human colonist populations he began to wish to be a free from the chains of colonial life. It also caused Loop’s to develop a deep dislike of authority and discrimination. Working with a Halfer (Shorty McDraw), Loops stole some of the GELF artefacts the Brittiannian wealthy love and sold them on the black market. Taking the money he fled the world on the first leaving freighter, taking Shorty McDraw with him. Landing on the Medical Hub World of Fazark he put a down payment on Problem Child and began assembling a crew. Hoping to get some big medical Corporation transportation jobs Loops Heroes have only scraped together a couple of minor jobs so far. 

The Loops figure is a 1995 Necromunda Bounty Hunter, not painted by me. He came as part of a Oldamunda pile of figures I picked up off evilbay.

Lem Bulla joined the crew as a hacker. Lem comes from the mining colony of Forgol’s Junction on Ponta 2. Lem joined the crew with his friend Maya Dalle from his home world. What Maya doesn’t know is Lem is secretly in love with her.

Lem is a plastic Combat Zone ganger by EM4 games. 

T-bone Tim came from the Tech Guild in Brittianna’s captial world Londinium and serves as the Problem Child’s main pilot. He is also a good negotiator. T-bone joined the crew to escape his dark past. 

T-bone is a figure from the OOP minature range for Neutronyork 3000, that used to be carried by East Riding Miniatures.

Maya Dalle joined the crew with her travelling friend Lem Bulla. She left the mining colony of Forgol’s Junction seeking adventure. Lem came with her. Maya is a skilled trader. Captain Loops hopes that they can get some good deals and jobs if he teams her up with T-bone.

Maya is a old Necromunda Esher ganger. 

Shorty McDraw is a Halfer GELF. He joined Loops on his escape from the colony of Tak’s Drift on Shira 3. He is motivated by revenge against the Brittannias for the enslavement of his home world. Shorty is another good trader but Loops has to keep him away from any dealings with the Brittannians.

Shorty is a 40K Rogue Trader (1st Ed) adventurer Ratling. 

Joey Raff joined the crew in the space port. Loops hired him as a labourer and extra muscle. Joey’s background is that of a petty criminal something Loops hopes may one day pay off. Joey is motivated by revenge on a crew of criminals on Fazark who have beaten and double crossed him. 

Joey Raff came as part of a set of resin Victorian Sci Fi figures by Anvil Industries. 

Time to sort some games out. I plan to whirl through the Trailblazers toolkit first to get the hang of he 5 parsecs rules first. 

Thanks for looking. Take care out there.

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  1. Hey, they all are cool and instil a lot of charm. Great job!