Friday, 3 June 2022

New characters for the wastelands

Hello and welcome back. 

There are some new characters for my wastelands and Last City setting.

During key battles in the early years of the Last City a new figure joined the ranks of the Black Guard in distinctive power armour with skull shaped shoulder pads and face mask. Even the bolt gun carried was a customised combi weapon. The mysterious character began giving orders, leading charges and inspiring the Black Guard in battle. At the end of each battle the figure would mysteriously vanish. Rumours across the Last City began to circulate that the secretive character was Mattius Black himself leading his forces from the front. Wilder stories claimed he could teleport into battle or that it was the ghost of the Mattblackgod himself. None of these stories have been denied by the Black Citadel’s command.

The mystery Officer is a old 40k RT space marine Chaplin. 

Captain Haverlock

Captain Haverlock was leading an mercenary force out in the wastelands when the force’s radio operator picked up the Last City’s radio transmissions. Figuring that working for a city would pay better than acting as muscle for a local warlord, Haverlock lead the Nuke Devils force over a thousand of miles to the Last City. The Nuke Devils are a hardened force that were descended from the occupants of an military bunker.  During their working life many of the force had lost limbs in battles which were replaced by cyberkinetic limbs scavenged from high tech robots found in facilities around their original location. Sadly the Nuke Devil’s genius doctor was killed by a pack of howlers on the force’s trek to the Last City. The Nuke Devils needed to reach the City as it is the only place to get the medical aid they needed.

Nuke Devils.

The force took heavy losses crossing the wastes and only Haverlock and two other members of the force arrived at Last City. Seeing the Mercenary’s potential Mattuis Black immediately signed the Nuke Devils up to run, arrange and train the City’s newly formed Militia force. 

Captain Haverlock is a Malestroms Edge Broken officer.

Lieutenant Jubal Earl: 

Jubal Earl was originally a sergeant when the Last Angels began their journey west. Losses to the mercenary force saw some quick promotions for Jubal. Jubal wears a helmet that was once a combat droids head he bested during a battle in the wastes. Due to long service has seen many wounds with Jubal sporting a cyber kinetic arm and leg. Jubal is fond of his ancient plasma rifle. The weapon is slow firing due to its ageing recharging circuits so he tied a pistol to the mussel just in case he gets caught out in a firefight.

Jubal is a Malestroms Edge Broken character.


Hotshot is the Last Angels sniper. The nature of his stealthy long range attacks has kept him in one piece. Hotshot sports a dual ammunition high powered semi automatic sniper rifle and a high tech stealth cloak. His targeting skills are legendary and will be trying to improve the skills of the newly formed Militia. 

Hotshot is a Malestroms Edge Broken Character figure. 

Rad Stenchman:

Rad Stenchman runs the Last City Pit fights in “the pit” which was once a dock before the river dried up. A ancient grounded old ship serves as the vip viewing platform and cells for prisoners and mutant critters. The edges of the pit are open to the poorer Last City residents for a small price. The pit is supplied with prisoners who would normally be executed for the professional pit fighters to go against or the mutant beasts brought in from the wastelands. In addition to the gladiatorial combat the arena is also hosts autodual combat. Rad Stenchman is always looking for a new show to bring in the punters.

Rad Stenchman is a factious wastes figure by Oakbound Studios (now carried by Effingcool miniatures).

Meg Tiger:

Meg Tiger is a highly successful professional pit fighter and she pulls big crowds to the pit. 

Meg Tiger is a Metropolis Urban War Rhiannon figure. 

Scrotus Maximumus:

Far far away from Last City (about 120 days march) lies the territory of the Immortan Ork. An mutated Trog that became the leader of a pack of radiated human Warboys and rules over his wastelands with an iron fist. The old Trog is worshipped by his Warboys as a god. One day a large human walked into the Citadel. Calling himself Scrotus Maximumus he swore allegiance to the Immortan Ork, due to his huge strength and ferocity quickly rose to the level of Imperator. 

After leading an elite band of Warboys for a while Scrotus one day challenged the Immortan Ork to a dual to the death to become the Warlord. Trog’s respect strength and brutality so he agreed. After a long battle Scrotus killed the Immortan and took leadership of the Warbands. 

Scrotus moved the capital from the Citadel to Oil Town, the source of the Warband’s energy and fuel. The warbands are obsessed with machines and vehicle worship has become normal amongst the warboys. Scrotus himself has become deeply psychotic and excessively violent.

Scrotus is a converted Necromunda Goliath.

The Last City keeps an eye on this distant threat with spies but even with machines it would take a massive well equipped convoy weeks to even reach the Last Cities territories. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

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