Saturday, 8 April 2023

Happy Easter and some hobby progress

Hello and Welcome back,

It’s April already and Easter is upon us. Happy Easter everyone. 

Hobbywise I have been a bit of a butterfly so far this year flitting between projects and finishing very few. Maybe I need to focus more but then hobby time gets regular catterference.

Here we see Dixie reminding me that I exist for his comfort after a few attempts to steal my paint brushes. It often feels like my moggies work shifts to prevent me getting anything finished.

Recently I got this Grauncher vehicle finished by Ramshackle Games. After assembly the Grauncher was primed and then put a side for a while. It was then painted brown with some grey patches to represent primer. Some orange splodges were added too for that harder rust. 

The Grauncher then had Vallejo chipping fluid painted on. Once dry the Grauncher was sprayed yellow with Army Painter primer. The chipping fluid was then scraped off giving this chipped look. One issue I had was the chipping guild took off the paint some places right down to the resin which had to be

I think in future I will be trying sponging on resin vehicles and keep the chipping fluid for plastic models. The Grauncher then got the details finished off and a brown wash or two. 

The Grauncher would suit hauling scrap across the wastelands or sat on a space port dockside waiting to move cargo. 

In addition to the Grauncher I made a crate from old robogear terrain set pieces. I painted it in a dark rust and sponged grey over it. Some contents marking were added. 

Some a bit more sinister than the others (well it is Easter!).

Looks like a certain mechanoid from a popular television show has been past at some point. Obviously just after he broke his programming as I can’t see him taking up graffiti normally. 

That’s all for now, thanks for looking.

Happy Easter and stay safe out there.

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