Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Retro Brit Post Apoc Character - One Eye!

The first of my Brit Apoc figures..... Old One Eye Hogdes.

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Posted Image

One Eye got his name by losing an eye during his service with the British Army. He was retired and kept busy as a Army Cadet instructor. When the end came he and the cadets where acting as a reserve in the barracks where they where based. After three days there was no contact from the deployed forces. Assuming that they where lost and they where forgotten about he lead the scared boys (and the barracks Caretaker and Daughters) to another TA Barracks three miles away crossing a crater and bombed out ruins with the hope of picking up similar survivors.

The Barracks was deserted and looked as if the survivors has retreated. As they could drive any of the remaining vehicles they would have to head to the local base outside the city, 10 miles away.

On the way they passed Seaforth container base to find that a massive fort had been built from ships cargo containers. The boys where challenged. One Eye explained that they where headed to Altcar Base. The people manning the fort told him that the next four miles was over run with virals and triffids. There was no way boys with bolt action rifles could make it through. One eye and the boys joined Seaforth and 

now provide some the Rebuilders faction's security. 

The mini is a Hasslefree Corba. 

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  1. Cracking background to the figure mate, and you've done a lovely job on the paintwork. I hadn't thought about the Hasslefree range, but I can see I'm going to have to look at it in detail!