Sunday, 12 August 2012

Retro British Post Apoc

Real life has kept me away from my computer for the last couple of weeks (there will be a large update of minis too when I get to take pictures). In that time I have started toying with a new setting. Inspired by my friend Xander's British Post Apocalypse I have decided to dive into the Retro Post Apocalyptic setting too. 

I have decided to use Xander’s setting (basically a world destroyed by a comet, meteors, alien plant life and a virus) set in the early 1980’s. As he is concentrating on the area’s around where he lives I am working on the area’s around Liverpool. 

Its been fun researching what was around back then, even if I do remember it. The UK still has stashes of WW2 era kit (many Army and Navy stores still sold it) including Bren Guns and Lee Enfield No4 Rifles. So mixing WW2 and Cold War UK minis should work fine. It was a era before the UK banned automatic weapons so those with gun licenses could pick up certain assault rifles from shops. The other main weapon would be the double barreled shotgun. 

The down side is so many post apocalyptic minis seem to be armed with sci-fi, ultra modern or SMG/assault rifles not used by the UK at that time. As I see my setting with many home made weapons I plan on re-arming some of my minis to make a more fitting force. 

The map of the city has been drawn up randomly using dice rolls to give a feel of just where the survivors have set up. This also gives a feel to how the suriving factions may look. 

There is terrain differences too. 

Triffid infested would be some sort of area overgrown with strange alien plants giving it a alien jungle feel. There are some carnivorous plants in there in addition to Triffids. My collection already has the excellent Ramshackle Mutant Plants but I am currently working on jungle terrain for this!. Of course this jungle will be put into use for Venus and my Sci-Fi setting.

Viral terrain is either over grown with weeds or lightly to medium damaged/run down/abandoned looking. In my minds eye it reminds me of Stalker and the areas with Snorks. 

Meteor terrain is a crater with the flattened buildings and other associated damage caused. These areas have triffids and virals.

Danger Zones are areas with other dangers. Wild Dogs, Purples, big cats and other dangers. The Big Cats and some of the wild dogs escaped the Safari Park outside the city. It not unusual to find Zebra or Antelope wandering about. There are some stories of Rhinos too. 

Dust Zones where hit with toxins and chemicals to destroy Triffids. It killed everything else too. 

Surviving rural areas are overgrown with trees taking advantage of the lack of grasses (in the setting there is a virus that kills all grass crops). Some are tended by survivors growing limited crops of veggies. There is some chance of running into a wandering wilddog, big cat, viral or triffid. 

Surviving urban areas are lightly damaged or age worn and overgrown. Most are abandoned providing good scavenging opportunities (there are simply enough people to populate them). Others turned into fortified villages. There is some chance of running into a wandering wilddog, big cat, viral or triffid. 

Destroyed ruins. These places where bombarded with napalm and high explosives to try to stop the Virals and Triffids. Scavenging here is not impossible but requires work to dig it out and the quality of a find may be low. There is some chance of running into a wandering wilddog, big cat, viral or triffid. 

Nuked Ruins. As things got out of hand and desperate Nukes where used to limit the spread of virals and triffids. While this destroyed the pests the radiation seemed to boost the alien plants. They are growing strong in these areas. Residual radiation makes these places no gos for many. 

I will be needing some new terrain bits (shame that!). Post Boxes and Telephone boxes are typically British. That will add a bit of flavor to the setting. Watch this space. 

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