Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blue Wolf Mercs, Space Pirates and Vehicles.

More 15mm goodness for my Wild Galaxy setting. 

These guys I painted up a while back but they will be getting used as Blue Wolf Mercenaries

The figures are GZG NAC Marines in berets. 

This is the total force of Space Pirates I have so far...

There is a mix of Power Armour and light power armour in there looted from various places. 

I have been busy with vehicles too. The Blue Wolves have a APC....

This was a cheap toy in the pound shop. Fits nicely scale wise. Those launcher tubes could be anti personnel, anti tank or SAM. 

There is lots of machines laying about in the colonies....

This rusty old pickup was a Toys toy. I bit of trimming to remove the goofy face and putty and you have a rusty old wrecking truck. 

For the fancier Hi Tech colonies or the rich folks perhaps a fancy town car? This is some sort of micro machines toy. I have done nothing with it as it looks ok to my eye. 

Then you have those old buggies that run about the wastelands and deserts of the colonies...

This buggy is a scratch build. It is a bit of balsa, 4 beads, some mesh, putty, Qtip/cotton bud stem and lots of greenstuff putty. It was easy and fun to build. I hope to build better ones in the future. It is possible that my post apoc may go 15mm in the future. 

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  1. Cracking stuff! 15mm certainly seems to suit you mate