Sunday, 25 November 2012

Firefly Crew

I am a big fan of the Firefly/Serenity series. So naturally I have tried to bring it to my Wild Galaxy setting. 

This is my Not Firefly (Maybe call the ship the "Fire Bug") for my 28mm Sci-Fi setting but many of these figures will be useful for my Post Apoc "Mattblackgod's World" setting. Perhaps as the crew of a large Crawler vehicle? 

All Figures are from Heresy Miniatures. I love the sculpts. Shame there isnt a full Firefly crew there so I borrowed the Not 5th Element figures to fill a couple of gaps. 

Captn Mal and his First Officer Zoe. Whoops, I just noticed one of Zoe's boots need touching up. Or should I pass it off as dirt? 

Left to Right - Wash the Pilot, Shepherd Brook the preacher man and Kaylee the ship's Engineer. 

Finally we have River (I am running her as aware of her killing machine skills) and all round hard man and wannabe psycho - Jayne. These and Wash are from the General Sci-Fi range from Heresy. 

All I need now is Inara and a Doctor. A Inara mini should be easy to find as there are loads of elegant lady minis out there. Not too sure about the Doctor. Maybe something from the Victorian lines would fit. 


  1. Great work! Loved the show. Did you know there is an RPG game out for it?

  2. No I didnt know that. I must look into it. Cheers!

  3. I've seen people use the Herey 'David Tennant' Dr Who in long coat as Simon (albeit with a slight modification to the hair) - might be worth having a look? More great work on these mate!