Friday, 8 February 2013

My first 15mm game.

My first 15mm game. Rules: Skank

Sadly my camera was out of battery. All I managed was a couple of table shots with my phone.

The game was the Alliance where holding vital supplies from the locals on a moon known as Groggs world.

A group of locals decided to storm the store (lead by a hero, they where all rabble).

The locals left a couple of guys on foot and two guys on the hill to keep the guards busy while three vehicles sped up to the supply dump to secure it.

The guys on the hill proved very effective taking out quite a few guards at range. The buggy took a hit from running over a trooper and was crippled rolling to a stop along side the mine.

Another car got shop up and lost its brakes. That crashed killing both the occupants.

The pick up truck soaked up damage (level 3) and its occupants (one of them a Merc) got to the objective. The Merc kept out and took two assault rifle bursts to the chest. A guy with a bat was driving. He left out and beat a trooper to death before getting shot.

The hero leapt out of the burning buggy and killed a trooper in hand to hand before taking out a second one the same way. He move on the remaining troops but missed a shot with his pistol.

The snipers had moved forwards and dealt the death blow by taking out the two remaining troopers and their officer.

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