Saturday, 2 February 2013

Wasteland Trader - Trader Tommy.

Not much has been finished this week with my poor cat Cooper passing away. So for your entertainment here is another from the vaults.....

The successes of Freedomville in beating wasteland trash to a pulp regularly has attracted a trader. Trader Tommy will be operating from the wasteland town(dump). He is a little gitterish about security so has hired some goons to act as security.

Posted Image

Tommy is in the centre (the Ramshackle El Honcho figure). The goons are EM4 prepainted Mercenaries and one of the prepainted ganger. Cheating I know but for a while it was the only option as time was limited.

Here is a mugshot of Trader Tommy:

Posted Image

Let the last lot of rabble try and have a go at the good town of Freedomville again.

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