Thursday, 20 June 2013

Some WIPs

Things have been busy here. Real life getting in the way of the hobby. Here are some of the offerings I have been working on for my Urban Sprawl. 

This is a apartment building made from cork floor tile. It just needs a few extra details and it will be ready for painting. 

I fancied something fun for the squares and other open areas. This was a keyring glued on a cork bottle stopper. It just needs a lick of paint. 

A food place or cafe is a must for a urban table so I set to the remaining cork tile. 

As you can see a bit of tile cracked and fell off during the chopping it up phase...

I guled it back together and using a scrap bit of balsa wood batoned it. 

Then it was a waiting game....waiting for the PVA to dry. 

There you go as good as new. All I had to do was trim 5mm off the Balsa so I could it the wall snugly. 

Then it was assembly time...

Apologies for the crap picture. 

A shot of the other side. 

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