Sunday, 2 June 2013

More random twittering - Judge Dredd & Orks

This week I have been working my way through the Judge Dredd case files vols 1 & 2. Get them for Kindle/e-reader if you have one as they are a lot cheaper. Lots of inspiration for my Utpoia city project. On top of that the Luna stories are good for some ideas frontier worlds that I may work into my Wild Galaxy setting. In Vol2 Dredd crosses the cursed earth. They run in a vehicle called a Land Raider....10 years before GW. 

Loads of wasteland inspiration. There is a footnote about a couple of missing episodes. Apparently there is two warring Burger chains..and another with a character from a certain fried chicken chain.....they can't publish them for legal reasons. Ahh the 70's, before corporations got twisted by the legal vampires. 

Hobby wise I am still paint the Enforcers for Utopia city. Then I got side tracked. I got a few bits of platformer set painted up for my Sci-Fi (pictures to follow).

Looking at the minis pile is there was enough plastic Orks from 40KV2 to Black reach and Gorkamorka to add some extra bodies to my 5 Trogs clans. I have spent some time today assembling and repairing them. I am looking into adding vehicles to each clan. I think a Trog version of Gorkamorka on MBW will be fun (Trogamorka?).  The vehicle collection is getting a good look at. There is plenty to use. 

Found a old Gorkamorka Truk that I am fixing up. A old Rouge Trader Ork Battle Wagon is getting repaired (the wheels snapped off and where lost) and a Ramshackle buggy is getting a rework. There is some Mantic Orx Marauders and a Trike on its way too. 

I want to add a new Trogs clan too. I am thinking of calling them Da Metal Eads or Skull Bandits. What do you think?? Any other Ork/Tribe name suggestions? 

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