Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Warboys!! Warboys!! WARBOYS!!!

Roaming the wastelands looking for slaves, loot and vehicles come  the Warboys! The Warboys are the army of a local Warlord. 

The Warboys warband. The figures are mainly old OOP GW Gorkamorka Diggas. They fit right in don't they? 

The Warboys. In this lot there are a few duplicates. I have added some scarves and goggles. One guy at the back has had his hand replaced with a Mantic Orx hand. The weapon has a brutal post apocalyptic look to it. The mob are equipped with shotguns or large caliber black powder revolvers. 

 A couple of Warboys gang leaders slightly better armed than the rest of the mob. The idea is to split the mob into two gangs when needed. 

Warboy Shaman preaching the Warlord's litany of the promise of Valhalla and rebirth shiny and chrome. 

Warboy Mob leader. This guy has a long range black powder musket. 

Nux - the Warboys hero. This guy wears the clothes of a fierce road warrior he took down. He is armed with a pump action shotgun and big knife. The keen eyed among you will notice that this isn't a GW Gorkamorka figure. It is a GW Necromunda Delaque. 


  1. They look brilliant in a terrifying sort of way.

  2. Yeah, they look suitably bad arse.

    Love the pale skin!

  3. Im late to this, but these are wonderful :)